By Jean Hantch

In 1989 the first of the New Maps of America produced by Lori Toye were strewn on the kitchen tables and rolled for delivering a new kind of 2012 prophesy. While there are certainly plenty of potential outcomes to the 2012 prophesy, there are some that are less desirable than others.

If you look into Gordon Michael Scallion and his predictions for the day the polar shift 2012 occurs, most of us would hope we perish in whatever cataclysmic event proceeds the actual turning of the Earth changes. Rather if you look at the works of Lori Toye, the potential for real life and real understanding exist.

If you look at the places to live in 2012 that offer all kinds of protection from harm and military defense, you may very well overlook the first of the Golden Cities which is being planned now for development. The Golden Cities were originally introduced to Lori Toye in the sessions that led to her mapping skill. Now, with 2012 just around the corner, these areas that are said to be of high spiritual energy and great enlightenment are ready to undergo construction.

This idea is based on the idea that polar shifts happen with clockwork regularity and it can be predicted. It can not, however, be stopped. The polar shift 2012 states that we will experience the Earth’s sudden and somewhat immediate transition from one direction of rotation to the other. This sudden and powerful change in the planet will result in some of the worst disasters ever to hit our planet.

Moreover, it has been said that the prophesy of 2012 has nothing to do with violence or death. In fact, many claim that it simply has to do with our need to evaluate the direction we are heading. Unless we are looking to evolve into Star Trek type-indoor living we need to clean up our acts.

Lori Toye and Gordan Michael Scallion have both indicated that there will be a single cosmic event (like the Earth’s rotation changing directions) that will spark some of the nastiest times we well see. The aftermath is described as a horrific human condition. The idea of survival 2012 doesn’t even lend itself to a willingness or a choice when it comes to survival.

Yet Lori Toye has made similar predictions that started with maps. Each of the four maps look somewhat like a puzzle that she feels she need to put into action. When you view one of her prediction maps you will likely see what their two prophecies predict and how you might find the most logical position which to live in the near future. Mid Western towns are currently reporting an increase in population as many feel that they do not have the time to start seeking out significant bomb shelters.

Could this be true? If it is, there is speculation that the best places when considering where to live in 2012 would probably be the Northern Midwest in the United States and parts of Middle Canada. With the Earth changes that are predicted to come, it is impossible to tell whether there will be a greater need for farming or for defense. What is one agreed upon point is that the Prophesy 2012 is going to bring change for us all.

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