By Synthia Blackmore

It’s hard for me to believe there is anyone on this planet not feeling the subtle energies of these changing times. And more likely than that, the energies being felt are not so subtle at all.

With all this talk about the approach of the end of times, I am constantly amazed at the perspectives people take from one individual to the next.

I remember well the hoopla over Y2K and how absolutely nothing changed from one day to the other but for those who do wonder and feel there is some validity to what is being said from the most popular resource of predictions for 2012 “The Mayan Calendar” due to the inscriptions of the date 2012 made on a Mayan ruin with these dates pertaining to a 5,012 year era.

Allow me to share my perspective.

This 5,000 year era also referenced as Kali yuga, the age of ignorance. Is a time where our earths vibrations were at an all time low.

This is evidenced by the many years of wars that this planet has experienced over the past 5,000 years and violence to all species of life.

Of course in order to maintain balance on this planet it is also filled with love and harmony seeking individuals.

Consider the swing of the pendulum.

When it has swung to its maximum height and distance it will by virtue of gravity swing to opposite height and distance.

We can compare this to the past 5,012 year era of ignorance and thereby what should follow when life swings to it’s polar opposite.

The exact opposite of ignorance is there by enlightenment. “a final blessed state marked by the absence of desire or suffering” to further clarify the state of desire. “wish, want, crave, meaning to have a longing for.

When one is in a state of enlightenment. Desires are instantly fulfilled through collaboration of the universe and it’s laws. there is no time of a sense of longing in this state.

So, If the pendulum or this planet is truly swinging into the age of Aquarius, meaning the age of enlightenment. how then will it be able to sustain any amount of negative or hostile energy?

Simply put, it cannot.

Therefore this planet must go through a phase of purging of low vibrational energies in order for all it’s inhabitants to move into the higher vibrational rate that it will be moving into, bringing on a constant state of bliss and instantaneous manifestations.

Does this is excite you? It certainly does me.

How can you then further assist the earths process and your own evolution?

First of all, release yourself from anything that no longer serves you in your pursuit for happiness in life. This will only hold you back.

Focus on bliss, keep your thoughts lofty and intend that you enter this phase peacefully with the highest and best outcome for everyone.

For those who are counter evolutionary and have a stronghold on a life of suffering, they are likely to experience this shift in a very different way,and not one that I personally intend to be witness to.



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