By Malcolm C Dragon

Have you felt an urge to change – maybe you’ve started noticing changes occurring around you?

Every 2000 years one cosmic age ends and another begins. The Piscean Age – the Christian era – is now coming to a close, and the Age of Aquarius is currently on the ascendancy. Some have suggested that Jesus Himself foretold the New Age, with this instruction (Luke 22:10 and Mark 14:13) – “A man will meet you, carrying an earthen pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he goes in.” (Aquarius is symbolised by the water-carrier… or, some might say, water-gatherer). Jesus, we understand, is the Alpha and the Omega – the Beginning and the End. His return is expected by many to be during the early stages of the New Age. The Antichrist is also expected to begin marshalling his forces at that time.

The Age of Aquarius has been interpreted as a time when the human microcosm will join in harmony with the divine macrocosm: it has also been seen as a pouring out of the Water of Life – the Holy Spirit (or in Eastern terms, Kundalini) – on humanity. The creation of a noosphere – a sphere of the spirit – has been predicted. The Book of Prophecies of the 11th century Knight John of Jerusalem says that “The millennium that comes after this millennium will change into a light time. People will love and share and dream, and dreams will come true… people will be one big body, of which every person is a tiny part. Together they’ll be the heart, and they’ll speak one language… men will have reached heaven… men will know the spirit of all things… people will receive a second birth and the spirit will come into them.” This, surely, is the beginning of the 1000 years of happiness and perfection spoken of in the 20th chapter of the Book of Revelation.

Buddhists, too, see this as a time of rebirth for humanity – a new beginning. And in Islamic tradition, there is a Qiyamah time – a time of judgment and resurrection – which seems to coincide with the Age of Aquarius. Hindu scriptures speak of an age of truth (Satya Yuga) when the falsehood of the previous age (Kali Yuga – age of darkness and ignorance) will be revealed and will fall away.

A Golden Age is beginning, when religious differences will disappear, and minds will be freed of ignorance and delusion. There will be a spiritual awakening, allowing each individual to begin an inner spiritual journey, seeking after Truth and the eternal Spirit. It will be recognised that individual worth comes from within. People will begin to rely less on money, possessions, fame, power and other people for the answers they seek. The emphasis will be on kindness and understanding, humanity, spirituality, truth and enlightenment. The human race will become visionary and super-conscious. Leo, the polar opposite of Aquarius, will lend its complementary characteristics, encouraging, inspiring and enlightening… facilitating inner growth and universal harmony, peace and love. The sacredness of Life will be recognised. False doctrines will crumble, but many subjects previously regarded with suspicion – UFOs, vegetarianism, alternative medicine, astrology, etc – will become commonplace. Spontaneous spiritual awakening, near-death experiences and extraterrestrial contacts are expected to become commonplace. Shifts in human consciousness will be accompanied by a reawakening of the feminine – both in secular and spiritual contexts. Ancient spiritual and indigenous knowledge, formerly secret, will become increasingly available to the public. And the Internet will facilitate human interconnections on a scale never before seen. Networks and alliances are already beginning to form – in many cases, secretly or underground – to assist with this great Shift of the Ages.

Each cosmic Age is overseen by one of the seven rays of the Holy Spirit. The so-called ‘violet flame’ associated with the Age of Aquarius is sometimes known as ‘the flame of transmutation and freedom’ – it can melt hard hearts, balance karma, heal spiritual hurts and wounds, and transmute negative thinking. The observance of the presence of the violet flame and the raising of the sacred fire of Kundalini, for at least fifteen minutes every day, will increase our reverence for the Divine Mother, creating a sense of wholeness and balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of God and allowing us to integrate with our Higher Selves. We will recognise the Divine in everything and everyone with whom we come into contact, the Flame in us acknowledging the Flame in them. The Flame is the feminine energy, sometimes called the Spiritual (or Divine) Mother, the Holy Spirit, Wisdom, or Kundalini. The Scriptures foretell the coming of this feminine energy – Revelation 12:1 (RSV) it says, “And a great portent appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars”.

The arrival of a New Cosmic Period involves powerful shifts in cosmic energies. The Earth’s energy shifted in 1987 from Tibet (masculine) to Peru (feminine)… in particular, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, high in the Andes. This is the portal through which feminine energy is now entering Mother Earth (Pacha Mama). South America has now become the land of spiritual promise.

It is natural that in the presence of a new preponderance of feminine energy pouring into our world, women – more than men – will respond, and welcome the coming of the New Age. But whether male or female, each of us has a masculine and a feminine nature: there is a place in this great adventure for every one of us. All that is necessary is that we acknowledge our feminine side, and its validity. The feminine will be invoked through prayer and meditation. The rise of the ‘new man’ in modern society suggests that already many men are recognising this aspect of their personalities, and the valid demands of the Divine Mother. According to astrology, women are identified with the Moon and Venus: Anael, the Angel of Venus, is due to assume guardianship of the world from AD2188 to AD2497, and not until that time are women expected to finally achieve complete sexual equality. However, we are now entering an age of the ascendancy of women, depicted in the last card of the Tarot – the World – where we see the Sphinx, the mythological beast that combines the features of a woman, a lion, a bull, and an eagle. Woman’s place in the World is now finally to start receiving some recognition. Other than among a small number of mystics, the feminine aspect of God (other than indirectly, through the Virgin) received little recognition during the Christian era. But that which is neglected in one era, comes to the fore in the next.

2012 – the Year of the Dragon – is expected to be an apocalyptic year, and particularly one of great spiritual transformation. Mankind is likely to experience an enormous shift in consciousness. That year an astronomical event will take place that has taken 26,000 years to complete – the plane of our solar system will line up precisely with the plane of our galaxy, the Milky Way. And according to NASA, the sun will reverse its magnetic poles: this may cause solar storms and increases in cosmic rays. It has also been suggested that – according to certain ‘algorithmic codes’, hidden in the Bible – a meteor, asteroid or comet will collide with the Earth that year. It is predicted that this will precipitate various natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and supervolcano eruptions. An oil crisis is also expected, accompanied by permanent blackouts, worldwide. On 13 November a total solar eclipse will be visible from northern Australia and the South Pacific. Finally, at 11.11 (Universal Time) on 21 December (the Winter Solstice), the Mayan calendar (or to give it its full name, the ‘Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar’) will come to the end of its thirteenth (and final) B’ak’tun cycle. This is expected by many to herald a transition from the current Creation world into the next. Cosmic portals are expected to open, at a number of sacred sites around the world, including Peru and Sedona, Arizona. One Hindu tradition predicts the appearance of an Avatar (God in human form) at this time, with superhuman powers. It is also widely believed that alien ‘watchers’ or ‘caretakers’ will return to Earth now, having helped us develop our technology, throughout human civilization, and having waited until this time for us to reach a higher level of advancement. Recently, a fiery object fell from the skies in Peru, creating a 15-foot deep hole, more than 60 feet wide, and filled with boiling water. People approaching it were made ill by the fumes it gave off. The crater has now started shrinking. This – it has been suggested – is the arrival of a UFO, that has now insinuated itself into the Andes mountains, ready for the time when contact will be made. Many more such occurrences are anticipated, as our extraterrestrial ‘brothers’ land in great numbers. “The Kingdom is no longer at hand”, says Aramu-Muru. “The Kingdom is here, and is shortly to be manifest to all men.”

Between now and 2012, it has been predicted, many new spiritual masters will arise. Worldwide, governments will begin to topple, and monetary systems will be scrapped in favour of new currencies. The period leading up to the Apocalypse will also be a time of great personal change for many people, including the ending of relationships, and the beginning of new ones, moves to new locations and residences, job changes and shifts in attitudes, as part of what we came here to experience and learn. Dreaming will become more intense, for many, and the mind and body will become more sensitive. Some say that the actual structure of DNA itself is changing, as a new ‘light body’ is created. Intuitive and healing abilities will come to the fore, and the new generation – the ‘indigo ‘ children – will tend to be telepathic. We are seeing the birth of a new mythology.

How should we respond to all of this? The simple advice is… follow your heart, and let your intuition, not your intellect, be your guide. Resist those who would control, and pursue the path of healing that resonates with you. But recognise that – for many – these changes will represent the end of the world as they know it. Before rushing towards the Light, stop for a moment, to assist those who are frozen in fear, doubt and indecision. As we approach this new world age, we must in love reach out to the rest of humanity, and to Gaia, the Earth Mother. But above all, recognise that the Mayan calendar does not really ‘end’ in 2012 – it merely starts its cycle all over again. What is approaching is not the end, but the beginning!


Malcolm C Dragon – – is a self-employed infopreneur and online marketer, as well as an ordained multifaith minister with a special interest in death midwifery and Eastern philosophy and culture. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Equality & Diversity, and is registered as a Love Ambassador with the Love Foundation – – in recognition of his work in bringing about global change and unconditional love.

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