Fresh new look at the Mayan Prophecies and a new perspective of it’s interpretations.

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By Peter Dobrovic

The worlds oldest calendar, known as the Long Count Calendar, was created by a race of American Indians called the Maya. According to their calendar our current planetary cycle began in 3113 BC and will end on 21st December 2012 AD. The Maya were an advanced civilization who dwelt in Mexico during the 7th century and, amongst their other attributes, were keen stargazers, architects, and mathematicians. They possibly used early forms of Numerology and astrology to map the natural rhythm and cycles of life on this planet.

The Maya were given to making uncannily accurate prophecies about key turning points in human history, including their own. As their civilization reached its zenith and then collapsed sacrificial rites replaced art and science. They were invaded and largely slaughtered by Spanish conquistadors during the 16th Century. Furthermore, the Spanish Inquisition destroyed many of the Mayan prophecies, which were recorded in early books named Codices, so little remains of their writings.

The Mayans believed that humanity would reach a stage during the early 21st century when a change of consciousness would become imminent. As a consequence, the worlds population would once again fall into step with the natural pulse of our planet. They stated that this would only occur following a period of serious trials.

Numerology can identify the impact of the change that will occur and help us to understand the challenge that we are facing. In a previous article entitled Numerology and the New Millennium (see below this article) I described some of the major characteristics of this period in our history and a few of the attitudes that we must adopt if we are to preserve humanity. We are presently witnessing examples of excessive greed that are threatening to destabilize the worlds economy and may yet cause a globalWall Street Crash. This is just one of a number of facets that need to change. Relationships are becoming strained as interaction between the sexes, people and cultures takes on an increased sensitivity and likelihood of misunderstandings. Rage and frustration are overriding calm rational minds. Materialism has overtaken our lives and no matter how much we rush there is never enough time in the day.

This Millennium now requires a merger between the left and right sides of our brain. The left is the critical, mundane faculty, while the right side represents the psychic and meaningful intellect. We have reached a point in our current evolution where we have allowed the left brain to dominate our outlook to the extent that we see life from a cynical and rather aggressive point of view. This imbalance needs to be redressed. Art or theatrical critics analyze and pick apart creative works in order to suggest improvements, but rarely do they produce their own works of art. Conversely, the artist or playwright possesses the vision and ability to develop a potentially classic work of art but may be too close to their creation to notice any glaring faults. Neither one functions constructively on their own, therefore, an equal partnership is the only way forward. We need to reintroduce the right brain into our thinking and to apply the partnership rule to our lives. We cannot continue to suspect everyone and everything or to rush about without noticing the beauty in the world around us as this will lead to our becoming isolated. We will then miss the quality of meaning in our lives. Stress and a lack of fulfillment will haunt us and we will constantly wonder where the time has fled to. We have to slow down now and to take time to become self-aware so that we can get in touch with our respective artists and craft great works of art for the future.

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By Timothy Connolly

What is Happening?

Before we get into the heart of the matter concerning four of the top predictions centered on our current departure out of a previous age, one should come to the realization that this whole shift process is a natural one. Not a very easy thought to consider today when the subject is examined without an open mind. If that is your predisposition, or if you know someone who needs a better understanding of what major effects may very well transpire over the next few years of this present shift, it is my intent this article offers some help in that regard.

First off, please know this period in which we find ourselves is a transient, temporary one. Our world today is filled with unprecedented turmoil and challenges which can, at times, seem overwhelming. While some would argue this has always been the case, they could not deny the volume and intensity of what we face today is ever increasing unabated. It’s as if we are face to face with the darkest aspects of humanity screaming at the coming dawn of a new and very bright era now appearing before us. And as this is a natural process, in a similar fashion to creating life itself, the birth pains come before the joy.

The onslaught of these changes some of which are pleasant and others very unpleasant, effect each one of us in the most profound and personal ways. If there is any consolation, we are all on this fantastic ride together. It will be through us coming together as unique individuals with the same intent to ultimately triumph into a brighter day. We now stand on the threshold of a New Earth one we will create that actually begins within each of us.

A Valuable Opportunity

By no historical means are we now experiencing a world-wide cultural paradigm shift for the first time. Throughout our popular recorded history, the inhabitants of Earth experienced within their lifetimes, something so novel that mankind and life on this planet was in many ways, transformed forever. And here we find ourselves again!

Although speculation abounds as to the most probable source of these transformative shifts, yet regardless of what precipitates these life-altering events, history has shown they in fact occurred. I’m not merely referring to cyclic geological upheavals and associated theories of catastrophism. Rather, I would suggest we focus on the wonderful human evolutionary leaps which have catapulted mankind into higher levels awareness through a greater ability to consciously apply finer thought-forms. Here now as before, is where we find ourselves challenged to allow transformation to take place. Are you up to the challenge?

Therein lies a very significant aspect of what we are all once again, facing. An opportunity to consciously re-direct our intentions to define with greater authority, a world truly transformed for the better of the whole. As I detailed in other related articles, something profound is forcing us to closely re-examine not only our individual lives, but the totality of interaction with our surrounding world. We by our very thoughts and choices without exception, build the world we live in. Could it be that our handicaps are now being removed? I believe the answer to that question is- YES!

Not Etched in Prophetic Stone

It’s important to note and point out that what is commonly referred to as a transformation of Earth, has been occurring for some time now. Most of the leading proponents from varying viewpoints either in academia or within lesser know circles of esoteric, spiritual or religious schools of thought agree the current transition from one age to another has been rapidly unfolding for the past twelve years.

They would also conclude to a point, that what may happen is malleable. Most schools of thought feel we will look back on the infamous winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 and conclude this date was the defining turning point into another dimension of conscious awareness.

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The Coming Changes of 2012

On August 9, 2011, in Earth Changes, General, by James

By Gary Wonning

The year 2012 is and will bring many changes, not so much on a physical level as it will on a spiritual and emotional level. The earth will still be here and I see no dramatic earth changes, although that can always change as it has many times in the past. There has always been and always will be climate change, we humans have very little to do with it.

I see a large shift in consciousness, much of which has been slowly evolving over the past several years. Even as a child I could see this particular period of time as very traumatic and a time when the future of the world was held in escrow. The present situation with the American government becoming more and more socialist will not last, it is something that has been building for decades, the Obama administration is only bringing it to a head. We as Americans will probably become more socialist, but I don’t see a complete shift to socialism.

The human soul functions best when it is free to choose it’s own destiny, the soul doesn’t want to have it’s whole life run and controlled by some government bureaucrat. The soul wants to be able to make it’s own decisions and chart it’s own life, regardless of the risks involved. Soul growth doesn’t come by being protected from all so called negative experiences. Regardless of what the liberals think, each individual soul knows more of how to run their life than the government does.

People are starting to wake up and realize that our country and the world have been going down the wrong path, and with the advent of the internet, our elected officials no longer can pull the wool over our eyes like they have been able to do in the past. No longer can they say something in Oregon and something altogether different in Pennsylvania and get away with it. There is a new era beginning and elected officials on both sides of the isle had better realize it, or their careers will be extremely short.

There will be and have been many changes on a personal level, many relationships simply don’t last a life time, people’s views and needs are changing rapidly, and like it or not, many have a need to grow faster and in a different direction than their partner.

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By Christine Hoeflich

To keep myself informed of “higher level” developments in humanity’s progress toward the shift in consciousness and 2012 changes, I regularly read the material of about four to five different channels. Recently, these channels have been informing humanity that things will get worse on this planet before they get better. I also have recently observed major challenges and upsets in the lives of the people I know (it is June 24, 2010). However, I view the things that are happening as “blessings in disguise.” I explain why in this article.

I understand why many crises and challenging situations are happening at this point in time. I also understand that in order to change humanity’s direction, to divert people from the path of danger they are currently on, the consequences of that direction have to be extreme. (One timely, relevant example: The Gulf Oil Spill.)

Some people place a great deal of importance and credibility in information that is channeled. Channeled information sometimes explains things better than conventional wisdom, particularly when it comes to topics such as humanity’s destiny. (I also read it and check it against my own understanding.) This is why I am including some relevant information that was channeled in this article.

The following is an excerpt from a channeling of SaLuSa on June 23, 2010:

“People all over the world are responding to the higher energies flowing into the Earth’s grid.” [Enlightened information on the Internet?] “Suddenly what you need to do to put your evolution onto a different path is becoming clear. Most importantly you realize that you have the power to change the direction that humanity was heading into and put it on course for Ascension…” [You can change your direction and raise your consciousness.]

“We have often intimated that times would get worse before there were changes for the better. You are entering such a period, but you are more prepared to see it out now because of your understanding of the issues involved…No one is given challenges unless it is known that they can cope with them…It is in adversity and even pain that the greatest lessons are learned.” –SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, channeled through Mike Quinsey, June 23, 2010

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By Donald ODell

Perhaps you’ve heard about an event, believed to occur in or near Mexico City in six years, which is to signal the end of time or the end of the world.

The event, scheduled to occur in 2012 (some say 2011), is when the ancient Mayan Calendar ends.

In 2012 the Mayan Calendar simply stops. Finis. Done. Over.

Do we really just have only six more years? Is this Mayan event equivalent to the promised biblical Armageddon? Do we need to be frightened? Nervous? Awed? Anxious? Mildly or intensely curious? Do we need to re-look at our investment portfolios? Are we doomed or saved? Just what is this 2012 event?

Let’s take a brief look at the Mayan calendar.

The Mayans – living in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico – are an old culture, dating back to the time of the early Roman Empire in Europe. Their culture and civilization gave rise to several subsequent cultures: the Olmecs; the Toltecs, and the Aztecs. They built pyramids with the same precision as the Egyptians, though not quite as large. They had a very sophisticated understanding of astronomy and mathematics, all of which is reflected in the complexity of their calendar. Then they mysteriously seemed to disappear.

There are nine Underworlds in the universe of the Maya. They are called Underworlds, not because of a Mayan concept of Hell, but because of the activated crystalline structures in the earth’s inner core. These crystalline structures were not “scientifically” known by the Mayans, but were “sensed” or “intuited” by the spiritual priests and tribal leaders, chief of whom was Kukulcan – better known as Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec culture.

Each Underworld consists of seven days and has a duration – a length of time – that is equivalent to twenty times the length of the subsequent underworld. These lengths of time are called “cycles” in the Mayan Calendar. The last day of each cycle contains all of the following cycles, so all cycles will end at the same time. Each cycle is divined to accomplish a “greater” sense of consciousness: Build on the previous cycle and, simultaneously, lay preparations for the following cycle.

A simplified summary follows (for more information on this subject, I would recommend The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, by Carl Johan Calleman, PhD, Bear & Company Publishers, Rochester, Vermont).

During the initial cycle, the universal consciousness moved from the Big Bang and the creation of matter to the emergence of cell structures. During the second cycle, consciousness moved from cellular structures to mammalian organisms. Consciousness shifted from animals to primates during the third cycle and from primates to humans in the fourth cycle. During the fifth cycle, humans raised their consciousness with the development of a spoken language and a community organization. The sixth cycle began with the development of a written language and a sense of a national consciousness – a consciousness of being a “people” among other organized “peoples.” During the seventh cycle, beginning about the time of The Industrial Age, the idea that we were a global people was germinated. The eighth cycle, which we are currently in, will see that embryonic sense of a global community come to fruition. The last cycle – or age – the Mayan Calendar records will begin in early 2011 and end later that year. It marks the end of our dualistic civilization as we currently know it – east/west, rich/poor, either/or, us/them, me/you – and the beginning of a new order of life: Global citizenship; Intuitive knowledge; Sharing of resources; Cooperation rather than competitiveness; Spirit-driven rather than materialistic-driven.

As mentioned earlier, each “cycle,” according to the Mayans, is twenty times shorter than the one preceding. This rather simple fact of the Mayan Calendar very neatly explains what we have all suspected and often hear: Events not only seem to be speeding up, events are speeding up.

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By Bob Finklea

The Folktale

In the early winter of December in the year 2012, the Mayans and many other ancient cultures of antiquity have predicted the ‘return of the gods’ in their literature and other records. This return is actually the return of a consciousness that humans have not seen in tens of thousands of years, going back to when we were humans in spirit form. It is this divine consciousness that we lost long ago that is now termed ‘the fall of man’. In a nutshell ‘the fall of man’ was a series of events that caused human beings in the spirit to become desirous for themselves and thus become human beings ‘in the flesh’ which was the ‘fall’ part. Our selfishness (desire to seek for the self alone) separated us from God and so we then manifested physical bodies in the physical world and still reside in these physical bodies today.

This means, in simple terms that the frequency that our consciousness operated on was lowered because of our lack of sharing, and it was lowered to a point that we could not maintain our spiritual bodies (today known as the light-body) and as a result we became physical creatures with physical creature issues, like needing to eat and getting rid of bodily waste as well as the need to breathe air to survive. We no longer had Gods divine essence surging through us in sufficient enough quantities and so needed to live like the physical creatures that we had become. The problem with this is obvious in that if you have all of these physical needs and symptoms that make you selfish, how can you get back to the spiritual body where none of these physical issues exist.

The Cycle

When the ‘fall of man’ occurred, it happened to us as a collective. This meant that everyone experienced this fall together as a race of beings. In December of 2012, we collectively will experience a raise of our consciousness through a raise in our frequency of our nervous system and this raise in our frequency is the return of the gods that the Mayans spoke of.aise in. This will happen to us as a result of a shift of our solar system and galaxy that occurs every thirteen thousand years.

Our planet takes a year to go around our sun one time, and our sun takes twenty-six thousand of our years to go around the center of our galaxy one time. High energy particles escape from the series of black holes in the center of our galaxy shooting out cosmic material in only one direction (instead of all directions) in a way that divides our galaxy in half with one half (equaling the first thirteen-thousand years) getting a constant fresh supply of new matter, and the other half of our galaxy getting no constant fresh supply of direct new matter material (equaling the second thirteen-thousand years). We need twenty-six thousand years to make one full revolution of one half fresh new cosmic energy and the other half no fresh new cosmic energy.

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