2012 Prophecy Inside Great Pyramid of Giza

On February 13, 2012, in Egypt, by James

Many are familiar with the Mayan prophecies regarding the year 2012 (though there are many misconceptions). Far less people are aware that inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Egyptians left their own prophecy regarding 2012.

Both cultures making predictions about such a specific time in the future is an amazing coincidence in itself. What it truly remarkable though, is that both cultures make the same prediction. They even use the same language!

The Mayans refer to 2012 as the time of “The New Dawn”, while the Egyptians called it “The New Sunrise”. They both believed that 2012 would be a turning point which would lead to a new age for humanity.

It was to signal the end of a period of history marked by ignorance, intolerance, and violence, and the beginning of an age of illumination, enlightenment, peace, and progress.

How could both cultures, independent of one another, make such similar predictions about 2012?

Could it be that the Mayans and the Egyptians were told these changes would take place at this time by extra-terrestrial visitors?


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By John Claeys

Iran believes that an Israeli attack may occur in 2012. Sources inside the Persian state say that insiders surrounding Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei truly believes an attack will be launched on Iran before the presidential election. Therefore, the regime is preparing for that very real possibility.

This thinking coincides with that of the British officials who announced Israel will attack Iran-soon! Their declaration, made in mid-November, stated that the Jewish nation could even hit Iran by Christmas, though we now know that date came and passed without incident. However, the Brits have not changed their minds on the belief that Israel’s military strike will occur, though they now believe it will happen in 2012.

In addition, the militaries of Israel and the U.S. are planning to prepare for a counterattack on Iran. They will prep by conducting the missile defense exercise “Austere Challenge 12,” designed to improve defense systems and cooperation between the U.S. and Israeli forces. In addition, this largest-ever joint drill by the two countries will be held to show Iranian leadership it should not think of messing with Israel.

It is interesting that with all of the talk about this possibility of a military strike, Iran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz. One reason the terrorist regime is making these threats is because of fear of an Israeli attack. Leaders in Iran are hoping to make the Jewish nation think twice, and they think the U.S. will intervene to stop Israel for fear of the ramifications of shutting down the strait.

Another reason for the threats is due to Iran feeling some heat from sanctions. For example, Iran’s currency hit an all-time low, as a result of President Obama signing the bill Congress passed to place sanctions on the central bank of Iran. The rial (Iran’s currency) declined by 12% on Monday, and it has lost 35% of its value since September. Furthermore, housing prices have risen 20 percent in the past few weeks, and private companies and importers say they are in deep trouble.

The economic problems in Iran have brought a bleak mood as Iranian leadership prepares for prolonged hardship. But Iran has other problems coming down on the regime, such as the disintegration of its chief ally, Syria. Furthermore, Hamas appears to be moving from its tight connection with the Syria-Iranian partnership toward one with Turkey or Egypt.

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Astonishing 2012 Predictions

On December 22, 2011, in Mayan Calendar, by James

By Sandy Christian

There are a lot of truths out there in our world that stem from ancient wisdom and foresight. Many of these things are diminished in popular culture as nothing more than myth. However, some of these things end up being more true than ever, and those that adhere to the warnings and wisdom of ancient cultures seem to dodge bullets while others get hit hard. It’s important to have even a topical understanding of these things to make sure you’re not swept up when things that were predicted long ago come to pass. It is more relevant today than ever before with many astonishing 2012 predictions hitting the light of day, getting many worried about what is going to happen next. If you haven’t considered some of these predictions, maybe it’s time to look into it, before it’s too late.

The Mayans, an ancient civilization seems to point many people in the right direction in terms of the end of days. Their calendar was one of the most advanced calendars of all time, stretching through lots of dates with one final date being December 21, 2012. Before you dismiss this as just another hoax, consider that scientists have developed a way to foresee a complete eclipse of the sun set for November 13, 2012, a little over a month away from the projected end of the times. If modern day advancements are just now predicting such things, could it be that The Mayans had similar foresight?

Major religions of the world predict a coming onslaught of pain, suffering, war, and famine, these characterizations are brought to life by the Four Horseman, in traditional religious literature. But in regards to astonishing 2012 predictions, the Mayans speak of eight horseman that set into motion the final days. These horseman that are written of in Mayan literature seem to point to an end that will begin with a global weather shift, and rise of different countries that will demand further resources that will be diminished and trigger death and famine on global scales. If one is to look at the current picture of our world today, we can see that these “horseman” might not be forthcoming, they might already have started their impact as fuel prices rise, global wars seem to be the norm, and calamity strikes without care for human life. Could it be that after the eighth horseman arrives, the end comes swiftly with the Mayan end date?

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By John Claeys

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced last week that Iran is determined to eliminate Israel. In an interview with a Lebanese television network, he added that “whoever is for humanity should also be for eradicating the Zionist regime.” It is no wonder Israeli leaders have stated that they cannot allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

Thus, as Iran moves closer to nuclear capability, Israel draws nearer to launching a military attack on the terrorist regime. Though a military attack by Israel will not likely bring down the Ahmadinejad regime, there is a great possibility that the Iranian opposition movement would take advantage of the resulting chaos of an attack to depose the regime. This result would align with end-times Bible prophecy very well for three reasons.

The first reason concerns the end-times treaty predicted in the Bible. Daniel 9:27 prophecies a future seven-year treaty with Israel that will lead to the return of Christ. (The reference to “many” in the verse is a reference to the Jews. “Many” is used elsewhere in Daniel to refer to the Jews, and the context of 9:24-27 focuses on the Jews. See Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock-What Does the Bible Say? for evidence that the six infinitive phrases in verse 24 point to the return of Christ to establish God’s kingdom upon the earth.) This treaty appears to be more than a global treaty; in fact, it seems to be connected to world leaders proclaiming “peace and security.” However, if there is one culprit that has attempted to obstruct a treaty with the Jewish nation, it is Iran. In fact, some experts, including Israeli leadership, believe that it has been Iran that has been the greatest obstacle toward a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. If so, then the current Iranian government needs to be deposed before the end-times treaty can be confirmed.

The second reason the removal of the Ahmadinejad regime would pave the way toward the end-times fulfillment of Bible prophecy concerns world leaders proclaiming “peace and security,” as per 1 Thessalonians 5:3. At the time of the signing of the seven-year treaty with Israel, the world will believe it has finally achieved “peace and security.” For that scenario to arise, terrorism will need to be defeated-or at least, appear to be defeated. In order for terrorism to suffer defeat, the current Iranian regime, which is the biggest promoter of terrorism in the world today, will have to be deposed.

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By Dr Rita Louise

The thought of the year 2012 brings to the minds of many images of gloom and doom, death and destruction, and the potential reemergence of mankind from its ashes. In the last few years there have been countless books, movies and television specials discussing what the authors believe will happen on December 21, 2012. After investigating all of the available evidence, I have come to my own conclusion as to what will happen on that highly anticipated date.

Before I jump to the punch line and tell you what I believe, let’s spend a few minutes investigating some of the prophecies that have been associated with the 2012 event.. And, take a look at as some of the theories describing what is believed will happen.

The Maya created a number of different calendars to record the passage of time. One of them is called the “Calendar Round”. We learned about this calendar from a book, known as the Dresden Codex. It was spared the burning frenzy of the early Christian priests in Mexico. The Calendar Round is made up of two separate calendar systems used by the Maya. The Tzolk’on or 260 day Sacred Calendar and the Haab, the 365 day vague calendar. When combined they form a new calendar that measures 52 years.

The Calendar Round can only distinguish 52 years then starts repeating itself. The Mayans needed a more refined dating method. To ensure that dates could be identified over these extended periods, the Maya devised the “Long Count” calendar. We became aware of the Long Count through the study of various stelae found in the ruins of many abandoned Mayan cities.

The Long Count identifies the number of days that have passed since the beginning of the last Great Cycle. A great Cycle has a length of 13 baktuns or 1,872,000 days (5,125.36 years). Once completed, like the odometer on your car, the calendar resets itself to 0 (zero). The accepted start date of the current Great Cycle, as proposed by Sir J. Eric S. Thompson, is August 13, 3114 BCE. By adding 1,872,000 days to August 13, 3114 BC we arrive at the date December 21, 2012 – the “end of the Mayan Calendar”.

While the Mayan Calendar provides us with a date for its completion, some researchers believe that other prophecies support the end of a great cycle is fast approaching. According to the Hopi Indians, as reported by White Feather – a Hopi of the ancient Bear Clan – to a minister named David Young in 1958, these are the signs of the end times:

“The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.”

“This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.”

“This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes — the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies.”

“This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes — the coming of the white men’s cattle.”

“This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron.”

“This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”

“This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.”

“This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”

“This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.”

“And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.”

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By Jean Hantch

In 1989 the first of the New Maps of America produced by Lori Toye were strewn on the kitchen tables and rolled for delivering a new kind of 2012 prophesy. While there are certainly plenty of potential outcomes to the 2012 prophesy, there are some that are less desirable than others.

If you look into Gordon Michael Scallion and his predictions for the day the polar shift 2012 occurs, most of us would hope we perish in whatever cataclysmic event proceeds the actual turning of the Earth changes. Rather if you look at the works of Lori Toye, the potential for real life and real understanding exist.

If you look at the places to live in 2012 that offer all kinds of protection from harm and military defense, you may very well overlook the first of the Golden Cities which is being planned now for development. The Golden Cities were originally introduced to Lori Toye in the sessions that led to her mapping skill. Now, with 2012 just around the corner, these areas that are said to be of high spiritual energy and great enlightenment are ready to undergo construction.

This idea is based on the idea that polar shifts happen with clockwork regularity and it can be predicted. It can not, however, be stopped. The polar shift 2012 states that we will experience the Earth’s sudden and somewhat immediate transition from one direction of rotation to the other. This sudden and powerful change in the planet will result in some of the worst disasters ever to hit our planet.

Moreover, it has been said that the prophesy of 2012 has nothing to do with violence or death. In fact, many claim that it simply has to do with our need to evaluate the direction we are heading. Unless we are looking to evolve into Star Trek type-indoor living we need to clean up our acts.

Lori Toye and Gordan Michael Scallion have both indicated that there will be a single cosmic event (like the Earth’s rotation changing directions) that will spark some of the nastiest times we well see. The aftermath is described as a horrific human condition. The idea of survival 2012 doesn’t even lend itself to a willingness or a choice when it comes to survival.

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The true Apocalypse is a gradual meta-physical process taking place as opposed to the false worldly Apocalypse of propaganda that is being projected by the media.

There is a connection with the Illuminati’s perception of the so called Apocalypse and the “Mark of the Beast ” that has influenced white washed Christianity and other forms of ism and schisms (religion) in order to decieve the majority.

In the gradual process of witnessing the fall of Babylon and actual fullfilment of prophecy, The powers that be like to send out false witnesses into the world in order to confuse the masses by keeping them in darkness and confusion.

“God and history will be the judge!”

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By Jay Landar

Is the dark shadow of the ‘Antichrist’ looming? Is the specter here already? Is the earth preparing for the second coming of the Christ? Both of these theories have been voiced by psychics, sages, religious groups and ordinary people going through near death experiences. The apocalyptic sense of upheaval commonly experienced today, through successive waves of panic, trauma and menace – combined with the instantaneity of communications – has left human consciousness in a pre-tensile state of anticipation.

So what is the reality? In order to understand the question of the ‘second coming’ – or of the arrival of the Antichrist – we have to look at things in a Christian context. The most global or cosmic context is given by the gospel of St John. There are two very significant indicators here concerning recognition. Firstly, there is oft-depicted scene where Jesus informs the disciples that one of them will betray him. ‘Who is it?’ they clamor to know. The question of identification is uppermost in their minds. Even though Jesus indicates by his actions who it is, the disciples are unable to understand. At that moment ‘Satan’ enters into Judas who then leaves the room.

The second question of recognition concerns the divinity of Christ. The disciple Philip says to him, ‘Lord, show us the Father and it is enough for us’. Jesus replies with a question: ‘Have I been with you all for such a long time and you have not recognized me?’ He rebukes them gently for not seeing that the Father is in him. Thus in the context of one sequence in this essential Christian document there are two questions of recognition. The one about recognizing the divine is of course far greater. The other, concerning the betrayer, ends with Judas sloping off into the night, possessed by a demonic intent. In both instances the disciples are not awake enough to make the identification.

I believe that in the discussion of Christ/Antichrist the same question of identification comes down to us today. (You can use your own terms, according to your particular background or beliefs.) In the gospel Christ makes it clear that the principle of recognition is a matter of consciousness, of being awake. The recognition of the divine represents a new or heightened consciousness. The decision to oppose or betray requires a diminution of consciousness, an opening up to the demonic. The demonic demands physical entrance. The divine requires a non-physical acceptance of its own element.

From this it seems clear to me that we would be very dull in our senses or apprehension if we expected a second coming on the physical plane. On the other hand it is also apparent that the counterforce, the demonic, is constantly trying to infiltrate itself into physical thought and action. The two forces are diametrically opposed. The second one is like the force of gravity. The first is its opposite – the force which attracts life upwards. It doesn’t cajole, or attack or persuade – it just asks you to see, to recognize. It precisely doesn’t need a physical form.

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by Thomas Ajava

Nothing grabs the attention more than a good end of the world prophecy. Most of them are admittedly humorous, but occasionally one comes along that makes you take notice. This is the case with the 2012 prophecies, which are based on some indisputable truths.

So, what are the 2012 prophecies? There are a number of historical groups who note the end of times on the date of December 21, 2012. Chief amongst these are the Mayans. Go to the bookstore and you will see endless books on the Mayan doomsday prophecy and how we are all going to die on this magical date. The Mayans don’t actually state that anywhere, but who are we to get in the way of books sales! Instead, they created a brilliant clock that counts at different measures of time. The longest version “ends” on our magical date in 2012.

So, just what is the deal with December 21, 2012? Of all the dates in the calendar, what is so special about that one? Well, it turns out that there is a very special event occurring. In fact, it occurs only once every 26,000 years. The event is the alignment between Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy. On that day, the winter solstice, the sun will line up with the direct middle of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This is a unique event to say the least. It represents a clear demarcation of the beginning and ending of a period of a longer block of time. It is for this reason that the civilizations that looked to the skies undoubtedly gave it significance and based their prophecies on the coming and going of that date.

So, what will happen? As with every doomsday deadline so far – nothing will happen. Oh, a few million books will be sold and perhaps a movie or two will be released, but the coming of December 21, 2012 is an astronomically significant event that does not carry significance in any other field.

Personally, I love a good prophecy or conspiracy. It peaks the interest and makes you wonder. Much like Y2K was going to be the end all for modern humanity, 2012 will mark a new age in astronomy. To that extent, the prophecies are correct that one time will end and another will start. That said change will bring doomsday is extremely doubtful.

Then again, I could be wrong!


Thomas Ajava writes about the zodiac and astrology for DailyLiving Horoscope.com.

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Traditional K’iche Maya spiritual elder from Guatemala visits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and shares the message of hope and reconciliation that is key to the sacred Maya Calendar 2012 prophecy… He is introduced by Taino elder Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague of the Maya Tradition Circle

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