The countdown begins!

On December 20, 2012, in General, Mayan Calendar, by James

Well after all this time, we have finally reached the last few hours of Mayan Calendar.

My thoughts at this time are: Which prediction is going to prove correct?

Another thing which concerns me is how some people will react if what they believe will happen, doesn’t.

The one thing that all these predictions say is that this will be the start of something different; a new era for mankind.

At this time, I would urge people to look within and think about how they can change themselves. For it is when we change ourselves that we can change society and the world.

Look at ways that we can spread love, joy and peace to others. Search for ways to bring happiness to society. Let us learn to have compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves and find ways to assist where it is needed.

Remember above all to love.

Take a look at this video. Isn’t this the society that we all want to live in?

Thank you all for supporting this site, no matter what you believe. No matter what may happen, or not happen, for me it has been a fantstic journey of discovery.

I wish you all peace, love, joy and hope, both now and for in whatever the future holds.


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by Mark Wilkinson

What happened to the Maya? Was their civilization destroyed by Earthquakes and are Earthquakes connected to the 2012 Mayan Calendar, End of the World 2012 – Fin Del Mundo – Prophecy?

First lets clear the air on a few misconceptions floating around the web. The Maya did not die off as a people.the Maya believed that time was cyclical and not occuring in a straight line like we believe. Therefore they believed that time and history repeated itself in cycles and was therfore essentially predictable, at least in a broad sense.

So many people are alarmed by the fact that the current cycle of their lonmg Calendar is ending on December 21, 2012. The Mayan civilization was devastated by numerous earthquakes. The lived in southern Mexico, Guatemala, etc. The history of these areas include many devastating earthquake events.

Could deadly earthquakes have led to the decline of the Mayan Civilization? It is very possible. The fact is that no one knows what started their decline (We do know that the Spanish conq1uered the weekend Mayan Civilization over a hundred year span). Is that what will happen in 2012? Will we die in 2012 by Earthquakes???

The fact is that the first colonial capital in Guatemala, Ciudad Vieja, was destroyed by a major earthquake in 1542. They built a new capital on the same spot. It was called Antigua. That Capital city was destroyedtwo centuries later by -drum roll- by earthquakes in 1773.

In addition, we will discuss further devastating quakes and their affects on the decendents of the Maya in a little bit. But givben all of this incormation it is easy to see that if the Mayan Doomsday prophecy is true, then they might very well have forseen earthquakes as the end of the world (Remember the whole cyclical time belief of theirs. Who is to say that their concept of time is wrong and ours is right?).

End of the world 2012 – by earthquake?

2012 apocalypse - A Mayan Heiroglyphic believed to describe an earthquake

FACT: David Stuart of the Peabody Museum, Harvard has studied the hieroglyph above It is his belief that it depicts an earthquake in early Mayan times. The fact that it was found in a temple says a lot. You can read David’s paper at this link:

Earthquakes devistated the Mayans – Is that what will happen in 2012 to us?

December 21 2012 - is the Mayan Calendar warning us of Earthquakes?

FACT: As we already stated, the Mayans lived in an area that was hit by terrible earthquakes. If the Mayans did have the ability to predict the future, and if time was cyclical to them (or if it is cyclical) then ity is easy to see that they believed the apocalypse whould be caused by earthquakes! above is the map of quakes in the region from the United States Geological Service (USGS). In my opinion – Given the above, it would be easy to see how the Mayans might predict the end of the world, especially by Earthquake, on December 21 2012! It is easy to see that the Mayan 2012 end of the world prophecy was pointing towards earthquakes.

FACT: As we mentioned earlier, decendandts of the early Mayan were also plagued by earthquake disasters, In 1976 more than 20,000 people were killed in Guatemala’s capital when a major earthquake struck – half of those that died were most likely descendents of the original Mayans!. This quake was widespread, occurring along a fault line more then 200 kilometers in length! So for those people it certainly must have fealt like the end of the world. 200 Kilometers!! And now we ourselves appear to be in the midst of an unexplained rash of strong, devastating earthquakes. Could all the devastating earthquakes of the last 5 years be leading up to the end of the world 2012? The 2012 Mayan Prophecy?

FACT: Here is a list (with links) to major Guatemala earthquakes in the last 100 years:

* April 1902 Guatemala – M 7.5 Fatalities 2,000
* August 1942 – Guatemala – M 7.9 Fatalities 38
* February 1976 – Guatemala – M 7.5 Fatalities 23,000
* June 2007 – Offshore Guatemala – M 6.7

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This is just a reminder that there are only 500 days left until the end of the Mayan Calender.

Join the discussion about 2012 and what may happen, or share any info you may have. You can do so by liking our Facebook Page.

Remember that the Facebook Page will also contain a whole lot of additional info about earth changes, climate changes and anything else to do with possible 2012 activity.

Don’t leave your questions or discussions for the day BEFORE 21 December 2012!

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By Maya Prodgers

All around the world, people are asking, “Is the end of world near?”

This may be particularly true for Christians, who can see several of the signs of the end that were predicted in the Bible. Whether you’re looking forward to the end or dreading it, the signs are there. Take a look at some of the prophecies.

“And many false prophets will arise and mislead many.” Matthew 24:11

There’s no doubt that there have been many people who have risen to such a level that they are able to lead people astray. Jim Jones and David Koresh are often mentioned because these individuals actually claimed to be the messiah, but I don’t think that the prophecy alludes only to people like this.

Perhaps even more dangerous are the “prophets” that are more mainstream who are leading people astray. Some would say that President Obama could be a prophet that’s leading the people astray, while others may argue that the leaders of the political right, such as Rush Limbaugh, are the ones truly leading people astray.

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.” Matthew 24:7

There’s no doubt that the world is rife with war and there are a number of people throughout the world that go hungry each day. With the economic problems in America, the issue of hunger is no longer confined to the third world. Many Americans do not get enough to eat. There are also many earthquakes throughout the world.

“But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of god; holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Timothy 3:1-5,7

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Prophecies Of Mother Shipton and 2012

On May 27, 2011, in Prophecies, by James

Mother Shipton was a Yorkshire witch who prophesised about events to come in the form of poems.

Her prophecies predicted the fates of several rulers within and just after her lifetime, the invention of iron ships, Great Fire of London in 1666, the defeat of the Spanish Armada…and even the end of the world!

It is thought by some that Mother Shipton was largely a myth, and that many of her prophecies were composed by others after her death, and after the events they ‘predicted’. I will let you be the judge as some of her predictions have yet to come true…

Carriages without horses shall goe,
And accidents fill the world with woe.
Around the world thoughts shall fly
In the twinkling of an eye…

And now a word in uncouth rhyme
Of what shall be in future time,
For in the wondrous far off days,
The women shall adopt a craze
To dress like men and trousers wear
And cut off their lovely locks of hair.
They’ll ride astride with brazen brow
As witches on a broomstick now

When pictures seem alive with movements free
When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea,
When men like birds shall scour the sky
Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die.

And those that live will ever fear
The dragons tail for many year
But time erases memory
You think it strange. But it will be.

And before the race is built anew
A silver serpent comes to view
And spew out men of like unknown
To mingle with the earth now grown
Cold from its heat and these men can
Enlighten the minds of future man.

In the ancient cities of the Maya, Grand Elder “Wandering Wolf” talks about 2012, the end of the world, the New Sun and the ancestral knowledge of the Shift of the Ages.

This is a full length documentary on one groups interpretation of biblical prophecy. Other Christian groups do have differing interpretations, but I have included this here as it is interesting to see what people believe.

Exciting multimedia documentary that reveals the amazing Bible truth behind earth’s last day events!

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Is tomorrow Judgement day?

On May 20, 2011, in Prophecies, by James

Chris McCann and Family Radio believe that Judgement Day will take place on May 21, 2011.

McCann appeared on Coast to Coast AM, telling George Noory that according to the Bible and without a doubt that the end is nigh! Since then they have displayed billboards and adverts around the world proclaiming this date.

According to an article on their website:

2 Peter 3:8:

But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.


In 2 Peter 3:8, which is quoted above, Holy God reminds us that one day is as 1,000 years. Therefore, with the correct understanding that the seven days referred to in Genesis 7:4 can be understood as 7,000 years, we learn that when God told Noah there were seven days to escape worldwide destruction, He was also telling the world there would be exactly 7,000 years (one day is as 1,000 years) to escape the wrath of God that would come when He destroys the world on Judgment Day. Because Holy Infinite God is all-knowing, He knows the end from the beginning. He knew how sinful the world would become.

Seven thousand years after 4990 B.C. (the year of the Flood) is the year 2011 A.D. (our calendar).

4990 + 2011 – 1 = 7,000

[One year must be subtracted in going from an Old Testament B.C. calendar date to a New Testament A.D. calendar date because the calendar does not have a year zero.]

Thus Holy God is showing us by the words of 2 Peter 3:8 that He wants us to know that exactly 7,000 years after He destroyed the world with water in Noah’s day, He plans to destroy the entire world forever. Because the year 2011 A.D. is exactly 7,000 years after 4990 B.C. when the flood began, the Bible has given us absolute proof that the year 2011 is the end of the world during the Day of Judgment, which will come on the last day of the Day of Judgment.

Amazingly, May 21, 2011 is the 17th day of the 2nd month of the Biblical calendar of our day. Remember, the flood waters also began on the 17th day of the 2nd month, in the year 4990 B.C.

Want to read the whole article? Click here to access the Family Radio article.

This is not the first time we have reported on the End Of The World. Check out other prophecies that never happened HERE and HERE.

I wonder if they have considered this:

“And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.”
Acts 1:17 (King James Version)

I wonder what answer this Christian group makes of that scripture?

I would also remind them of the scripture:

“And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”
2 Pet 3:4

If this prophecy does not take place as predicted by this site, then this passage is applicable:

“You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD ?” If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.”
Deuteronomy 18:20-22 (NIV)

Weird World News recently offered a challenge to the church members. Until now, not a single one of them have taken him up on his offer!!

2012 Awakening and Global Cataclysm

On May 5, 2011, in Pole Shift, by James

by Gerard Le Flamand

There are two main hypotheses about the 2012 events: 1. Global Cataclysm, 2. Awakening (elevation of global consciousness). A third could be the combination of these two. Let’s address the Awakening, without excluding the Global Cataclysm, which in a third case could happen at the same time.

Magnetic fields have an influence on our psyche. Or the magnetic field of the Earth is fluctuating, as scientists say, in a range of values, reaching even very low values (as before shifting polarity of the poles). There have been several inversions of the magnetic field, and their frequency is very variable: since 780000 years there was none. At the contrary, before that, in 3 millions years there have been 11 inversions.

Since 1839 the magnetic field lost 8.2% of its capacity and it is currently at its lowest level ever measured. In the case of a polar shift the magnetic field decreases progressively, reaching a value close to zero, but never zero. An upcoming polar shift as the one predicted to occur in 2012, the field would be decreasing now. Geodynamics are scientifically hard to predict, yet we are indeed witnessing a fast and strong decrease of the magnetic field of the Earth. This supports the 2012 cataclysm scenario.

Since the field decreases, the ionosphere reacts. This has an impact on every living being. In the human body, every cell changes its energy blueprint to be in accordance with the basic frequency of the Earth (the Schuman frequency), which is linked to the magnetism of the Earth. In addition, every cell in our body has its own magnetism, and it tends to adapt to the overall magnetism if the Earth.

Over the past 200000 years, Earth has functioned in accordance with a certain Schuman frequency, linked to the magnetism of the Earth. The whole life on Earth was resonant with this range of vibration. There has always existed a superior range of frequencies that was integrated in our vibration field, but these vibrations were more difficult to access for living organisms.

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Is Planet X going to kill us all?

On March 23, 2011, in Planet X, by James

Some people believe that a mysterious Planet X is on its way towards earth. They believe that when it arrives, it will spell great disasters on earth, including great earthquakes, flooding, pole shifts and meteor showers.

Take a look at this one:

From the moment everyone sees it worldwide without special glasses it will be 7.3 weeks until pole shift. As PX approaches the earth in those 7.3 weeks it will grow until it is almost the size of the full moon. And its rippling twin tails of moons and rocks will take up a third of the sky. All chaos will reign. Then one week before pole shift, the earth will lay over so the north pole is away from PX, because the PX north pole will point at us like a flashlight.

Thus the actual moment of pole shift will occur in total darkness, for us in the northern hemisphere, as the south pole of earth faces the sun and the north pole of earth points to deep space. At the moment of pole shift the core will break free from the crust and as PX leaves, the north magnetic pole of the earth’s core will stand up again, with the crust loose and shifting. As PX leaves, never to be seen again, the crust will reattach and the eastern tip of Brazil, 100 miles NE of Recife Brazil will be the new north magnetic and geographic pole, more than 90 degrees from the present pole location.

Being that we will be in darkness, we will not see the giant static discharges between the earth and PX, giant bolts of lightning. So if seeing PX didn’t scare you, the giant bolts will, and after PX leaves, a hail of rocks will ignite most dry places and break everything that is exposed. You need about 3 feet of dirt over your head to keep from getting hit by shattering boulders and pea gravel doing 17,500 miles an hour.

Check out the rest of the article at UFO Digest

“This Planet X Video was produced by Robert Sepehr in an effort to inform and make public aware of what has been withheld or forgotten by the masses for millennia:”

History is repeating itself again. There was once a super race of aliens known to the ancient people of the Earth as the Anunnaki.

In recent years, there have been many speculative writings about Planet X, which is also known as Planet Nibiru. Most of these writings are based somewhat on Zecharia Sitchins book, The Twelfth Planet. Sitchin, like Velikovsky and Darwin, used his respective theories to support his claims. A question arises: Is Nibiru real?
There are those who believe that the Anunnaki of Nibiru are coming back to Earth soon. They believe that Planet X is going to pass by Earth on its 3,600 year orbit around our sun.

The early people named Planet X as Nibiru in Sumerian, and Marduk in Babylonian. It has been said that the ancient Mesopotamians believed that Nibiru was the twelfth member in our solar system and that it was “heaven” where their gods resided and came from.

Do you believe that this could take place? Possibly in 2012?

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