By Mark W. Medley

The ancient Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st, 2012, and coincides with a rare 4.000 year cosmic alignment, which modern scientists only discovered after studying this calendar. There are several scenarios, which could occur by the ending of this calendar. What are the eight possible scenarios?

1. Solar Storms

Solar storms have increased in recent years, and by the end of the calendar, the great cosmic highway in space will be open. Recent activity from the Sun, has created several minor storms that have affected Earth, but a great storm would destroy our satellites, burn out our electricity generators, and Earth could turn into a period of darkness.

2. A Polar Shift

Our scientists do recognize that somewhere in Earths history, our continents moved, which was probably a polar shift, as a previous polar shift may have created this movement in our distant past. Ancient Mayan manuscripts describe 30 hours of darkness, as our planets magnetic fields faded, and recorded the renewal of our Planet. Could 2012 be the year of a Polar Shift?

3. Earthquakes and Floods

Recent GPS technology continue to expose previously unknown cities buried underneath our lands, and networks of man-made tunnels. This new evidence does show that far into our past, large cities did exist, and something happened to bury them.

Geologists have discovered evidence of ancient earthquakes and floods, with 4.000 year old seashells found on the highest mountains of our planet. We are experiencing more floods, greater seismic activity and the effects of rising sea levels. Could the cosmic alignment in 2012, trigger a series of earthquakes & floods?

4. An Alien Invasion

The Cosmic Alignment on December 21st, 2012 creates a highway in space, where any object could reach Earth quickly, due to the force created by this alignment of planets. This would be an ideal opportunity to attack Earth, especially if solar storms, or earthquakes have destroyed our power supplies and created disaster areas within our nations. This doomsday scenario is probable considering there are millions of undiscovered planets in the universe, but we need to consider whether our planet is worth invading, as we are only a small part of a vast, endless unknown Universe.

5. A False Flag Invasion

Globalization is creating a power base that many people see as a potential One world Government. Many people suspect a global elite could be planning a “false” flag attack to justify a one world system, and a dictatorship. In recent years the fear of a one World government, have created thousands of conspiracy theories, but if we look back at history, “false” invasions have created wars and conflicts that did end up with a ruling dictatorship. If this is the message of the Mayan Calendar, then we could be living in a completely different social, and economic system by the end of this year?

6. Alien Contact, and an Era of Peace

The opening of the great cosmic highway could usher in the opposite of an alien invasion- one of peace and cooperation. We do face many global problems, with our current economic, environmental, political, and social systems. Perhaps friendly alien contact, from an advanced race, could restore faith, peace and a new start for Earth.

7. Nibiru

The ancient Sumerians, along with the Egyptians, Indians and Mayans are seen as our Planets first known advanced civilizations. Evidence of advanced cities with running water, and a knowledge of the Universe we only recently discovered ourselves, shows that in the past humankind may have been as advanced as we see ourselves today, except we lived with nature.

The symbolism seen in what remains in many of the ruined cities left by these civilizations does show another planet, and the descendants from a planet battling with humans. This planet was called Nibiru, by ancient Babylonian astronomers. Could something occur on December 21st, 2012, related to this unknown planet?

8. Nothing

We could wake up on this historic day and see bright skies, perhaps auras from a minor solar storm, but our World will remain the same. This anti-climax could be the real outcome of one of the rarest cosmic events in recent history.

We are discovering more about our enigmatic past as our technology, and availability of the internet allow us to communicate on a global scale, however often we may only guess what secrets lay buried or lost from these ancient cavitations. December 21st, 2012 is one of the biggest secrets waiting to be revealed- Whatever happens on this day.

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