Astonishing 2012 Predictions

On December 22, 2011, in Mayan Calendar, by James

By Sandy Christian

There are a lot of truths out there in our world that stem from ancient wisdom and foresight. Many of these things are diminished in popular culture as nothing more than myth. However, some of these things end up being more true than ever, and those that adhere to the warnings and wisdom of ancient cultures seem to dodge bullets while others get hit hard. It’s important to have even a topical understanding of these things to make sure you’re not swept up when things that were predicted long ago come to pass. It is more relevant today than ever before with many astonishing 2012 predictions hitting the light of day, getting many worried about what is going to happen next. If you haven’t considered some of these predictions, maybe it’s time to look into it, before it’s too late.

The Mayans, an ancient civilization seems to point many people in the right direction in terms of the end of days. Their calendar was one of the most advanced calendars of all time, stretching through lots of dates with one final date being December 21, 2012. Before you dismiss this as just another hoax, consider that scientists have developed a way to foresee a complete eclipse of the sun set for November 13, 2012, a little over a month away from the projected end of the times. If modern day advancements are just now predicting such things, could it be that The Mayans had similar foresight?

Major religions of the world predict a coming onslaught of pain, suffering, war, and famine, these characterizations are brought to life by the Four Horseman, in traditional religious literature. But in regards to astonishing 2012 predictions, the Mayans speak of eight horseman that set into motion the final days. These horseman that are written of in Mayan literature seem to point to an end that will begin with a global weather shift, and rise of different countries that will demand further resources that will be diminished and trigger death and famine on global scales. If one is to look at the current picture of our world today, we can see that these “horseman” might not be forthcoming, they might already have started their impact as fuel prices rise, global wars seem to be the norm, and calamity strikes without care for human life. Could it be that after the eighth horseman arrives, the end comes swiftly with the Mayan end date?

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