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By Jan Engels-Smith

I have previously written that I have dedicated this year and next to the cultivation of living through chaotic times with grace and ascension. The years 2011 and 2012 are pivotal times for humanity. The old paradigms that govern our lives are being deconstructed and new ways of understanding our existence are emerging as we reshape our universe in communion with the greater powers that lie within ourselves and our universe. Critical choices that we make at this time will determine the outcome and the degree to which we will align with and shape this new age.

Humans are the creator beings on this planet. I have come to clarity in my own thinking that this is the significant message from the universe and I have tried to instill this in my students and with other audiences. The magnitude of this message is staggering. Our current paradigm is one of limitations that views humanity as shaped by incapacity, unworthiness, and aimlessness. We have seen the collapse of social systems, a degradation of cultures, and a loss of an individual sense of meaning and happiness.

For the past few years we have watched the emergence of catastrophic weather patterns amid global warming, the failure of financial systems with foreclosures on peoples’ homes and high unemployment, strained international relations and wars, and an ominous sense of a dire future that threatens our children and hinders planning for a better life. Every individual and every family has been severely affected by these shifting energies and their negative nature.

The media has attempted to explain these new conditions, but they are trapped in explaining present and future conditions with mental models that have been fully discounted by events that they cannot understand and with historical perspectives that lack credibility in these new times. The challenges we face demand a new understanding on the metaphysical level and the old paradigms are sorely lacking in this realm.

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By Mark W. Medley

The ancient Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st, 2012, and coincides with a rare 4.000 year cosmic alignment, which modern scientists only discovered after studying this calendar. There are several scenarios, which could occur by the ending of this calendar. What are the eight possible scenarios?

1. Solar Storms

Solar storms have increased in recent years, and by the end of the calendar, the great cosmic highway in space will be open. Recent activity from the Sun, has created several minor storms that have affected Earth, but a great storm would destroy our satellites, burn out our electricity generators, and Earth could turn into a period of darkness.

2. A Polar Shift

Our scientists do recognize that somewhere in Earths history, our continents moved, which was probably a polar shift, as a previous polar shift may have created this movement in our distant past. Ancient Mayan manuscripts describe 30 hours of darkness, as our planets magnetic fields faded, and recorded the renewal of our Planet. Could 2012 be the year of a Polar Shift?

3. Earthquakes and Floods

Recent GPS technology continue to expose previously unknown cities buried underneath our lands, and networks of man-made tunnels. This new evidence does show that far into our past, large cities did exist, and something happened to bury them.

Geologists have discovered evidence of ancient earthquakes and floods, with 4.000 year old seashells found on the highest mountains of our planet. We are experiencing more floods, greater seismic activity and the effects of rising sea levels. Could the cosmic alignment in 2012, trigger a series of earthquakes & floods?

4. An Alien Invasion

The Cosmic Alignment on December 21st, 2012 creates a highway in space, where any object could reach Earth quickly, due to the force created by this alignment of planets. This would be an ideal opportunity to attack Earth, especially if solar storms, or earthquakes have destroyed our power supplies and created disaster areas within our nations. This doomsday scenario is probable considering there are millions of undiscovered planets in the universe, but we need to consider whether our planet is worth invading, as we are only a small part of a vast, endless unknown Universe.

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by Maurice Turmel Phd

We are witnessing events of great magnitude on the Earth right now. Very recently we saw the latest in terms of catastrophe and suffering as we witnessed the collapse of cities and towns in Haiti. A small island nation has been rocked by an earthquake and has succumbed to the forces of the Earth’s internal movements. Our friends from the ethereal advise that such movements have only just begun. There will be more of these events as the planet readies itself for Ascension.

Moving from 3rd Dimensional Density Consciousness to 5th Dimensional Ascended Consciousness is about clearing the psychological debris of our 3D lives:

Our individual purposes are clear. We must release our internal garbage and make our way out of 3rd dimensional density consciousness to that ascended state in the 5th dimension using Psychology as our foundation. There is no substitute for psychology’s presence and availability to Western Culture.

This is the tool of choice for cleansing and ridding ourselves of past injustices, and all that trauma and abuse suffered at the hands of our caretakers.

These hurtful experiences turn out to be the substantial lessons we created to help us navigate the effects of The Fall, so we could open ourselves to the imminent possibilities offered by the upcoming shift into a New Age. This point cannot be overstressed. We chose these troubling circumstances for our growth and we are now at the doorstep of graduating from their effects.

Today’s psychology, derived from ancient mythology, provides the best resource for this cleansing effort. It makes each and every one of us responsible for all the activities necessary to move through those initial challenges.

Spiritual Psychology relies upon Personal Responsibility and Conscious Choosing:

Psychology’s reliance on personal responsibility, as a foundation for change, is the key to unlocking our inner world. It also satisfies that need for those valued feelings of personal mastery, which other systems of ascension do not emphasize. Systems that advise us of what’s possible without our inner involvement can be categorized as external applications. They do not sufficiently prepare us for the self-responsibility that is essential to our successful navigation of the Ascension Process.

Here’s the deal as I understand it. If you take responsibility for yourself and all of your actions, you are guaranteed a solid growth experience by virtue of your personal involvement. If you allow someone else, or some externally applied system, to deliver their brand of Ascension, you are subject to their rules rather than those generated from within. There is no substitute for personal responsibility. Anything that requires you to be a passive recipient will not deliver on this crucial point.

Ascension Training for the Western Mindset:

The Ascension Training Program offered here places you at the center of the process. It immediately calls upon you to take responsibility for all your actions, in and out of the program itself. Your achievements become yours to celebrate. Your acceleration of the pulse is an act you initiate. With psychology’s internal referents as guide, you are always at the center of the action.

You can never say the system failed you because it didn’t deliver a satisfying experience of Ascension. With psychology as your main guide, you engage and steer the process of Ascension. As the process’s central character, you bring to yourself the experiences that allow you to move out of the morass of 3D conflicts you were born into. You brought yourself this far, now it’s time for the next step. Applying psychology to your ascension process makes you both director and receiver of all incoming influences. Your psychological homework, as directed by you, is simply an efficient manner in which to make receiving possible.

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The world has been trembling as of late. Are all the recent quakes just a sign if things to come?

This video was made over a year ago and earthquakes have increased substantially. Does this mean they could be right?

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OK I am personally not convinced by this video. For one, it seems to spread a lot of now debunked info and in some cases info which is proven to be untrue.

Take a look and see what you think…