The Great 2012 Shift

On November 2, 2011, in General, Yugas & Vedas, by James

By P Christian

Never before in history has a date been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists and spiritual seekers alike. Make no mistake about it, what is happening now has been planned & determined by the universe itself. The Mayan Prophecy about 2012 is our Fate & Destiny…We all have to pass through it.

The universally heralded and perceptual “shift of the ages” happens only once in thousands of years and is an unprecedented opportunity that is going to change both our inner and outer world – the micro and the macro – considerably. In this way we find ourselves “in between” world paradigms or eras as we pass from one cycle of time or way of living to another. This transitional crossroad, choice or change point has a way of “sorting” us or “grouping” us together leading to some kind of crescendo type of finish before the next cycle begins.

The Shift in energy brings out both our fears and people’s spiritual skills or true self and get them activated. That doesn’t mean that there’ll be instant “peace on earth” or that there’ll be no conflicts or problems… but it does mean that we have a much better chance of shaping the future according to our true “wants & desires” in a less selfish way that brings humanity and people together. On a personal level it is about finding new friends and allies that are aligned with our long term spiritual path or aspirations by questioning our old ways of life that have been directed solemnly towards “the pursuit of our ego’s pleasure”…

It’s this same kind of energy that causes “riots in the street” like we see in the Islamic part of the world because people are no longer willing to succumb to old means of control where they have nothing to say about it. On a global scale it boils down to who we want to be our “world leaders” who can take us to the next stage of our human and societal evolution in the new millennium. Let’s hope it’s all going to work out for the better without too many problems or conflicts, but somehow it is probably not going to go the way most people hope or think it will … because modern life has little room or place for the Big Spirit which is here now to teach us some important lessons, that is if we care to listen. If it appears to be “stepping us back” for a period of time … it is because we need to think again about the results of our human actions … that sometimes are misdirected in the sense that they are not for the highest good … where nobody really cares about others or are sure about what to do & how to be…

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By Seth Garrison

Is this really happening right now, new humans on a new planet earth? Are we being given the opportunity to become a world where love, wisdom and compassion are replacing hate, ignorance and judgement? Are we evolving to the next step of human consciousness? Stepping into unity consciousness from the present consciousness of duality. There is a lot of evidence given to us from indigenous cultures and also from present day “new age” channels that would support a positive answer to this question.

The Hopi Indians have called this time we are approaching as “the days of purification.” Many have prophesied this time as the “Great Shift of the Ages.” Some religions have their own description of a time where the messiah will return. That messiah is us right now. Revelations in the New Testament describes a time that many translate as an end to the human race. This can also be translated as a new beginning for mankind if read from this perspective. The Hindu Yugas have shown that we are entering the cycle of awakening from our sleep into the Satya Yuga or golden age.

The most famous of these prophesies comes from the Mayans of Central America. The end of the Mayan long count calendar comes on December 21st 2012. This is the end of the grand cycle that has lasted over 5000 years. If we have the belief that life is eternal then this date may be looked at as an end but also a new beginnings. The circle begins again. If you listen to the Mayan Elders of present day they have told us that this is a time for a new human to emerge. A human that has the attributes of knowing that we are one with all things. That we can live in peace and harmony with each other knowing that we are all perfect. The time of realizing these truths is right now and according to the Mayans a mere four years from now.

There have been many masters throughout history that have left us clues to help us remember who we truly are. The most famous being Jesus and Buddha and Muhammad. All have told us to look within to remember that we are masters too. They anchored into human consciousness the potential for the changes in humanity that I have been discussing throughout this series.

Saint Francis of Assisi, the Sufi poet Rumi, Leonardo Da Vinci, William Blake, and many more, have all contributed to helping us through their works to see the truth of our being. More recently Albert Einstein, Edgar Cayce, Mahatma Gandhi the Dalia Lama all have messages of empowerment if we choose to interpret them from that perspective.

Present day “new age” channels like Lee Carroll who channels Kryon has been giving us the information about now being the time for humans to wake up to a new way of being. Kryon since 1989 has been giving us the nudges to help us remember. Steve Rother, the channel for the Group, in his book “Remember” lays out the groundwork for us to know how the new human will be. Geoffrey Hoppe who channels Tobias has offered invaluable guidance for those who know that this lifetime is the most important lifetime in human history.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 when we chose to take the next step into the path of enlightenment many things have changed in our world. The Berlin wall came down. The Soviet Union harmonized with the west. The global communication structures like the Internet have brought us closer to each other, giving us the ability to see that we are all the same. The integration of cultures that we are experiencing now is unmatched in human history. Quantum physics has revealed unseen dimensions and truths about the control we have over our reality. Science in general is uncovering clues to the concept of the unity of all things. With the invention of the computer the human knowledge base has expanded with unparalleled speed in the last 25 years. It is all contributing to the end result of awakening humanity.

The Earth herself is undergoing these vibrational shifts as well, evidenced by changing weather patterns, global warming and geological episodes that have no precedent in recorded history. Just as matter changes state with changes in temperature and pressure, the earth, and by extension, our bodies, are affected by the magnetic field and frequency or vibration of our planet. The magnetic field around the earth is weakening along with the increasing vibration of the earth. Both these factors are allowing for us to change our state or perspective on our reality. This is an involved topic which I will leave for another time. Suffice it to say that the signs of unprecedented change are all around us if we choose to interpret them as signs of the great shift happening right now.

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By Synthia Blackmore

It’s hard for me to believe there is anyone on this planet not feeling the subtle energies of these changing times. And more likely than that, the energies being felt are not so subtle at all.

With all this talk about the approach of the end of times, I am constantly amazed at the perspectives people take from one individual to the next.

I remember well the hoopla over Y2K and how absolutely nothing changed from one day to the other but for those who do wonder and feel there is some validity to what is being said from the most popular resource of predictions for 2012 “The Mayan Calendar” due to the inscriptions of the date 2012 made on a Mayan ruin with these dates pertaining to a 5,012 year era.

Allow me to share my perspective.

This 5,000 year era also referenced as Kali yuga, the age of ignorance. Is a time where our earths vibrations were at an all time low.

This is evidenced by the many years of wars that this planet has experienced over the past 5,000 years and violence to all species of life.

Of course in order to maintain balance on this planet it is also filled with love and harmony seeking individuals.

Consider the swing of the pendulum.

When it has swung to its maximum height and distance it will by virtue of gravity swing to opposite height and distance.

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By Timothy Connolly

What is Happening?

Before we get into the heart of the matter concerning four of the top predictions centered on our current departure out of a previous age, one should come to the realization that this whole shift process is a natural one. Not a very easy thought to consider today when the subject is examined without an open mind. If that is your predisposition, or if you know someone who needs a better understanding of what major effects may very well transpire over the next few years of this present shift, it is my intent this article offers some help in that regard.

First off, please know this period in which we find ourselves is a transient, temporary one. Our world today is filled with unprecedented turmoil and challenges which can, at times, seem overwhelming. While some would argue this has always been the case, they could not deny the volume and intensity of what we face today is ever increasing unabated. It’s as if we are face to face with the darkest aspects of humanity screaming at the coming dawn of a new and very bright era now appearing before us. And as this is a natural process, in a similar fashion to creating life itself, the birth pains come before the joy.

The onslaught of these changes some of which are pleasant and others very unpleasant, effect each one of us in the most profound and personal ways. If there is any consolation, we are all on this fantastic ride together. It will be through us coming together as unique individuals with the same intent to ultimately triumph into a brighter day. We now stand on the threshold of a New Earth one we will create that actually begins within each of us.

A Valuable Opportunity

By no historical means are we now experiencing a world-wide cultural paradigm shift for the first time. Throughout our popular recorded history, the inhabitants of Earth experienced within their lifetimes, something so novel that mankind and life on this planet was in many ways, transformed forever. And here we find ourselves again!

Although speculation abounds as to the most probable source of these transformative shifts, yet regardless of what precipitates these life-altering events, history has shown they in fact occurred. I’m not merely referring to cyclic geological upheavals and associated theories of catastrophism. Rather, I would suggest we focus on the wonderful human evolutionary leaps which have catapulted mankind into higher levels awareness through a greater ability to consciously apply finer thought-forms. Here now as before, is where we find ourselves challenged to allow transformation to take place. Are you up to the challenge?

Therein lies a very significant aspect of what we are all once again, facing. An opportunity to consciously re-direct our intentions to define with greater authority, a world truly transformed for the better of the whole. As I detailed in other related articles, something profound is forcing us to closely re-examine not only our individual lives, but the totality of interaction with our surrounding world. We by our very thoughts and choices without exception, build the world we live in. Could it be that our handicaps are now being removed? I believe the answer to that question is- YES!

Not Etched in Prophetic Stone

It’s important to note and point out that what is commonly referred to as a transformation of Earth, has been occurring for some time now. Most of the leading proponents from varying viewpoints either in academia or within lesser know circles of esoteric, spiritual or religious schools of thought agree the current transition from one age to another has been rapidly unfolding for the past twelve years.

They would also conclude to a point, that what may happen is malleable. Most schools of thought feel we will look back on the infamous winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 and conclude this date was the defining turning point into another dimension of conscious awareness.

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The Coming Changes of 2012

On August 9, 2011, in Earth Changes, General, by James

By Gary Wonning

The year 2012 is and will bring many changes, not so much on a physical level as it will on a spiritual and emotional level. The earth will still be here and I see no dramatic earth changes, although that can always change as it has many times in the past. There has always been and always will be climate change, we humans have very little to do with it.

I see a large shift in consciousness, much of which has been slowly evolving over the past several years. Even as a child I could see this particular period of time as very traumatic and a time when the future of the world was held in escrow. The present situation with the American government becoming more and more socialist will not last, it is something that has been building for decades, the Obama administration is only bringing it to a head. We as Americans will probably become more socialist, but I don’t see a complete shift to socialism.

The human soul functions best when it is free to choose it’s own destiny, the soul doesn’t want to have it’s whole life run and controlled by some government bureaucrat. The soul wants to be able to make it’s own decisions and chart it’s own life, regardless of the risks involved. Soul growth doesn’t come by being protected from all so called negative experiences. Regardless of what the liberals think, each individual soul knows more of how to run their life than the government does.

People are starting to wake up and realize that our country and the world have been going down the wrong path, and with the advent of the internet, our elected officials no longer can pull the wool over our eyes like they have been able to do in the past. No longer can they say something in Oregon and something altogether different in Pennsylvania and get away with it. There is a new era beginning and elected officials on both sides of the isle had better realize it, or their careers will be extremely short.

There will be and have been many changes on a personal level, many relationships simply don’t last a life time, people’s views and needs are changing rapidly, and like it or not, many have a need to grow faster and in a different direction than their partner.

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By Christine Hoeflich

To keep myself informed of “higher level” developments in humanity’s progress toward the shift in consciousness and 2012 changes, I regularly read the material of about four to five different channels. Recently, these channels have been informing humanity that things will get worse on this planet before they get better. I also have recently observed major challenges and upsets in the lives of the people I know (it is June 24, 2010). However, I view the things that are happening as “blessings in disguise.” I explain why in this article.

I understand why many crises and challenging situations are happening at this point in time. I also understand that in order to change humanity’s direction, to divert people from the path of danger they are currently on, the consequences of that direction have to be extreme. (One timely, relevant example: The Gulf Oil Spill.)

Some people place a great deal of importance and credibility in information that is channeled. Channeled information sometimes explains things better than conventional wisdom, particularly when it comes to topics such as humanity’s destiny. (I also read it and check it against my own understanding.) This is why I am including some relevant information that was channeled in this article.

The following is an excerpt from a channeling of SaLuSa on June 23, 2010:

“People all over the world are responding to the higher energies flowing into the Earth’s grid.” [Enlightened information on the Internet?] “Suddenly what you need to do to put your evolution onto a different path is becoming clear. Most importantly you realize that you have the power to change the direction that humanity was heading into and put it on course for Ascension…” [You can change your direction and raise your consciousness.]

“We have often intimated that times would get worse before there were changes for the better. You are entering such a period, but you are more prepared to see it out now because of your understanding of the issues involved…No one is given challenges unless it is known that they can cope with them…It is in adversity and even pain that the greatest lessons are learned.” –SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, channeled through Mike Quinsey, June 23, 2010

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