By Mark W. Medley

The ancient Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st, 2012, and coincides with a rare 4.000 year cosmic alignment, which modern scientists only discovered after studying this calendar. There are several scenarios, which could occur by the ending of this calendar. What are the eight possible scenarios?

1. Solar Storms

Solar storms have increased in recent years, and by the end of the calendar, the great cosmic highway in space will be open. Recent activity from the Sun, has created several minor storms that have affected Earth, but a great storm would destroy our satellites, burn out our electricity generators, and Earth could turn into a period of darkness.

2. A Polar Shift

Our scientists do recognize that somewhere in Earths history, our continents moved, which was probably a polar shift, as a previous polar shift may have created this movement in our distant past. Ancient Mayan manuscripts describe 30 hours of darkness, as our planets magnetic fields faded, and recorded the renewal of our Planet. Could 2012 be the year of a Polar Shift?

3. Earthquakes and Floods

Recent GPS technology continue to expose previously unknown cities buried underneath our lands, and networks of man-made tunnels. This new evidence does show that far into our past, large cities did exist, and something happened to bury them.

Geologists have discovered evidence of ancient earthquakes and floods, with 4.000 year old seashells found on the highest mountains of our planet. We are experiencing more floods, greater seismic activity and the effects of rising sea levels. Could the cosmic alignment in 2012, trigger a series of earthquakes & floods?

4. An Alien Invasion

The Cosmic Alignment on December 21st, 2012 creates a highway in space, where any object could reach Earth quickly, due to the force created by this alignment of planets. This would be an ideal opportunity to attack Earth, especially if solar storms, or earthquakes have destroyed our power supplies and created disaster areas within our nations. This doomsday scenario is probable considering there are millions of undiscovered planets in the universe, but we need to consider whether our planet is worth invading, as we are only a small part of a vast, endless unknown Universe.

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Understanding the 2012 Nibiru Question

On August 23, 2011, in Planet X, by James

By Jean Hantch

The 2012 Nibiru question relates to whether or not a hitherto undiscovered planet is going to pass in close proximity to the Earth causing untold catastrophe. People that believe this hypothesis suggest that it is a celestial body which, as like all planets, has a fixed cycle. This orbit brings it in proximity to our world every 1800 years causing massive planetary disruptions such as earthquakes, tsunamis, super volcanoes, as well as a pole shift. These events and their knock on effects are predicted to wipe out literally billions of people.

The history of the belief in such a planet can be traced back to the ancient Sumerian culture that depicted a tenth planet in their cuneiform tablets. Since that time it has been given many different names apart from Nibiru: Planet X, Nemeses, the Winged Globe, Marduk, the Tenth Planet, and also Wormwood.

Other cultures apart from the ancient Sumerians have also predicted the existence of another planet as well as a big event occurring in 2012. Perhaps one of the most well known are the ancient Mayans. Many people are aware that the Mayans used different forms of calendars than what we use today, these interpreted time on much larger scales.

In their long count calendar of many hundreds of years they suggest that on December 21st 2012 it will be the exact end of one great cycle; whether this relates to the coming of Nibiru will only be found out at that time. Some individuals stipulate that the meaning at the end of the Mayan long count calendar is that human civilization will undergo a quantum jump in consciousness and spirituality.

A prophecy is not a fact until it comes true. If the 2012 Nibiru prophecy turns out to be correct then there will be geological upheavals the like of which we cannot even imagine. Of course the Earth has had times of massive physical changes in the past.

At one time ice sheets covered vast swathes of North America and Europe, there have been earthquakes that make today’s events seem almost trivial, and there is also evidence that pole shifts have occurred previously. The reason for these past geological changes cannot be fully explained, only theories can suggest why they happened.

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Thanks to Kristen who sent me this article about Planet X. You can read her previous article about Comet Elenin on this site as well.

By Kristen Claire Jones

This question has intrigued us throughout human existence. Is it really possible that this is the only place containing intelligent life?

Scientists talk about life only being able to form within the habitation or “goldilocks” zone. This is the rather limited area near a star/sun where life is possible. In our solar system there are 9 planets that orbit the sun at different distances. Imagine a set of nested circles radiating out from the sun on which each of these planets move. Only one of those circles/zones represents the area within which life is possible.

Not too hot (too close to the sun like Mercury) not too cold (too far away from the sun like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Most of our solar systems planets have environments that are too extreme to support life. But, earth sits at just the right distance from the sun to support life. Mars also sits in or close to this goldilocks zone which is why it is targeted for future space exploration and why many believe there is evidence that life has existed there.

Because we now know that the other planets in our system have inhospitable environments, there’s been a sense of giving up on finding life. But there are still possibilities. We know that many other stars in the Universe operate on a binary or multi star system. Our system with just one star is unusual. There could potentially be a companion dark star or brown dwarf still hidden in the outer reaches of our solar system. These are hard to detect when a star has burned out or failed to reach the critical mass needed to begin the internal nuclear processes that create stars. These stars are called brown dwarfs. For a long time their existence was just theoretical. This is because they are dark and hard to locate particularly at huge distances. These bodies burn brightly when young but over time become dark though still warm. Our sun could have such a companion. There is a theory that there may be a binary dark star (brown dwarf) at considerable distance beyond Pluto on an elliptical orbit and that a life hospitable planet (sometimes referred to as a planet X) could be orbiting around this body and support life in our solar system well outside the goldilocks zone.

Andy Lloyd in his book “Dark Star, The Planet X Evidence” gives the most scientific explanation of this theory that I’ve come across. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about this particular theory.

In a nutshell though, such a brown dwarf could provide the warmth needed to incubate life on its orbiting satellite planets yet because it is dark and so far away, still be very hard for us to detect. If such a planet could be found, it would open up a whole new field of possibilities for life right here in our own backyard.

Some of the factors Lloyd explores that suggest a brown dwarf near the outskirts of our system are;

1. Our suns gravitational influence may extend out as far as 50,000 astronomical units (50,000 times the distance from the sun to the earth). Our current knowledge of the objects in our system only really extends out about 50 au; just 1/1000th of the distance to the edge of the suns influence.

2. The sun is moving in a slightly odd direction compared to some of its neighbours which could potentially indicate an undetected binary companion.

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By Jed Quitalig

An author named Zecharia Sitchin recently discovered and translated an ancient Sumerian text saying that a there is a tenth planet just outside Pluto and its name is Nibiru. Nibiru is a Sumerian God similar to Zeus of the Greeks. He also stated that this Nibiru and Tiamat collided with each other creating the asteroid belt and the minor planets including Earth. He also said that Nibiru would pass on our Solar System every 3600 years & it is inhabited by the “Annunakis” or “Nephilim” by the Christians.

Recent studies found out that the Mayan Calendar’s long count is going to end on December 21, 2012. While on the Internet, a website called Zetatalk revealed that this Planet Nibiru is going to collide on December 21, 2012. They also said that by April 2003, it’s going to be visible and by May 15, 2009 the planet will be seen by the naked eye on the Southern Hemisphere and they’re also claiming that they have photos and videos as proof.

If Nibiru passes on our planet. Our magnetic poles will align to the crossing planet thus creating devastating results on our planet like earthquakes, massive tsunamis, solar flares & the like. Earth will stop rotating for a week which would cause all of these destructions. While the Christians also believe that this is the coming of Christ and called this planet “Wormwood” just as stated on the Revelation that a great star from the sky will come and cause earthquakes & other sorts of natural catastrophes and the NASA is trying to hide the truth.

Some of the their statements may find terrifying but Nibiru is only a hoax. Because there is no such thing as a planet Nibiru. However, there is a tenth planet, it’s name is Eris and it’s located in the Kuiper Belt but it is in no collision course with Earth.

Zetatalk is founded by a Alien contactee or psychic Nancy Lieder. It was 1995 when she proposed that the world would end on 2003 by this Nibiru thing. But since 1995 up to this day nothing unusual happened. What did she do? Re-scheduled the doomsday on December 21, 2012.

The Mayan Calendar ended on December 21, 2012 but it returns back to the beginning just like your speedometer when it reaches it’s maximum then it goes back to zero! It’s very similar with our Gregorian Calendar (the calendar we are using) as soon as it reaches December 31 it goes back to Jan 1 and the cycle goes on and on.

All of these photos and videos are purely misinterpreted. Most common answers are because of Lens flare & Reflection of the Sun.

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What Is Comet Elenin?

On July 11, 2011, in Planet X, by James

I have added this article as many people have been asking me about exactly what Comet Elenin is.

By Kristen Claire Jones

Elenin or C/2010X1 discovered by the Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on 10 December 2010 is a comet travelling in a long elliptical orbit around our sun. Very little is known about this comet because of its recent discovery, but it is causing a stir amongst astrophysicists who are working hard to try and nail down accurately its size (quite small they think) mass and orbit.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has an interactive program of Elenin’s orbit with the currently known information showing variable positions. We know it is scheduled this year to enter our solar system (in fact has already done so, passing Mars), make its perihelion turn around the sun, past earth, then back out into space again.

Space distance is measured in astronomical units (au) with 1 au being the distance between the earth and the sun. Elenin is currently estimated to pass within 21.7 au of earth after it makes its turn around the sun. But the exact position/path is unknown. There are many factors that could affect this with the slightest push/pull creating unexpected results. Gravitational forces from planets in the inner solar system as they align themselves during the comets incoming path could potentially act, causing that path (and the gap between itself and earth) to widen or shrink. But even this is up for debate.

An academic from Cornell University, Mensur Omerbashich, has presented a paper outlining his theory that there is a tangible link between cosmic alignments and seismic activity on earth, based on his theory of hyper resonance. He presents evidence that some earthquakes happen on planetary alignments or full moons. He agues that the comet Elenin is a case in point noting that it was on the exact opposite side of the sun to us during the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami. Keith Hunter expressed similar views about the connection between cosmic events and earthquakes at the recent Elenin video conference.

Astronomer Andy Lloyd also at the conference, makes the observation that if Omerbashich wants to give credence to his theory, he needs to pick up the trail of a future incoming comet, plot its course until an alignment is achieved with the earth and the sun then predict seismic disturbances here on earth, preferably ahead of time!

Omerbashich predicts that Elenin will continue intensifying strong seismic activity around the world through until August-October 2011.

Last night here in Auckland, New Zealand, we had a 2.9 earthquake, just a baby compared to Christchurch’s recent quakes and aftershocks but it’s certainly the first I’ve felt in this region which is an area not generally prone to the shakes and shudderings of other parts of the country. Such things along with all the earthquake activity around the world right now crystallises the mind into considering all potential possibilities and causes.

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The visual presentation features a time-lapse capture of Lake Balaton in Hungary.

In the video, a second illuminated object can be clearly seen beside the Sun. What is amazing is that the reflection of the object can also be seen on the surface of the lake!

Could this be a lens flare, sun-dog, clever CGI or could it possibly be Planet X?

The videos that formulate the composite time-lapse can be found HERE

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This is just one of many videos that explain how Elenin cannot be a comet. It also shows the previous alignments.
No way on earth can a Comet can have the effect on our gravity that this thing is. Only a massive object can.

As the comet is getting closer, we are seeing an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity from around the world. Is this comet actually Nibiru/Planet X/Wormwood?

Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Star? — An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mensur Omerbashich:

Interview with discoverer of the comet, Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin who debunks the ‘conspiracy theory’:

Below there’s a translation of the original interview’s transcription available in the Russian TV website. I used Google translator and fixed some syntax, but there are still some parts with nonsense phrasing:

“Today, the rumors about the imminent end of the world, which have recently appeared more, fly around the world faster and faster. Thousands of residents of Rome, took everything of value out of their homes and fled from the city, scared by the prophecy of a terrible earthquake. Allegedly 100 years ago, an Italian self-taught astronomer, announced that on 2011, May 11th, the Italian city would be wiped off from the face of Earth.

The source of global hysteria, the first in 20 years, is flying towards Earth – Comet Elenin – told the Russian astronomer. There’s massive discussion on the Internet, whether or not, alien spaceships are hiding behind it and approaching of Earth. The governments know this, but keep the information from the public.

According to another version, the planet faces a collision with the comet. NTV correspondent Sergei Malozemoff, convinced by such popular rumors, has decided to seek answers in the scientific community.

The Panic on the Internet began with a genuine snapshot, released by Argentine astronomers – few people paid attention to the date – April 1st. In the center – a comet with a symbol from 2010 X1 Elenin, and on each side, wrote the scientist, – something very much like two alien spacecraft. There it goes! – The viral end of the world on the ‘net.

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Marshall Masters discusses Nibiru, Planet X et al in this 2009 report. Below is an additional commentary from the uploader:

Earth as we know it, is already changing so far this year in 2011, look at New Zealand and the Japan Mega Earth Quake followed by a Tsunami – something is up and there seems to be more global earth changes than normal.

I’m not saying that Planet X or whatever you want to call the tenth planet is true but I read and watch this with a open mind, so far I haven’t seen any sign of Planet X but I’m fully aware of the global changes that are happening and I feel we as humans need to change the way we live as we are destroying our planet day by day.

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Does a rogue planet, known as Nibiru invading our solar system from deep space menace our world? Why does the Mayan Calendar end in 2012? Is humanity doomed, or at the nexus of a spiritual renaissance in connection with the passing of Nibiru in proximity with our solar system? Explore these prophetic myths–while there’s still time…!

COMING SOON TO DVD: NIBIRU…? the Movie, Go to for further details.

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Zecharia Sitchin explain Sumerian mythology and Planet X Nibiru theory regarding a 3600 year orbit and a race of alien beings known as the Anunnaki. The Mayan calander 2012 end times predictions.

Not the best video quality…

Zecharia Sitchin on Fox News

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