The countdown begins!

On December 20, 2012, in General, Mayan Calendar, by James

Well after all this time, we have finally reached the last few hours of Mayan Calendar.

My thoughts at this time are: Which prediction is going to prove correct?

Another thing which concerns me is how some people will react if what they believe will happen, doesn’t.

The one thing that all these predictions say is that this will be the start of something different; a new era for mankind.

At this time, I would urge people to look within and think about how they can change themselves. For it is when we change ourselves that we can change society and the world.

Look at ways that we can spread love, joy and peace to others. Search for ways to bring happiness to society. Let us learn to have compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves and find ways to assist where it is needed.

Remember above all to love.

Take a look at this video. Isn’t this the society that we all want to live in?

Thank you all for supporting this site, no matter what you believe. No matter what may happen, or not happen, for me it has been a fantstic journey of discovery.

I wish you all peace, love, joy and hope, both now and for in whatever the future holds.


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I stumbled across this article recently and thought you may find it interesting. I have heard of this doomsday prediction before, but never really knew any of the details…

By Nicholas C James

If you’re interested in doomsday scenarios, you’ve probably stumbled across references to a prediction that the archangel Gabriel purportedly made to the members of a group called the Sword of God Brotherhood. According to this prediction, the world will perish during the year 2017, and only members of the brotherhood will survive.

The Mysterious Brotherhood

What is the Sword of God Brotherhood, and how did they come to be the recipients of this prophesy and divine destiny? The more you look, the murkier things look. This prediction is widely repeated on internet sites, especially those that chronicle past doomsday prophesies that have not come to pass, along with lists of future events that are already being anticipated.

The vast majority of these sites use exactly the same language, suggesting that they all come from a common source, and the authors haven’t even bothered to spin the content. On one doomsday chat, a participant asked if anyone knew how he could join the Brotherhood. Apparently he was hoping to be among the chosen survivors. Most of his associates dismissed the prophesy as bunk.

A participant in one discussion mentions that the Sword of God Brotherhood appears to be an offshoot of the group, The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, an Aryan organization founded in 1971 that was based in Elijah, Michigan. Its members believed that the end of the world was imminent, and holed up in their compound preparing for the catastrophic event. They stockpiled weapons and practiced paramilitary operations, believing that the United States government was deeply corrupt and would ultimately implode, even without their help.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms laid siege to the compound in 1985, and ultimately raided it on April 19 of that year. Unlike many similar raids, this one ended peacefully as a result of successful negotiations. However, both the fatal raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas eight years later, and the Oklahoma City bombing ten years later occurred on anniversaries of the Michigan raid.

Because of the importance of doomsday lore in the orientation and actions of the CSA group, it seems plausible that the Sword of God Brotherhood may have been somehow affiliated with them. If this is the case, then it makes sense that a religious group already expecting the end of the world would receive a prophesy that contained additional specifics.

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Mayan 2012 Doomsday

On January 13, 2012, in Mayan Calendar, by James

By Nicholas C James

Calendars are more than just systems for measuring days and months. Every calendar starts with a unique culture that has its own relationship with time, and it represents a system for marking days based on that society’s special knowledge of the earth and the stars. According to a calendar created by the Meso-American Mayan culture, which thrived from about 250 AD to about 900 AD, the year 2012 marks the end of the current cycle of time.

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which is the currently accepted international norm, the Mayan calendar has a specific beginning and end. While the Gregorian calendar describes the annual cycle of days during which the earth revolves around the sun, the Mayan calendar describes “long time,” or a period of many years that happens to include the modern present as well as the centuries old date when the culture’s calendar was conceived. You could say that the Gregorian calendar is cyclic, while the Mayan calendar is linear.

When you use a cyclic calendar, it’s always easy to envision a future that fits into the calendar’s pattern: once the days of each year run out, a new year and a new cycle begins. When you use a linear calendar that has a definite start date and end date, you run into the inevitable question of what happens after the last day. Is it the end of time as we know it, or does it simply mean that we need to develop a new notation-or a riff on the old notation-that can extend farther into the future?

What We Know

Virtually all of our information about the Mayan calendar comes from archaeological ruins. The Mayans had a written language with a complex mathematical system for calculating dates, and it has only been during the past hundred years or so that Western linguists have begun to unravel its meaning. They have succeeded at deciphering much of the writing inscribed on surviving Mayan ruins. It is one thing to literally translate words and numbers, and another matter entirely to develop an understanding of the significance of these writings, and their relevance to the modern age.

Mayan calendar notation starts with units of days, or uinals, which aggregate into longer units known as tuns, which are made up of 20 uinals, or 360 days. When 20 tuns pass, then a k’atun has elapsed, and a period of 20 k’atuns is known as a b’ak’tun. A b’ak’tun is made up of 144,000 days, or approximately 394 years. Calculating the present date involves starting at the date when the calendar began, roughly 5125 years ago, and calculating the number of uinals, tuns, k’atuns, and b’ak’tuns that have elapsed. Alternately, you can start with the current b’ak’tun, and count the number of smaller units that have passed.

According to the Popol Vuh, a collection of creation myths from Central America, the current world began after the previous world ended, having lasted 13 b’ak’tuns, or approximately 5125 years. The current 5125-year period is the fifth such span in a greater calendar that is made up of five, totaling approximately 26,000 years. The year 2012-and the date December 21, 2012 in particular-marks the end of a 26,000-year cycle.

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2012 Doomsday – Fact Or Fiction?

On November 16, 2011, in General, by James

By Jean Hantch

Throughout time, several people have proposed specific dates in which the world as we know it would end. Most of these days have come and gone, but one day in particular still rings out. You see as many have heard of Y2K and other times of assured Armageddon, perhaps the most discussed and consistent date has yet to arrive. December 21, 2012 is the date that so many people in the past have predicted to be the end. So the question must be asked, 2012 Doomsday Fact or Fiction?

Most people when they search for answers in why the world will end in 2012 will first come across the evidence presented by the Mayan culture. These people showed exemplary knowledge in mathematics and the events and cycles of the solar system. Some people attribute this to a visit from extraterrestrial life, but we’ll say for the sake of argument this was all them.

They created a calendar that has predicted major shifts in the solar system with a very fine degree of accuracy. This calendar ends without explanation on December 21, 2012. This has sparked curiosity and this theory.

Further evidence comes from a book released in 2900 B. C. Known as the I Ching (or Book of Change). This book was filled with calculations and hexagrams, which were refined by Terrance McKenna to be made into a graph. This graph has been fairly accurate in predicting changes in the world or disasters based on the graphs peaks and valleys. Much like the Mayan calendar, this graph also stops in 2012 with no explanation.

Yet another source convincing people of impending doom in 2012 is the Web Bot. This software is designed to calculate through discussions and general behavioral trends potential changes in the world. The software was actually developed to assist in predicting the fluctuation of the stock market. Its notoriety began when it predicted to a fair degree of accuracy the events of 9/11. Now, it predicts a worldwide calamity in 2012.

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by Thomas Ajava

Nothing grabs the attention more than a good end of the world prophecy. Most of them are admittedly humorous, but occasionally one comes along that makes you take notice. This is the case with the 2012 prophecies, which are based on some indisputable truths.

So, what are the 2012 prophecies? There are a number of historical groups who note the end of times on the date of December 21, 2012. Chief amongst these are the Mayans. Go to the bookstore and you will see endless books on the Mayan doomsday prophecy and how we are all going to die on this magical date. The Mayans don’t actually state that anywhere, but who are we to get in the way of books sales! Instead, they created a brilliant clock that counts at different measures of time. The longest version “ends” on our magical date in 2012.

So, just what is the deal with December 21, 2012? Of all the dates in the calendar, what is so special about that one? Well, it turns out that there is a very special event occurring. In fact, it occurs only once every 26,000 years. The event is the alignment between Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy. On that day, the winter solstice, the sun will line up with the direct middle of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This is a unique event to say the least. It represents a clear demarcation of the beginning and ending of a period of a longer block of time. It is for this reason that the civilizations that looked to the skies undoubtedly gave it significance and based their prophecies on the coming and going of that date.

So, what will happen? As with every doomsday deadline so far – nothing will happen. Oh, a few million books will be sold and perhaps a movie or two will be released, but the coming of December 21, 2012 is an astronomically significant event that does not carry significance in any other field.

Personally, I love a good prophecy or conspiracy. It peaks the interest and makes you wonder. Much like Y2K was going to be the end all for modern humanity, 2012 will mark a new age in astronomy. To that extent, the prophecies are correct that one time will end and another will start. That said change will bring doomsday is extremely doubtful.

Then again, I could be wrong!


Thomas Ajava writes about the zodiac and astrology for DailyLiving

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10 Facts About the Doomsday in 2012

On September 11, 2011, in General, by James

By Frank Myhre

There’s a lot of false information floating around the web related to the 2012 doomsday. In this article, I’ll list some 2012 proof, that is 10 facts about the doomsday in 2012.

The following is a list of facts related to the 2012 doomsday:

* The Mayan Calendar starts 3113 B.C. and ends December 21. 2012.

* The Mayans have accurately described various astronomical events.

* The galactic alignment is happening right now. It started in 1980 and ends in 2016. The sun was best aligned with the center of the galaxy in 1998. This alignment occurs every 25,800 years.

* There is a magnetic pole shift going on right now. Scientists believe these pole shifts happen with hundreds of thousands of years in between, each lasting about 100 years. The present pole shift have just started and it’s happening faster than expected(It was supposed to start in the 24th century).

* The book of revelation does mention that the end times are near, however it doesn’t say an exact date.

* There is a software called “Timewave Zero” which describes various historical events based on a mathematical algorithm. According to this software, 2012 will be the end of time.

* The “Web Bot”, originally developed in the late 1990s for making stock market predictions, suggest that there will be worldwide catastrophic events in 2012.

* A gigantic asteroid named 433 Eros will pass earth on January 31, 2012.

* “The Bible Code”, a popular book published in 1998 that finds hidden messages in the bible, predicts the end of the world in 2012.

* Some of the interpretations of the prophecies of Nostradamus supports the 2012 doomsday.

These are just some facts about the year 2012. For the best 2012 proof and the truth about what’s going to happen in 2012, I recommend checking out this website:

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Another viewpoint on doomsday prophecies and the Bible – particularly the 2012 Mayan prophecy.

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By Chris Z. Mallory

There is no denying that the 2012 Doomsday Planet X scenario is more than theory. There is some significant scientific evidence that points to the fact that these events are fast approaching. If you need some proof, simply look at the logical and fact-based evidence for yourself. When you read through these facts with an open mind, you will see for yourself that the scenarios hold true. Here’s what you need to know about the 2012 Doomsday Planet X scenarios:

Climate change on our planet is a known fact, but did you know that climate change is also happening on other planets in the solar system, too? Surely there has been at least some human factors that have resulted in Earth’s climate change, but you simply cannot say that we have affected the climates on other planets such as Mars, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. The climate change on these other planets points to the 2012 Doomsday Planet X scenario. Because as Planet X approaches, it will have more pronounced effects on climate change not just on Earth but throughout the solar system.

As with climate change, you also cannot deny that seismic activity has increased 56% between 2000 and 2008, as compared to the period between 1990 and 1999. This is actual science that points to the 2012 Doomsday Planet X theory being true. What else could be causing the more frequent and more destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions other than a massive planetary body approaching our planet and affecting its most inner core?

Other proof of the 2012 Doomsday Planet X theories are available in photographic evidence. People from China, Italy, and even New York have all snapped photos of this heavenly body, which some people in other parts of the world cannot see. Why can’t they see it? Because it is hiding behind the sun. But there are at least seven such pictures available today, and these pictures tell it all. The fact is that Planet X, or Nibiru, has been documented since at least the time of the Sumerians, and the Bible even talks about these heavenly beings who are believed to be inhabitants of Nibiru coming from the skies.

Of course the leading source for all things celestial is NASA, and NASA is saying there is no truth to the 2012 Doomsday Planet X theories. The fact is that the approaching planet is estimated to cause widespread destruction to the Earth, which would result in approximately 90% of the human population being killed. It’s plain to see that widespread chaos and mayhem would result if the 2012 theorists assumptions are backed up by NASA. The government and NASA are working together to cover up any proof that Planet X exists to keep the public calm. After all, there is very little they can do to prepare for such an event, so all they can do is try to keep everyone calm. And this is being achieved by covering up the facts. But you can see the evidence for yourself, so do your own research and see what you think.

Chris Mallory is a writer and researcher on 2012 Doomsday Planet X. You can save time and money by getting a FREE in depth review of this product and many others including discounts and best prices at Chris’ blog:

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