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By Vasily Souzdenkov

2012- a date that has frightened some, enlightened others, and left the rest in a very confused state of disbelief about the true nature of the universe. This date is known to many as either a doomsday, ascension, the end of the world, or the awakening of the inner conscious mind. There have been many stories told, stories that were sold, and lies that were spread to inflict fear within peoples minds.

Over the last year this subject has been on my mind too many times to simply let go and hold just someone accountable for the truth. So my duty was to uncover many sources of information that stayed within the fields of metaphysics and spirituality.

Some of the sources I found to be quite truthful to my inner self were Kim Michaels, The Ra Material, Gerardus with his self written information. Other information was coming from David Wilcock’s perspective, as well as Jon Peniel’s. There were a few documentaries I’ve seen of the past year on this subject as well, which will be listed below.

The Bright Side

The most important thing I can stress about this whole topic is to look at it from an open mind, put fear aside, and start looking at it from the bright side. If you try to understand anything through fear, all it will do is create more fear. This will be reflected within the cosmic mirror and cause you to make very selfish actions. These actions can be seen in people who panic about a cataclysm and react with their egos only being concerned about themselves. Those certain individuals usually end up paying the consequences with their reactions that never tend to be positive.

If you really tune into your Higher Self and begin to feel the presence of your intuitive side, you can act and react in a very calm mind state and make the right decisions whenever reading or doing tasks.

Furthermore, it’s important to take in the probability factors and the Free Will law that governs this universe when trying to conclude of what will happen during the ‘events’ and when it will happen. Nothing can be certain at any stage, that’s well known to everyone, this is exactly why you should keep your knowledge of this coming event in a very wide range of possibilities and take away your fear state of mind.

Another factor that comes into play about this certain event is the level of conscious of the ‘society complex’ as Ra puts it. The free will of people to increase their consciousness and vibrations can significantly increase the chances of this transition (birth) of a New Age to be smooth, or if not we will have to ‘buckle our seatbelts.’

On the side not an interesting link that Jon Peniel pointed out was the song done by Neil Young called “After the Gold Rush”, which relates quite a lot to the upcoming events and the way it might actually happen. In general most of his songs I noticed have a spiritual theme and key concepts of what we might have in store for us in the future.

The Basics!

To get to know the idea of what is about to occur, we have to understand the basic concepts behind it. Without a foundation of understanding the end cycle, you aren’t going to be able to view this event from your own perspective, and make up your own mind to how you will deal with it.

So to start we have to understand that one major life cycle of the density that we currently live on is 25,000 years in span. The Earths span between the current dimension she is in is 75,000 years. We are currently on the edge of both of these timelines. We are coming to a closing of the 75,000 year long cycle of the Earth and our 3rd harvest of this dimension.

Our planet is currently in the 4th density, progressing towards the 5th density of life support, which means that the inhabitants after the New Age will be living in a 4th density state, rather than the current 3rd density. The Earth although is in a very confused state according to Ra, this is due to the social memory complex that currently inhabits this plane (Humans). This is why the level of consciousness must increase before the next harvest or the transition of the birth to the new state will be quite dramatic.

The current motto of the headlines in our days is “will 2012 happen?”, but that’s the wrong question to be asking at this stage. Ra specifically states that in the early 1900’s the changes for the transition of the Earth began, so it’s not a if it will happen, because it already has. The changes though are quite different then those of the past of when it began because it is happening faster and faster as we reach the ending of this cycle.

A very informative and detailed examination of this transition of consciousness can be found in Ian Lungolds videos on the Mayan Calendar. He works out how consciousness changes since the universe first collected itself together, and what we should be expecting by the end. We currently according to the Mayans are on the Galactic consciousness, which started in 1999, and records each day and night to be exactly 360 days long. This is until we reach Universal Consciousness (co-creation) in the year 2011, at that point each day and night will only last 20 days in length. When that comes to an end, the cycle is to shift to a New Age.

Ra also ensures us that there will be a great change occurring in the future, from when the channeling was done in 1981. He stated that the changes will continue for another 30 years, so if we do the math this points toward the year 2011-12. If we want to take a closer look at the other ancient cultures, we can quickly scan through those of.

Cultures and 2012

Hopi: An ancient civilization that currently live in Arizona, who predicted the coming of the “White Man”, several of the world wars, and the nuclear dispute in the super powers of the world. They go on to say that there will be the New Age, where all of this will come to an end and humanity will enter into the ‘5th world’.

Mayans: As we know the Mayans have the long count calendar that is coming to an end, and re-entering a New Age, they also pinpoint 2012, in fact they are the most talked about who predicted this date, although not the only ones. According to them we are entering the completion of creation.

Zulu: Give information saying that the “whole world will be turned upside down”, which makes sense because the world as we know it is currently in space/time, but will be entering a time/space according to lot’s of sources.

Hindus: Following the Lunar calendar the Hindu prophecy of Lord Krishna is supposed to occur as well. The prophecy is almost precisely the same as the Mayans have predicted, yet both these cultures never met. They say this is the end of the Kali Yuga (end time of man) and the rebirth of the enlightened ones on this plane.

Incas: The Inca calendar also ends on the year of 2012, they also mention the turning over of life, the renewal of life. They mention several times of an aligning of the planets which will bring forth the New Age, which relates to the science community of the aligning of the Earth, Sun, and our galaxy.

Aztec: Also similar prophecies as to the Mayans and the rest of the ancient cultures. They too point to the date of 2012, in December at 11: 11 to be exact. They follow the long count calendar which is do to end on that date. For them it is a time of the 6th sun, a New Age of creation.

Dogon: Have a bit of a different take on it, they talk about a returning of a spaceship to form a new blue star, which seems to be relating to us and the Earth, and the new times ahead.

Cherokee: Another very ancient culture points to the date of 2012 as well.

Tibetan: The Tibetan teachings also prophesize of the New Age that is coming up ahead in our time, left by the Buddha himself.

Egyptians: Also have the same perspective, on their stone calendar, and it ending in 2012 A.D.

Those are just the main cultures that point towards this date/time of the coming age. This is backed up with lot’s of theories and metaphysical science, not all provable, and probably never will be for it will inflict the Law of Free Will on many levels.

Christ Consciousness

Another source that would fit very well with ascension is that of Kim Michaels, and his channeling to Christ. Everyone is capable of attaining this mindset to be guided by the Ascended masters, but because most simply choose not to attain that level/believe in it, doesn’t make it a false way of attaining truth like I hear from most.

Jesus’ words were of this “There is indeed a spiritual cycle that will come to an end in the year 2012. However, one cycle coming to an end simply means that a new cycle begins. The end of the old cycle sets the foundation for a new cycle.”

He points out that the world as a whole will not be raised into a new vibrational field allowing all to enter this state because not all people are on the same level of consciousness in this current space/time.

Most people that believe in this date, keep the mindset of something external is going to be happening that will ‘save’ them, so it gives them the right to do what they want now and not have to pay consequences. According to Jesus’ this is the very opposite of the path of being ‘saved’ or in other terms raising your level of consciousness to be harvested to the new 4th density plane that is about to occur.

The way to really show this by being unselfishly loving, compassionate, and humble as a person towards others. It might sound very general but this is a really simply concept to keep in mind to be in a positive world. If you can imagine this new world with the same people as you see today in ours, how would it be so different? So always keep in mind your inner self creates the image of your outer world, by becoming an unselfishly loving and compassionate person, this is what you will experience now and in the New Age.

As we said before, there won’t be any external harvest and change, unless you are talking about the Earth. The way you are placed in your proper density is by looking at your own level of consciousness, refer to this map. Ra also points this out the same way when the social complex say that when people are harvested it is based on vibrations. The harvest is to occur using thought form, rather then what we know as space/time when the New Age is to come.

Significance Of The Final Years

There are many ways you can interpret the final years before 2012, from the information I’ve been gathering the years seem to each have major significance. Each individual can highly benefit from knowing the current stages of mass consciousness to awake and synchronize with it.

According to Mother Mary from Kim Michaels, the year 2009 represents the Father aspect, or the Father Cycle, 2010 represents the Son, the Christ, 2011 represents the Mother, and finally 2012 represents the Holy Spirit.

To go to another source and to compare in relation, Geradus signifies these years as 2008 will be the year of awakening, 2009 as the year you will be transformed (I believe in your own choosing to Love), 2010 is the ear you will be transcended, 2011 you will become enlightened, and 2012 it will be all over, and the birth of the New Age will begin.

Here is another very useful link to be used time to time to see the level of mass consciousness, and the rates it has been growing. The numbers have been jumping in the past years a lot, and will continue until the end of the birth.

Another interesting tool to use for you to understand the levels of consciousness and how they are spread out right now.

“Some calibrated ‘facts’:

Percentage of “Star kids/Seeds/Wanderers” on the Planet: 40 – 45% of population (measured 04/10/08).

All are in different stages of Awakening. Some are “dormant”, some have begun their process of Awakening and some are more or less fully “Awakened”. Many are probably still children. All come from 4th density or higher.

Average “incarnation LoC” for all living Wanderers on the planet: around 360.
Average “incarnation LoC” for all Terrestrials on the planet: around 150. ”

So What Now?

Well to end this article I’d like to include that it’s important not to be afraid of this time that is about to occur. Imagine if you will a patient who has a very serious disease and unless cured will die, and the cure exists and the appointment for the operation is set. Well the Ascension/Ending of the Cycle/New Age/2012 or any other name you want to twist on it works in the same concept.

We humans are the virus, according to Ra the original state of this planet was supporting first and second dimensional beings. Until races from Mars and Maldek had to be transferred here to continue/finish their 3rd density cycle, after completely destroying their home planet.

The Earth is in a very confused state because of the ‘society complex’ that inhabits it at the current time/space, so the healing has to occur now that her 75,000 year cycle is coming to an end, and there is no canceling that. So the changes will be shown through nature, one of which is the heating up of the planet, as David Wilcock spoke of in his podcasts/books, and it can be seen clearly as the years go by.

So do not panic, do not try to run because there is no point, the best thing to do is accept it, and remember you are going to return home, and the New Age will be born for all to live in.

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