The “documentary” below was uploaded to YouTube in two parts, on May 2008.

It claims that 2012 is the year when the four parts of a secret scroll of the Cathars (“Weavers”) will be put together, ad the scroll will be revealed, causing the ‘end of the physical world”:

I don’t know who produced this documentary, or when it was produced. But it was uploaded to YouTube on May 2008, and it’s “not listed”, so it doesn’t appear on searchs on YouTube, nor in the list of videos uploaded by the user.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a viral marketing video to promote film called Wanted (w/ Jolie, Freeman, McAvoy). If you’ve seen the movie you know that it’s a bout a secret society of weavers who encode secret messages in cloths (oversimplification).

You decide!

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Of all the 2012 related documentaries/talks out there,this is the most profound of them all. This is the one to watch.

This 3 hour DVD is a presentation based on Dr. Calleman’s breakthrough discoveries of the structure of the Mayan Calendar as it relates to the Evolution of Consciousness.

“Lungold takes a complex subject such as the Mayan Calendar and makes it very easy to understand on a personal spiritual level.”

He explains that the Mayan Calendar contains the schedule of creation that can be overlaid with past historical events and most importantly can be used as a predictor of what to expect in the near future as we approach 2012. This presentation also includes questions from the audience.

A message from Ian:

To all my fellow passengers on planet earth, THANK YOU…I’m laying here thinking about whether I’m going to continue my life. I feel very relaxed, calm and as though I’ve accomplished a lot for a life time. I am feeling very sleepy I don’t know if I fall asleep if I will wake up again… so I want to get this said…

Actually, I don’t have a whole lot more to say other than, THANK YOU… and to let you know that if I do pass I’ll be joining with the legions of Light ~ Workers, who are to assist everyone else through these changes from the “Otherside.” Being as I’ve not been on the “Otherside” this time around, we will have to see how this works out. I will be attempting to stay in contact with Madaline, so that she can keep you up to date.

Whether this is the end of my life or not I have a request that each of you pick up what information I have brought concerning the Mayan calendar and with renewed vigor pass this information to as many people as possible.

It is my personal belief that we each have a sacred duty to find what works in the world in what ever arena we are familiar and then pass that information as straight as we can for the benefit of others. This is basically what I have done with Dr. Carl J. Calleman’s work and if I’m granted the time what I will continue to do for as long as I can from here too.

Ian Xel Lungold

This is a full length documentary on one groups interpretation of biblical prophecy. Other Christian groups do have differing interpretations, but I have included this here as it is interesting to see what people believe.

Exciting multimedia documentary that reveals the amazing Bible truth behind earth’s last day events!

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