I stumbled across this article recently and thought you may find it interesting. I have heard of this doomsday prediction before, but never really knew any of the details…

By Nicholas C James

If you’re interested in doomsday scenarios, you’ve probably stumbled across references to a prediction that the archangel Gabriel purportedly made to the members of a group called the Sword of God Brotherhood. According to this prediction, the world will perish during the year 2017, and only members of the brotherhood will survive.

The Mysterious Brotherhood

What is the Sword of God Brotherhood, and how did they come to be the recipients of this prophesy and divine destiny? The more you look, the murkier things look. This prediction is widely repeated on internet sites, especially those that chronicle past doomsday prophesies that have not come to pass, along with lists of future events that are already being anticipated.

The vast majority of these sites use exactly the same language, suggesting that they all come from a common source, and the authors haven’t even bothered to spin the content. On one doomsday chat, a participant asked if anyone knew how he could join the Brotherhood. Apparently he was hoping to be among the chosen survivors. Most of his associates dismissed the prophesy as bunk.

A participant in one discussion mentions that the Sword of God Brotherhood appears to be an offshoot of the group, The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, an Aryan organization founded in 1971 that was based in Elijah, Michigan. Its members believed that the end of the world was imminent, and holed up in their compound preparing for the catastrophic event. They stockpiled weapons and practiced paramilitary operations, believing that the United States government was deeply corrupt and would ultimately implode, even without their help.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms laid siege to the compound in 1985, and ultimately raided it on April 19 of that year. Unlike many similar raids, this one ended peacefully as a result of successful negotiations. However, both the fatal raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas eight years later, and the Oklahoma City bombing ten years later occurred on anniversaries of the Michigan raid.

Because of the importance of doomsday lore in the orientation and actions of the CSA group, it seems plausible that the Sword of God Brotherhood may have been somehow affiliated with them. If this is the case, then it makes sense that a religious group already expecting the end of the world would receive a prophesy that contained additional specifics.

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By Matthew Robert Payne

I have read about thirty articles on the Mayan prophecy tonight and have pondered and wondered if I had anything to offer. I though I would share what I feel the Holy Spirit put on my heart.

In dark times God always has an impact on the world. In times of great suffering Christian always grows. We have shifting economies, the USA has got a piling debt, the Chinese are buying gold and selling their US treasury bonds and it seems the world is getting ready for a great shaking. Do I think the world will be over in 2012? I doubt it.

I know a friend of mine has seen the Antichrist in a dream twice an he says he looks a bit like James Morrison of the Doors and he looks like he is in his early twenties. I think that he would have to be about 40 when he takes power. Now few people will believe that so I want to add a little.

The world needs to get a little more immoral. Scripture records that God repented that He made the world when it was in the days of Noah. The world was so wicked then, that he killed everyone save eight people. The world is pretty bad so far, but I feel it would need to be a lot worse for God to kill us all like in Noah’s day. Scripture says that when Jesus returns that the wickedness on earth will be as bad as Noah’s. Tell me does the world that we live in deserve to be wiped out yet or does it have to get worse.

I think that the Mayans could not see further then December 2012 because all that will exist from that point on is darkness. I feel that in the next two years God is going to rain down massive judgments that the whole world will think the end is on its way. A friend of mine got a visit from Gabriel the angel yesterday and this is what Gabriel said:

I was given a scroll by Gabriel and ate it, here is what Gabriel says to the world: we have unleashed the terrors stored up in Heaven for this time, the world will reel and shudder and wobble and groan, many thousands will fall, the trumpets have sounded the time is hear, the four horse men have ridden out, plague famine and death is upon you, you who seek the LORD do not worry do not fear, for The LORD YOUR GOD is with you, but to those who hate The LORD YOU GOD woe be unto you. choose life now while you still can, the hand will be withdrawn very soon, time is short, the woes and wrath of the LORD YOUR GOD is upon you. those that hate the Lord are those that will not obey Jesus commands, those that love Him obey Him, those that hate him serve the world, (John 14:23-24, James 4:4) those that love him give up all for Jesus( John 15:13), do you forake all, if not fear the LORD now and give unto the harvest, if you want to store riches on this earth now, (James 5:1-6) your riches will be taken from you and given to another more worthy(Isaiah 50)

The LORD has spoken, He who has ears to here repent and bring forth fruit worthy of righteousness. He who denies the LORD in this hour and does not heed this warning will be destroyed himself, his family and his house. ( Matthew 7:21-27)

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