By Seth Garrison

Is this really happening right now, new humans on a new planet earth? Are we being given the opportunity to become a world where love, wisdom and compassion are replacing hate, ignorance and judgement? Are we evolving to the next step of human consciousness? Stepping into unity consciousness from the present consciousness of duality. There is a lot of evidence given to us from indigenous cultures and also from present day “new age” channels that would support a positive answer to this question.

The Hopi Indians have called this time we are approaching as “the days of purification.” Many have prophesied this time as the “Great Shift of the Ages.” Some religions have their own description of a time where the messiah will return. That messiah is us right now. Revelations in the New Testament describes a time that many translate as an end to the human race. This can also be translated as a new beginning for mankind if read from this perspective. The Hindu Yugas have shown that we are entering the cycle of awakening from our sleep into the Satya Yuga or golden age.

The most famous of these prophesies comes from the Mayans of Central America. The end of the Mayan long count calendar comes on December 21st 2012. This is the end of the grand cycle that has lasted over 5000 years. If we have the belief that life is eternal then this date may be looked at as an end but also a new beginnings. The circle begins again. If you listen to the Mayan Elders of present day they have told us that this is a time for a new human to emerge. A human that has the attributes of knowing that we are one with all things. That we can live in peace and harmony with each other knowing that we are all perfect. The time of realizing these truths is right now and according to the Mayans a mere four years from now.

There have been many masters throughout history that have left us clues to help us remember who we truly are. The most famous being Jesus and Buddha and Muhammad. All have told us to look within to remember that we are masters too. They anchored into human consciousness the potential for the changes in humanity that I have been discussing throughout this series.

Saint Francis of Assisi, the Sufi poet Rumi, Leonardo Da Vinci, William Blake, and many more, have all contributed to helping us through their works to see the truth of our being. More recently Albert Einstein, Edgar Cayce, Mahatma Gandhi the Dalia Lama all have messages of empowerment if we choose to interpret them from that perspective.

Present day “new age” channels like Lee Carroll who channels Kryon has been giving us the information about now being the time for humans to wake up to a new way of being. Kryon since 1989 has been giving us the nudges to help us remember. Steve Rother, the channel for the Group, in his book “Remember” lays out the groundwork for us to know how the new human will be. Geoffrey Hoppe who channels Tobias has offered invaluable guidance for those who know that this lifetime is the most important lifetime in human history.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 when we chose to take the next step into the path of enlightenment many things have changed in our world. The Berlin wall came down. The Soviet Union harmonized with the west. The global communication structures like the Internet have brought us closer to each other, giving us the ability to see that we are all the same. The integration of cultures that we are experiencing now is unmatched in human history. Quantum physics has revealed unseen dimensions and truths about the control we have over our reality. Science in general is uncovering clues to the concept of the unity of all things. With the invention of the computer the human knowledge base has expanded with unparalleled speed in the last 25 years. It is all contributing to the end result of awakening humanity.

The Earth herself is undergoing these vibrational shifts as well, evidenced by changing weather patterns, global warming and geological episodes that have no precedent in recorded history. Just as matter changes state with changes in temperature and pressure, the earth, and by extension, our bodies, are affected by the magnetic field and frequency or vibration of our planet. The magnetic field around the earth is weakening along with the increasing vibration of the earth. Both these factors are allowing for us to change our state or perspective on our reality. This is an involved topic which I will leave for another time. Suffice it to say that the signs of unprecedented change are all around us if we choose to interpret them as signs of the great shift happening right now.

The intention of this article series is to describe the new human on the new planet earth. This is done from the belief that:

1. It is happening right now.

2. That it is my path to be in service to others to help them with the transition.

There has to be living bridges to help others to cross into the new consciousness. Lighthouses that shine their light so others can see their way, but not interfere with their paths.

Their is a recoding of our DNA that is possible right now. Science calls it a “spontaneous genetic mutation.” This is what I experienced seven years ago. I have no doubt that it happened. I became a completely different person with a total shift in my perspective on everything, virtually, in an instant. I know that if this transformation was available for me, it is there for all of us.

Ancient texts of the East have a name for the life of service that I am living now. It is called living the Bodhisattva. One who foregoes the ecstasy of heaven for the enlightenment of others. This Prayer of the Bodisattva describes how I choose my life to be

Alone, in the presence of others, I walk through the waking dream of life.

Others see me. At first sight of recognition, they turn away, for they have forgotten.

Together, through the waking dream of life, we journey.

May the clarity of my vision guide your life in grace, for I am part of you.

May my action remind you of your God within, my action is your action.

May my breath become the breath that fills your body with life.

May my soul become the food with which to nourish and quicken you.

May the words from my mouth find a place of truth within your heart.

Let my tears become water to your lips.

Allow my love to heal your body of the pain of life.

In your most healed state, may you remember your most precious gift; your divine nature.

Through our time together, may you know yourself.

In that knowing, may you find your true home, your God within.

A critical mass is all it takes. Revelations says 144,000. I am hoping that I can help one heart to see that this is our true nature. If one heart takes what I am saying, examines the concepts and experiences the shift of perception, then the intention of this series will be fulfilled. Then, that one heart helps another. It is happening. Of that, I have no doubt. The critical mass is being reached. There are too many prophesies and too many present day sources saying the same thing for me to discount the fact that the time for the new earth is now. If you are open to the signs, you will see the consistency of the message, as I have. Consistency, for me, denotes truth.

I truly believe that we know that we are one with all things. That we can see the perfection in all things without judgement. That attaching our selves to anything just weighs us down and stops us from being free. That happiness is an illusion and that the joy that we create inside in the present moment is the only achievable feeling. And finally, that we have the answer to the question that we seek from the minute we come into each lifetime. The question of “who and where is God?”

God is within us

Heaven is on earth

Welcome to you, new human!

Welcome to a new planet earth!


Seth Garrison is a certified Overlight Facilitator and creator of the energy healing system called “Back to Perfection”. Overlight is a spiritual psychology that is designed to identify the root source of their dis-ease, be it mental or physical, and create a space for them to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves. More topics from Seth can be found at

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