By Timothy Connolly

What is Happening?

Before we get into the heart of the matter concerning four of the top predictions centered on our current departure out of a previous age, one should come to the realization that this whole shift process is a natural one. Not a very easy thought to consider today when the subject is examined without an open mind. If that is your predisposition, or if you know someone who needs a better understanding of what major effects may very well transpire over the next few years of this present shift, it is my intent this article offers some help in that regard.

First off, please know this period in which we find ourselves is a transient, temporary one. Our world today is filled with unprecedented turmoil and challenges which can, at times, seem overwhelming. While some would argue this has always been the case, they could not deny the volume and intensity of what we face today is ever increasing unabated. It’s as if we are face to face with the darkest aspects of humanity screaming at the coming dawn of a new and very bright era now appearing before us. And as this is a natural process, in a similar fashion to creating life itself, the birth pains come before the joy.

The onslaught of these changes some of which are pleasant and others very unpleasant, effect each one of us in the most profound and personal ways. If there is any consolation, we are all on this fantastic ride together. It will be through us coming together as unique individuals with the same intent to ultimately triumph into a brighter day. We now stand on the threshold of a New Earth one we will create that actually begins within each of us.

A Valuable Opportunity

By no historical means are we now experiencing a world-wide cultural paradigm shift for the first time. Throughout our popular recorded history, the inhabitants of Earth experienced within their lifetimes, something so novel that mankind and life on this planet was in many ways, transformed forever. And here we find ourselves again!

Although speculation abounds as to the most probable source of these transformative shifts, yet regardless of what precipitates these life-altering events, history has shown they in fact occurred. I’m not merely referring to cyclic geological upheavals and associated theories of catastrophism. Rather, I would suggest we focus on the wonderful human evolutionary leaps which have catapulted mankind into higher levels awareness through a greater ability to consciously apply finer thought-forms. Here now as before, is where we find ourselves challenged to allow transformation to take place. Are you up to the challenge?

Therein lies a very significant aspect of what we are all once again, facing. An opportunity to consciously re-direct our intentions to define with greater authority, a world truly transformed for the better of the whole. As I detailed in other related articles, something profound is forcing us to closely re-examine not only our individual lives, but the totality of interaction with our surrounding world. We by our very thoughts and choices without exception, build the world we live in. Could it be that our handicaps are now being removed? I believe the answer to that question is- YES!

Not Etched in Prophetic Stone

It’s important to note and point out that what is commonly referred to as a transformation of Earth, has been occurring for some time now. Most of the leading proponents from varying viewpoints either in academia or within lesser know circles of esoteric, spiritual or religious schools of thought agree the current transition from one age to another has been rapidly unfolding for the past twelve years.

They would also conclude to a point, that what may happen is malleable. Most schools of thought feel we will look back on the infamous winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 and conclude this date was the defining turning point into another dimension of conscious awareness.

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Solar Flare Predictions for 2012

On September 5, 2011, in Earth Changes, Sun & Cosmos, by James

by Jessica Burton

The Sun orbits at a 7.25 degree position the same as the Earth. However, because of its imperfect rotation tendencies, the sun sometimes “shake”, disrupting the internal core and making it highly unstable. The internal disruption eventually works its path to the outer surface and shoots out as a solar flare. Solar flares are little bits of the sun that launches out from the sun, giving off hazardous rays and tremendous energy that go out into space similar to a bullet.

The Solar Process

Just like how the earth has four seasons throughout the entire year, the sun undergoes “solar cycles” taking 11 years to achieve. The prior solar cycle was at its peak in 2001. Every solar cycle has a phase when the solar flares are most powerful, often occurring near the solar equator, referred to as “solar maximum”, with the next massive one expected to take place in December 21, 2012 – a date predicted by the Mayan Calendar! Lately, the sun has been going through a long period of quiet solar activity as scientists have concluded that the sun is ending in on the final cycle. The quiet interval surprised NASA scientists and as they issued alerts that we will be seeing a critically severe solar flare soon.

Consequence to Earth

Is 2012 end of the world? Several solar flares that hit earth were small, however, tiny flares can still be threatening. For example, in 1989 a flare struck North America and destroyed many electric grids in the states and Canada causing blackouts. Solar flares are also known to affect human life because a huge flare that’s predicted to strike in 2012 would completely take out satellites, telecoms, pcs, and GPS.

Solar flares are thunderous storms that take place in the external part of the sun producing a explosions of incredibly tremendous and dangerous radiation. A normal solar activity will increase and decrease in 11 year periods, with the next storm expected in 2012. However, due to a number of computations from NASA researchers, the pressure of the 2012 solar storm is nothing like any solar storm ever noted in the historical past of mankind.

Ever since 2001, NASA scientists has been monitoring an enormous solar storm forecasted to strike earth in 2012 with an intensity of 100 million hydrogen bombs going off at the same time . On August 2010, NASA warned that a substantial solar storm is growing and is very likely to destroy earth’s electrical grid. So what does that mean for the planet? No electrical power. GPS systems will fail, airports will be hanging, mass transmission will be eradicated with a possibility to get rid of orbiting satellites. There will be a complete blackout all over the world.

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By Martin Godden

History notes that Nostradamus, another Astronomer and prophet, has written that on December 21, 2012 a comet will affect the earth and cause massive flooding. Because he studies the planets, he predicts that a planet called “Nibiru,” which passed between Jupiter and Mars approximately 7200 years ago, will pass close to earth between 2010 and 2012.

This planet is thought to have caused The Great Flood, and its interruption of the solar flow causes climate change, earthquakes and volcanic eruption.

This theory follows with the predictions of the Mayans, the Aztecs, the I-Ching, Merlin, the Hopi Indians and the Bible (the Book of Revelations). Although it is controversial, crop circles found in England at different times have been analyzed to foretell this cataclysmic event. Even though these predictions were made at times long before our advanced technological age, can they be accurate? These genres have accurately predicted many events throughout the Ages. Can we just dismiss them?

The believers of these predictions say, “No, we cannot.” They believe that with all of these civilizations and prophets saying the same thing, it must be true. Even current scientists agree that there is evidence to show we are heading for some kind of world metamorphosis. However, we need to look beyond this magical date.

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The Mayan calendar has proven to be very accurate in predicting plenty of things happening in our world but the one that has got folks thinking is the one about December twenty-one, 2012. It asserts that on this day, the sun will rise in the middle of our universe in the Dark Rift. The Dark Rift is also called the Black Hole and it’s assumed that this can have a big effect on our world. Will be a really good one or a bad one is a thing we should do nothing and see. Will the world actually come to an end or will it just be a fresh start which will change the world .

Some people are convinced that as the sun and the black hole will be in perfect alignment on December twenty-one, 2012, the opposing gravitational pull of the sun and the black hole can have disastrous effects on the earth. Some even say that there can be a pole shift causing major rise in sea levels, earthquakes that lasts for mins, tsunamis, and so on. This paints a particularly frightful mental picture and a lot of folk believe this can actually happen either gradually or inside moments.

These prophecies were not just made by the Mayans but similar theories have been put forth by 2 other prophecies also. All indicate an end but some optimists believe that it could be a new beginning. What type of beginning? Will it be a change for the good or bad? These are questions that can’t be answered with certainty. One belief announces that the world has been made and destroyed 4 times and that now, we are in the transition phase for the fifth world that may come after 2012. One thing that keeps getting discussed is that the sun will be much hotter and the polar shift.

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The whole 2012 thing tends to get overly serious at times. Here is something I was sent to add a bit of humor into the situation:

Written and Directed by Rhett & Link

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Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012

On April 16, 2011, in Sun & Cosmos, by James

Nasa says super solar storm coming in 2012. It could knock out all electricity on the planet!

Later predictions put this event at mid-May 2013. This still falls within some theories that the Dec 2012 date has been incorrectly calculated. Another point is that this prediction is for the solar MAXIMUM and does not preclude other isolated massive solar flares or smaller eruptions which may occur in Dec 2012.

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