Astonishing 2012 Predictions

On December 22, 2011, in Mayan Calendar, by James

By Sandy Christian

There are a lot of truths out there in our world that stem from ancient wisdom and foresight. Many of these things are diminished in popular culture as nothing more than myth. However, some of these things end up being more true than ever, and those that adhere to the warnings and wisdom of ancient cultures seem to dodge bullets while others get hit hard. It’s important to have even a topical understanding of these things to make sure you’re not swept up when things that were predicted long ago come to pass. It is more relevant today than ever before with many astonishing 2012 predictions hitting the light of day, getting many worried about what is going to happen next. If you haven’t considered some of these predictions, maybe it’s time to look into it, before it’s too late.

The Mayans, an ancient civilization seems to point many people in the right direction in terms of the end of days. Their calendar was one of the most advanced calendars of all time, stretching through lots of dates with one final date being December 21, 2012. Before you dismiss this as just another hoax, consider that scientists have developed a way to foresee a complete eclipse of the sun set for November 13, 2012, a little over a month away from the projected end of the times. If modern day advancements are just now predicting such things, could it be that The Mayans had similar foresight?

Major religions of the world predict a coming onslaught of pain, suffering, war, and famine, these characterizations are brought to life by the Four Horseman, in traditional religious literature. But in regards to astonishing 2012 predictions, the Mayans speak of eight horseman that set into motion the final days. These horseman that are written of in Mayan literature seem to point to an end that will begin with a global weather shift, and rise of different countries that will demand further resources that will be diminished and trigger death and famine on global scales. If one is to look at the current picture of our world today, we can see that these “horseman” might not be forthcoming, they might already have started their impact as fuel prices rise, global wars seem to be the norm, and calamity strikes without care for human life. Could it be that after the eighth horseman arrives, the end comes swiftly with the Mayan end date?

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By Jean Hantch

The Mayan societies disappeared from this planet centuries ago. Today few people have any knowledge or understanding of who the Mayans were or what they left behind. Mayans possessed an extreme knowledge of the solar system and the cycles that control it. As a result of this knowledge they created twenty two calendars. The calendars were used to mark time, of course, but were also created for another reason. Calendars created by the Mayans also documented prophesy and changes in our social structure. Many people are talking about prophesy and the Mayan calendar today. Let us take a look at why that is happening.

The last day on the calendar created by the Mayans is December 21, 2012. This is striking fear in some people and many believe it marks the time of the end of the world. But some people believe it means something else. People who are not shuttering in fear understand the meaning of the prophesies and calendars in a different way.

The deep understanding of the solar system is the first place to look for a deeper meaning to the calendar. One prophesy described the end date to be the beginning of a period of extensive change and evolution around the globe. It describes a time when societies move away from destructive behaviors and move in the direction of harmony and peace instead. 1999 was the time for this process to begin and it was said to last for thirteen years, which is when the calendar ends.

Cycles of the universe can be explained through Mayan understandings. They believed these cycles are fixed, and what really changes are the behaviors and attitude of the human race. It is possible for a cataclysm to occur, but this would only take place if humans refuse to alter their points of view during the transition period. In other words, they prophesied that our future on this planet depends upon our own ability and willingness to make the changes we need to make.

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By Donald ODell

Perhaps you’ve heard about an event, believed to occur in or near Mexico City in six years, which is to signal the end of time or the end of the world.

The event, scheduled to occur in 2012 (some say 2011), is when the ancient Mayan Calendar ends.

In 2012 the Mayan Calendar simply stops. Finis. Done. Over.

Do we really just have only six more years? Is this Mayan event equivalent to the promised biblical Armageddon? Do we need to be frightened? Nervous? Awed? Anxious? Mildly or intensely curious? Do we need to re-look at our investment portfolios? Are we doomed or saved? Just what is this 2012 event?

Let’s take a brief look at the Mayan calendar.

The Mayans – living in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico – are an old culture, dating back to the time of the early Roman Empire in Europe. Their culture and civilization gave rise to several subsequent cultures: the Olmecs; the Toltecs, and the Aztecs. They built pyramids with the same precision as the Egyptians, though not quite as large. They had a very sophisticated understanding of astronomy and mathematics, all of which is reflected in the complexity of their calendar. Then they mysteriously seemed to disappear.

There are nine Underworlds in the universe of the Maya. They are called Underworlds, not because of a Mayan concept of Hell, but because of the activated crystalline structures in the earth’s inner core. These crystalline structures were not “scientifically” known by the Mayans, but were “sensed” or “intuited” by the spiritual priests and tribal leaders, chief of whom was Kukulcan – better known as Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec culture.

Each Underworld consists of seven days and has a duration – a length of time – that is equivalent to twenty times the length of the subsequent underworld. These lengths of time are called “cycles” in the Mayan Calendar. The last day of each cycle contains all of the following cycles, so all cycles will end at the same time. Each cycle is divined to accomplish a “greater” sense of consciousness: Build on the previous cycle and, simultaneously, lay preparations for the following cycle.

A simplified summary follows (for more information on this subject, I would recommend The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Johan Calleman, PhD, Bear & Company Publishers, Rochester, Vermont).

During the initial cycle, the universal consciousness moved from the Big Bang and the creation of matter to the emergence of cell structures. During the second cycle, consciousness moved from cellular structures to mammalian organisms. Consciousness shifted from animals to primates during the third cycle and from primates to humans in the fourth cycle. During the fifth cycle, humans raised their consciousness with the development of a spoken language and a community organization. The sixth cycle began with the development of a written language and a sense of a national consciousness – a consciousness of being a “people” among other organized “peoples.” During the seventh cycle, beginning about the time of The Industrial Age, the idea that we were a global people was germinated. The eighth cycle, which we are currently in, will see that embryonic sense of a global community come to fruition. The last cycle – or age – the Mayan Calendar records will begin in early 2011 and end later that year. It marks the end of our dualistic civilization as we currently know it – east/west, rich/poor, either/or, us/them, me/you – and the beginning of a new order of life: Global citizenship; Intuitive knowledge; Sharing of resources; Cooperation rather than competitiveness; Spirit-driven rather than materialistic-driven.

As mentioned earlier, each “cycle,” according to the Mayans, is twenty times shorter than the one preceding. This rather simple fact of the Mayan Calendar very neatly explains what we have all suspected and often hear: Events not only seem to be speeding up, events are speeding up.

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Prophecies of Earth’s Doom

On May 23, 2011, in General, Prophecies, by James

Author: David Nelmes

Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, John from Revelations, the Mayans, and numerous other authors and psychics have all depicted terrible end time cataclysms that will result in the end of life as we know it. Like moths to a flame, we appear to be attracted to these prophecies since we tend to believe that we may be somewhat deserving of a fiery end…or at least that some people deserve or earned this future.

Various end of the world dates have been predicted hundreds of times since 30AD and even more predictions are provided for as far ahead as 2047 at this time…and as each year passes, more end of the world predictions occur for even later years. The addition of more and more predictions is inevitable since each occurrence of ‘previously hidden evidence’ or ‘newly discovered information’ will result in predictions going on for thousands of years to come…or until we choose to stop subjecting ourselves to such fearful and unnecessary banter.

Some popular ‘end of the world dates’ were and are:

1982: Pat Robertson predicted that the world would end, plus world ends due to the Jupiter effect.
1988: 40 years after Israel became a nation (‘this generation shall not pass’ with a generation being counted as 40 years + 1948.)
1993: Same as above, but 7 years added for tribulation period.
1998: Because 666 x 3 = 1998, plus based upon predictions from Nostradamus as depicted in the movie “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow”.
1999: Predicted by Kirk Nelson using Edgar Cayce’s Predictions in conjunction with the Bible.
2000: World ends due to the new millennium, also if you divide 2000 by 3, you get 666, plus another Jupiter effect, plus also predicted in the book, ‘The Bible Code’, plus Hal Lindsey’s updated prediction from being in 1988 (40 years after Israel became a nation) to the rapture happening in 2000 and the end of the world in 2007.
2001: Jack van Impe prediction, plus, since there is no year 0, the true millennium is 2001
2007: Same as above but includes an adjustment for calendar changes in the middle ages, plus Hal Lindsey updates end dates to possibly now being 2040 or 2047.
2009: Jerry Falwell predicts the end in 1999, saying less than 10 years to go.
2012: Mayan calendar ends, plus the book “The Bible Code” includes yet another end date, plus Nostradamus picks this date in his newly discovered revelations, plus variations of interpretations from Edgar Cayce.

I am not going to argue that Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus or Biblical prophets may have had the capacity to see what we interpret as future events, but what I do know is true is that these depictions have more to do with dreaming or fashioning the future as compared to predicting it.

Even though hundreds of world ending predictions have come and gone in centuries past, without the world ending, the moment the next prediction is presented, the masses are drawn to this prophecy of doom and embrace it as inevitable and allow the fear of the prediction to affect them in some way.

The only reason these predictions attract any interest at all is because we feel so unable to control our own futures and therefore, we use these predictions as a way to grab apparent control, even though the future these prophecies provide for us are events we would not otherwise have chosen. In our frantic attempt to grab control of the future by accepting these predictions, we totally deny our own capacity to provide a better future that we could manifest ourselves.

End time prophecies may appear to provide us with a glimpse of our future, but all they really do is diminish our capacity to see that we have total say in what the future holds, because the future is not set. The future is based solely upon what your mind believes is possible or inevitable today…this moment. Your thoughts and resulting actions at this moment are what shapes the future, and nothing else.

If following the crowd and simply accepting the worst is where the majority of us desire to go, then let’s look at where this method of thinking might take the world. Let’s say that one of these predictions were really true and an event will occur that will wipe mans existence from the earth. How should we respond to this? How should we really view this possibility?

The only reason any prediction of the future would concern you is if you believe that the physical ‘you’ is all that there is. If you do not perceive or consider that there is something beyond the physical, then yes, the end of the world is the end of everything, and man’s every conscious thought of every person simply ceases to exist as the universe just shakes us off. It’s as though we never existed and as though not a single achievement or struggle ever happened or mattered at all. Life loses all meaning and even though this has not happened yet, the thought of it could only strip you of any reason to want to move forward and make something positive of your life.

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