By Christofer French

December 2012 has become the most recent date for the “end of the world”, “inflection for change”, “earthly conflagration” or “peaceful new age cosmic torrent”. Why do I pose so many possibilities? Because right now, you can go to the internet, churches, chat rooms, book stores or your local cafe and find people who believe some of the above and more.

From using Edgar Cayce as an authority, to Bible-thumping, Armageddon-believing preachers, from New Age Prophets to Astro Authors, where ever you go right now – and for the next three years, you will find people with a “specific belief in 2012”.

What Do You Believe About 2012?

Don’t laugh. As time goes on over the next 3 years, someone will ask you what you believe about 2012, and you will have to come up with a belief, or sound terribly uninformed! What do people believe? And how has this all happened?

Public awareness of the Mayans, and specifically the “shamanistic priesthood” of the Mayans who were amazingly atuned to the stars and had a specific astrology that measured earthly happenings, has skyrocketed with recent research and books about an “end of the world” scenario that is amazingly – just a turn around the corner in cosmic time. In a little while, scholars, thinkers and writers have put together a body of quotes from Merlin to the I Ching, from the Koran to Sufi Seers, from Kabbalistic talk of the “end of days” to St. John’s visions.

Never before has “date setting” for the “end of days” met with so many parties’ ear perking attention. How did Mayan Astrology meet with such sudden credibility and attention? That is a story in itself. Suffice it to say, that the Mayans have gone from a group that was – in the public mind, just a collection of old South American peoples, as in the “Mayans, Aztecs and Incans” to a far sighted group of astrological seers who were prophetic geniuses. The technicality of the prophecy has to do with the coming together of astrological events all at the same time. One of the cycles is said to be concluding after 26,000 years. This makes many people from very divergent philosophical points of view perk up. People who decry astrology, like fundamentalist Christians, have their own view of when “Christ is going to return”; and even though they don’t believe in astrology, the 2012 scenario has a harmonic ring to it, even for them. Those who have left fundamentalist Christianity and have now become New Agers are in a particular state of anticipation, since both their former and their present systems have a belief in “something dramatic happening in the not too distant future”.

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My astrological insights and comparison into both of these potential Mayan Calendar end dates.

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by lexorrod

With the world currently getting abuzz about several reports of the mass extinction that people will face in 2012, more and more people are becoming hooked into this thought. Also, to make things surge to further level, several astrologers looked into the Zodiac signs in order to justify the dreaded prophecy. They believed that each and every one of the astrological signs has its own age. They said that this year is the Age of Pisces, which make it as Age of Aquarius the following year. Next year is likewise the dreaded 2012, the year that many fear to be the end of the world.

In addition, 2012 end of the world has become the latest trend when it comes to the mass extinction of the world. According to the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, is the exact date when earth will suffer its demise. They said that it will undergo total blackout. As a result, some people who have known to get hooked with this are becoming infected with this thought.

This Age of Aquarius can really infect the minds of those people who believe that 2012 is the year that men will suffer its fate. They even go to gatherings intended to talk about this occurrence. However, for many people who are non-believers, they said that God is the only one who knows when will be the mass extinction. Nonetheless, until the next year comes, people will still have this thought present in their system.

2012 end of the world has gained so much publications right now and it has been materialized though movie. Also, some natural disasters that happened and that will happen are all associated with the dreaded end of the world. From earthquakes to torrential rains, the world has been suffering from all these catastrophic occurrences, making way for other believers of the said 2012 event to truly justify their beliefs. Truly, this will lead them to further enhance their skepticisms when it comes to this topic.

Overall, until next year, people will still have at the back of their mind the thoughts of the dreaded mass extinction. However, they wanted to have its perspective, the bottom line is that they should wait for the next year in order to know if it is real. The Age of Aquarius will only be proven when the right time comes. However, by now, people will just live with the prophecies and different hearsays about the dreaded revelation. Whether it is true or not, it will depend upon the faith of people to God.

Age of Aquarius will be next year and some believes that it will be the year that the world will suffer its demise. The 2012 end of the world will always be hearsay unless its exact date and time will soon happen.

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By Greg S Giles

Though many upon the planet at this time want nothing more than ascension into a higher dimensional existence culminating in December of 2012, it can be said that no one really knows for sure if this subject of ascension is anything more than wishful thinking, where perhaps many folks whose hearts are in the right place took the baton so to speak and ran with it, perhaps too far. Is there any way to get a better bearing on the direction of this ship, or must we be content to ride the rough waves of hopeful uncertainty?

Fortunately for those who would rather plan a surprise party than walk through the door of one, there is a way to glance into the crystal ball and catch a glimpse of the preparations underway by the party planners. Ascension is not but an event, it is a process. An ongoing process that has already begun and continues on a massive scale with each breathe we take as we approach Zero Point. Understanding ascension as a process allows us the opportunity to read the tea leaves and gain insight into our very near future.

Mass Consciousness

Of the most startling of clues is the indisputable change in the mass consciousness of the citizens of planet Earth. The sleeping giants have awoken, and as more and more shake off the cobwebs of a long and deep slumber, a tidal wave of awakened spirit crashes over our still sleepy brothers and sisters. The momentum already amassed by the newly conscious is a force that can and will never be stopped by anyone or by any means. The people have the power, not a man, woman or government, covert or otherwise. We the people have always held the power, the rulers of our world have always known this and existed frightened of our potential that could easily strip them of their power. Now we have become aware of this power. Change, real change, is now inevitable and only days away, ascension or otherwise. Rudimentary examination of Earth’s history will reveal just what a momentous occasion this is. Is it mere coincidence that these earth shattering changes in our collective consciousness are perfectly coinciding with the timetable of ascension? As ascension is no more (and no less) than a shift in consciousness, can the momentum of the mass shift in human consciousness lead to anything else but personal and planetary ascension?

Human DNA

Human DNA is evolving, and evolving so quickly a more apt term to describe this metamorphosis would be a leap in evolution. Mainstream science, historically the final holdouts to any change that may force them to update their pre Penicillin text books, have officially announced that two year old British boy Alphie Clamp is the first human diagnosed with three strands of DNA.

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