2012Reviews.net is a project to explore the various theories and prophecies about the year 2012.

There are so many different theories on 2012 out there and so many different religious takes on it as well. We decided to create a place where you can get an overview of the many different beliefs, theories or opinions.

Our hope is to remain totally impartial in the debate and merely present the versions out there. We do not say that any one particular belief is right or wrong. We do not pass any judgement on the opinions of other people.

By being exposed to these many beliefs, we hope that you will find what is true for you and have a respect for those who believe differently.

To 2012 and beyond!


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  1. Ria says:

    I started to watch the video and stopped at the man and sin part, which as you know is right away. It puzzles me that people don’t look beyond their religion, which is man made. I know, some would say, coming from GD. But religion wreaks of misinformation once you dive more deeply into the entire subject. Likewise, if people would do more research on the whole 2012 enigma they’d realize what the older prophecies are saying from many cultures not just the Mayans. We, I believe are headed for a time of renewal that will take 100’s of years to complete. The 2012 year, I’ve researched, has to do with a shift in our consciousness. Like so many other times on our planet our consciousness has shifted. This time, hopefully, we are about to embark on an even greater journey. One that takes out of the fear based reality we all live into and up into one of love. I see it happening all around me. People are waking up. Man was not born into sin. Man was born on a planet full of fear and terror how can that lead us to good? Now it’s time to wake up out of that realization, let go of the shackles of limited religiosity and move into our truer nature; images of GD. That is what it’s all about. And religion is nothing but limitation and fear; nothing more.

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