By Mark W. Medley

2012 is the year the Mayan calendar concludes its 4.000 year cycle, and the year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar. Previous years have been momentous in terms of change, and ushered in an era of growing conflict. What are the three main issues in the Year of the Cosmic Alignment, and the Dragon.

1. Peace

“There are rumors of war,” has been the catchphrase of the last few years, with conflicts expanding in many areas of our World, and the strengthening of strategic partnerships. Depending on what media you read, or listen to the message is the same,”We are right, this side is wrong.” – despite the fact that it has taken a decade to reach a close to two major conflicts in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

In the year of the Dragon, fortune favors the brave, the risk takers who make bold new plans, and push them through. This may signify a probable Global conflict, with one or more of the three global power blocs, whilst signifying the ending of the Mayan Calendar, when Earth reaches its 4000 year cycle on December 21st, 2012. Is 2012, the year of global conflict?

2. Economic Changes

In 2008, Europe and the United States were hit by a market crash, and their governments decided to bail out, borrow and print money in order to stimulate & save their economies from “collapse.” 2012 should see whether the fruits of these policies blossom or these economic policies fail.

The dragon signifies risk or speculation where the roulette wheel spins, and perhaps you become wealthy or bust. 2012 could see further wealth creation, whilst more poverty in the West. We could see some kind of stock market collapse, as countries in the Eurozone, and the USA, continue to borrow and print.

The reaction could decide how, and where our future global economy moves to, and whether people still accept the global leaders whose decisions created this economic endgame. Is 2012 the birth of a new economic system or a form of government?

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