2012 Prophecy Inside Great Pyramid of Giza

On February 13, 2012, in Egypt, by James

Many are familiar with the Mayan prophecies regarding the year 2012 (though there are many misconceptions). Far less people are aware that inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Egyptians left their own prophecy regarding 2012.

Both cultures making predictions about such a specific time in the future is an amazing coincidence in itself. What it truly remarkable though, is that both cultures make the same prediction. They even use the same language!

The Mayans refer to 2012 as the time of “The New Dawn”, while the Egyptians called it “The New Sunrise”. They both believed that 2012 would be a turning point which would lead to a new age for humanity.

It was to signal the end of a period of history marked by ignorance, intolerance, and violence, and the beginning of an age of illumination, enlightenment, peace, and progress.

How could both cultures, independent of one another, make such similar predictions about 2012?

Could it be that the Mayans and the Egyptians were told these changes would take place at this time by extra-terrestrial visitors?


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2012 – The Bright Side

On September 28, 2011, in After 2012, Religious & Spirituality, by James

By Vasily Souzdenkov

2012- a date that has frightened some, enlightened others, and left the rest in a very confused state of disbelief about the true nature of the universe. This date is known to many as either a doomsday, ascension, the end of the world, or the awakening of the inner conscious mind. There have been many stories told, stories that were sold, and lies that were spread to inflict fear within peoples minds.

Over the last year this subject has been on my mind too many times to simply let go and hold just someone accountable for the truth. So my duty was to uncover many sources of information that stayed within the fields of metaphysics and spirituality.

Some of the sources I found to be quite truthful to my inner self were Kim Michaels, The Ra Material, Gerardus with his self written information. Other information was coming from David Wilcock’s perspective, as well as Jon Peniel’s. There were a few documentaries I’ve seen of the past year on this subject as well, which will be listed below.

The Bright Side

The most important thing I can stress about this whole topic is to look at it from an open mind, put fear aside, and start looking at it from the bright side. If you try to understand anything through fear, all it will do is create more fear. This will be reflected within the cosmic mirror and cause you to make very selfish actions. These actions can be seen in people who panic about a cataclysm and react with their egos only being concerned about themselves. Those certain individuals usually end up paying the consequences with their reactions that never tend to be positive.

If you really tune into your Higher Self and begin to feel the presence of your intuitive side, you can act and react in a very calm mind state and make the right decisions whenever reading or doing tasks.

Furthermore, it’s important to take in the probability factors and the Free Will law that governs this universe when trying to conclude of what will happen during the ‘events’ and when it will happen. Nothing can be certain at any stage, that’s well known to everyone, this is exactly why you should keep your knowledge of this coming event in a very wide range of possibilities and take away your fear state of mind.

Another factor that comes into play about this certain event is the level of conscious of the ‘society complex’ as Ra puts it. The free will of people to increase their consciousness and vibrations can significantly increase the chances of this transition (birth) of a New Age to be smooth, or if not we will have to ‘buckle our seatbelts.’

On the side not an interesting link that Jon Peniel pointed out was the song done by Neil Young called “After the Gold Rush”, which relates quite a lot to the upcoming events and the way it might actually happen. In general most of his songs I noticed have a spiritual theme and key concepts of what we might have in store for us in the future.

The Basics!

To get to know the idea of what is about to occur, we have to understand the basic concepts behind it. Without a foundation of understanding the end cycle, you aren’t going to be able to view this event from your own perspective, and make up your own mind to how you will deal with it.

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