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  1. Michael says:

    I am a man whose skin is white but whose eyes see no color. I am a man of faith who has no religion. I am a man from the North, adopted in Hawaii and raised in Alaska, but in my heart I swear allegiance to no nation. My home is not of this world. Even in my temporary shell of skin here on earth, my spirit dwells always in that “Kingdom of heaven” just beyond the veil. Long ago I gave my life over to living by the universal laws of righteousness and piety written on my heart instinctively from my birth. I courted “wisdom” above all things valued in my life from my youth. She came to me in my youth and through her refining fires my spirit and my faith matured in goodness greatly, for many years now. She brought me gifts of visions and dreams and through inspiration has been a mentor and guide all the days of my life. Now in my aging years she whispers to me many truths and compels me to write them down. For the time is at hand.

    My loyalty to the Good Creator is solid as a rod of iron for one reason only; I love what he loves, I stand for what he champions, all the virtues of good, love ,charity, understanding, forgiveness, truth, patience. I have prepared all my life for the twilight that is breaking before the dawn of the coming “age of righteousness” when the wicked flee into the shadows and the good live in the light.

    For too long those who should posses the light have cowered in fear in the darkness afraid or unable to resist the wickedness that oppresses them. But the time has come for that to change. Daily I pray to my father in heaven that his will come without further delay. I stand ready, as do many of us, to rise at his call. I salute the world of love that is coming. I wail aloud daily and at night in my prayers for the downtrodden both in nature and in Man. I soak my pillow with tears for those who are so afraid of the oppressor that they cannot cry for themselves. I weep for the earth for we have scared and raped her. I weep for the animals for we destroy their homes, kill their young and pursue them into the crannies of the earth where they desperately cling to life. I weep for Man for the condition he brought on himself. And I weep for myself that I was ever born to know these lamentations and sorrows.

    Long ago I rejected the ways of my brothers and sisters as utterly asleep and debased. My privileged circumstances allowed me to withdraw from society and live a life of solitude. Alone I have prayed and studied for many years. The seed from which I sprang is good. The soil I grew in is fertile. My roots are deep and strong. My trunk cannot be broken in the strong wind. My height is great and my branches strong and full of good fruit. My tree is now mature, my fruit ripe and good for healing. The birds that lite on me long to sing in the light of the coming day; but for now they are owls that hoot a terrible warning to the creatures of night that dawn is about to break their grip on the heart of the forest. My eyes strain to see the first rays of the coming promised day of righteousness.

    I open my mouth or take to pen and words from inspiration flow like a flood. Through me my guide has written many papers. I have sent many letters to our government officials, even the white house. What I have written must be written as a witness against Mans world before the purification comes. It has always been so.

    Below are just the two latest letters of warning I have sent to the president, Obama.


    The coming storm,
    America the great, long may she live in the memories of humanity, for her doom is imminent. No clearer cry has ever been shouted from the walls of a doomed city than what I cry today. Woe to America. Indeed woe to all the fallen christian nations for they insult God with every thought and action. This is our finial warning.
    A nation is made strong by providence to serve others in need, not to make its citizens prosperous or to impose its version of stability and peace on others. When a nation invokes the name of God to justify what it does, if what that nation then does is wicked and continues to do so, that nation will fall. It is better that a wicked nation deny God altogether than to create an image of God as a banner for what they do. Through our actions we have invoked the fury of God. Soon Abbadon will be released upon us and all of Islam will be in his wake.
    No religion is pure today. They are all corrupted and ineffective, an abomination to our Lord. Long ago Christianity failed to become what it was meant to be. By 600AD the good church begun by Jesus had been hijacked by corrupt power hungry individuals preaching a false, anti-christian doctrine designed not to win good souls for God but as a means to establish and maintain political control over all who accepted this faith. By the time of the rise of Islam, Christianity was corrupt from the head and drunk with violence and blood, even against others of its faith.
    Just as long ago when God raised up and whistled for the nations of Assyria and Babylon to come as a destroyer against the corrupt, hypocritical nations of Israel then Judah, so too did God raise up Islam and whistle for her to come against the wicked christian nations. There has been animosity between the two religions ever since.
    The rise of what we today call “terrorism” perpetrated by Islamic radicals was foretold in Revelations in the christian bible. They were there called “locusts” who’s power to harm the nations was in their sting. They were to torment but not kill the fallen Christan nations for “five months”. During this time while we strike at their head, they strike at our heel, but neither can kill the other. A “month” in prophesy is equivalent to a “generation”. A “generation” is equivalent to 40 years. Therefore the torment of the fallen Christian nations by these “locusts” which began in the early parts of the 19th century AD will culminate in the great war Armageddon sometime in the early 21 century AD, now.
    The only way to avert Gods wrath is to make sweeping changes in Americas actions and laws that today define us rightly so in the eyes of the world as the “Great Satan”. Never can stand a people who claim God is their inspiration with their lips while working wickedness with their hands. I do not need to list the sins of America here, there is not the space or time to do so. Witness against us is before God and whispered in your soul. No wicked city or nation ever destroyed by God had as much sin piled up against her as America has witnessed against her today. The strongest Christian nations have faith only in their own prosperity and power and all endeavors by them are to secure these ends by any means necessary, untempered by the good moral laws of God instinctively written on the hearts of good souls dispersed worldwide, hidden in every nation and religion. Today the strongest Christian nations have become materialistic, debased and corrupt.
    “A floodgate is useless no matter how high or strong it is if it it open at the bottom.” America throws up walls to protect itself and to confine and lay claim to that which it desires from other nations. But our floodgates are open at the bottom and will not protect us from the coming storm that we brought upon our own heads. Our citizens have either been lulled asleep in the pursuit of material necessities and amenities or are busy quarreling and squabbling amongst ourselves over table scraps tossed as a distraction to us from the plates of the Tyrants who enslave and corrupt us. Our people claim we are non-violent and lovers of justice and charity. But by night we sit in front of our televisions thrilled to watch violence of all kinds perpetrated on others. By day we seek advantage over one another by any means we can get away with, telling lies to cover our intentions and motives. On the streets we pass by the poor and destitute and disdain them considering them as the dung of our society all the while hoping we never become them. Our laws and customs do not reflect a Godly nation and we the citizens passively do nothing effective to veto wicked laws and replace them with righteous laws. We do little more than complain about the corruption of our laws and leaders. We choose not to oppose what we know is wrong for fear of loosing our amenities and comforts or because many citizens really don’t care as long as their lives are relatively unaffected. We claim to be a people “under God”. Yet the consideration of his will is banned from those influential institutions that define us as a people. America has committed the mortal sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit by invoking the name of God, indeed manifest destiny, while perpetrating wickedness in our thoughts and actions, even against our own citizens, all without any compassion or mercy.
    There is a storm coming the likes of which has never been or ever will be again. I stand on the shore and watch. I stand on the walls and cry out, Woe, woe ,woe. The earth is to be purified in fire, begun by the hand of Man, concluded by the hand of God. Islam and Christianity will both be changed and a new, lasting truth will take hold. The world is going to change. The coming of the Asian is at hand, the Kings of the east. Following in the wake of the coming storm will see the rise of a new world craved and shaped from the ashes of the our fallen world. Usher in the age of the “church of righteousness” when good souls find union with God not in what they think they believe but in what they do and say regardless of the people or nation they were born apart of.
    Imagine a world where there is nothing to live or die for; a brotherhood of Man. I salute this day from afar for I know I will not live to see its fruit for I now live in that darkest hour before the dawn of that day. May God bless all who read this and take it to heart. Be strong but know that many of us will not live through what is coming. Let this be your strength; God has his hand on all that is going to happen. Even should you fall in this time God will raise you up and you will forever be part of that Kingdom of God that is not of this earth. But for those who do not have this simple faith what is coming upon the earth will indeed be the most terrifying of times. Those who try hardest to preserve themselves will surely die.
    Prepare your hearts and be marked for passover by your faith and your works for violent will be the transition from this wicked day where good hides in fear in the shadows while evil prospers under the sun to that promised day when the good live in the light and the wicked cower in fear in the darkness. Should our ways go unchecked by God himself soon there will no longer be any flesh to be saved and the flow of good souls home to our father will cease forever.
    Behold the birth pains as the Mans world cries out to give birth to righteousness while evil lurks waiting to devour her child when it is born…a child destined to rule the nations with an iron rod from the hearts of good souls everywhere….the King of righteousness is his name and his city is called the Church of Righteousness. Hasten Abba

    A Witness against her,

    It breaks my heart to see that in the world today there is not found even one nation to champion the causes of peace, love, charity, compassion, fairness, righteousness and the love of God under whose banner these aspirations dwell. Because America has failed in her duty to uphold and defend for the world these values, there is no “strong man” on earth today to oppose the Tyranny, violence, corruption, and aggression that is covering mans world like a suffocating blanket.
    From those who are given little, little is expected. To those who are given plenty, much is expected. America was not made prosperous and powerful to raise her people above the earth and isolate them from the troubles of the world. No, she was given her blessings to create a sheppard for the worlds sheep so that the wolves did not overrun the pasture. But the sheppard has become a wolf, indeed the most ravenous, powerful wolf in the pack. America was to be like a great light atorch the lamp of hope. She was placed on a high place so that her light would illuminate even the darkest corners, giving light to the whole world. But today she covers her light jealously allowing the shadows of wickedness to darken not just the corners but the whole house. With the light from the lamp of hope covered, the earth is cast into darkness.
    Since America was given the lamp of hope but covered its light for herself and did not let it shine as a beacon in a wicked world to all the earth; her lamp stand shall be removed from her house and her people shall be casted into dark despair.
    Since America was given vast wealth to distribute generously to the poor yet she has become a thief stealing whatever she wants from anyone, even the poor; Your vast wealth will be depleted and that which made you wealthy will loose its value and your people will become impoverished.
    Since America was given vast stores of medicines and healing knowledge but does not freely cure the lame and the sick but makes herself rich off the afflicted; your own medicine will become impotent and your people will be plagued.
    Since the wombs of America were made fruitful to multiply righteous souls on the earth while she practices child sacrifice in the form of abortion; Her children shall be deformed and sickly and many wombs shall be shut and the number of her citizens shall dwindle.
    Since America was given the gavel of justice to uphold world wide the inalienable rights of humans and the righteous laws of God but her court rulings and laws oppress and enslave rather than set free, uphold wickedness rather than goodness, empower the Tyrants rather than the people, Make the poor poorer and the rich richer; Law and order shall be removed from her land and chaos shall come to her streets and even locked doors will not protect her people.
    Since America hoards her vast resources or exchanges them for clandestine treaties like a whore spreading her legs for her advantage, her resources shall dry up and her people tormented by a great need for these things that shall not be satisfied and her machinery shall grind to a stop.
    Since her people disdain the needy and pass them by without even a glance on her own streets; America shall loose her wealth and her citizens shall become impoverished.
    Since America allows her people to change their gender and commit homosexuality; her plagues shall be increased and the number of her citizens shall be reduced.
    Since America can turn a blind eye and a deft ear against those in the world who cry out to her for help; when her citizens cry out their tears will not be seen and their pleas shall not be heard.
    Since America allows her sexual desires to be satisfied wantonly like animals; to animals I will give many of her dwelling places and her offspring shall be worthless.
    Since America does not uphold the sanctity of marriage but whores and lusts after whoever their desire, divorcing and remarrying at will; The children of her people shall turn against their parents and all meaningful traditions shall be lost.
    Since in her expansion and to maintain her gains America is drunk with blood; her land shall flow red with her own blood and those oppressed by her in her rise shall rise against her.
    Since America dares invoke the name of God to justify her wicked acts; Her land shall be given to Abbadon.
    Since America encourages division and rebellion in other nations; her lands and people shall be fragmented and her union shall end.
    Since the lenders of America practice usury and her tax collectors are unmercifully ruthless; She shall become hopelessly indebted to other nations and her wealth shall evaporate.
    Since America scared and polluted the earth; her air and waters shall become as poison and the earth shall refuse to yield her resources and a great sickness shall befall her land.
    Since America was made strong to prevent war yet she executes war upon nations for her benefit; war and destruction shall come to her land.
    Since America distributes food to hungry nations on the edge of a sword; for want of food a sword shall come against her.
    Since Americas soil was made fertile and her herds fat and plenty yet much of the world goes hungry; her soil shall refuse to yield its fruits and her herds shall die and her people will know starvation.
    Since America has retrieved to herself pieces of other worlds; from the heavens shall come a great destruction.
    Since the Faith of Americas religion does not temper and guide her thoughts and actions but rather pacifies the congregation and lulls them into spiritual sleep; to her churches shall come persecution and violence and a purifying fire.
    Since America was given the power to choose its leaders from among themselves and have chosen to accept the Tyrants rather than remove them by any means; into slavery shall her people go.
    Since America was given much, much was expected of her. But since she has failed to become what she was created for; America shall be removed from this earth, fragmented and found only in history books as both one of Mans greatest hope yet one of Mans greatest follies.
    But since the hearts of many Americans are good and they would oppose the wickedness America has fallen into if they felt they could or knew how; The time of purification coming shall be cut short for their sake. Many shall be preserved often by miraculous means so that there shall be a multitude of good souls remaining to rebuild free of impurities that which has become detestable.


    Feel free to contact me my spiritual brothers and sisters, my cause is your cause.


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