By Saira Salmon

Many of you will be aware of the date 2012, and have some understanding that many people believe it will be a momentous time for our planet. But what is really happening?

We are at an extraordinary point in time – a time which has been foretold by many cultures. It is the ending of one great cycle of 26,000 years and we are just about to start the next, and extraordinary things are happening.

For example, astronomers have discovered that our solar system historically belonged to a small galaxy called the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy. For millions of years this has been colliding with the Milky Way galaxy, a much larger, more powerful galaxy, which has literally been ‘eating up’ or absorbing this smaller galaxy. We are now just at the moment when our old galaxy is about to fully collapse and be fully absorbed. I believe behind everything physical, there is mind or consciousness, so we are on the point of becoming fully a part of a greater, richer, more vibrant galaxy with all its consciousness and power.

Just think of the implications of this – for all of humankind’s evolution we have been experiencing destructive energy as our home galaxy has been eaten up by the larger Milky Way galaxy. What effect has this had on our psyches? Our sense of belonging? And we are just about to become part of something infinitely richer and more powerful!

At the same time, our solar system, which has been above the meridian of the Milky Way galaxy, is in the process of moving through this meridian, to go beneath it. Both astronomers and elders of various cultures are telling us that we are moving out from a dark part of the galaxy to a lighter part. Gravity is greatest here and scientists are saying that this equatorial area is actually full of energy! Gravity moves in waves out from the centre through the universe and is a controlling factor in its physical structure, and they can see that it functions intelligently. Great globules of energy are being sent out and our solar system is currently being penetrated by these globules of energy, as is our planet.

Many ancient cultures spoke of this time in their legends and prophesies – even the Bible had something to say about this time – Jesus in Matthew 24; St John in Revelations talks about a new heaven on earth; St Paul talks about the last days before the New World ‘In the last days difficult times will come, men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy……always learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of truth’. The prophet Daniel says ‘knowledge shall be increased and men shall run to and fro.’ All this we can see around us today.

The Hindus for thousands of years talked about the Kali Yuga or Dark Age, a time of great materialism and decline in spiritual life from which is born another Golden Age, and believe it is just ending and we stand at the threshold of a new Golden Age. A widespread physical destruction was foretold for the decades we are living through – in effect, a clearing out of the base, the unworthy, that which no longer serves. It is seen as a time of great danger and only those who follow their inner heart and live in harmony with the universe will survive.

The Ancient Egyptians talked of this time – the Age of Horus, when gods and goddesses would walk the earth – as did the Maya and Hopi, and the Navajo. It is the Mayan prophesy concerning this time which is most well publicized, but I want you to understand that ALL the great cultures of the world speak of this time, of its dangers, and the promise of a great golden age to follow.

But it is not a given that the human race will make it through to this. Francis Bacon, the philosopher who lived 400 years ago, prayed that mankind would not get so debased, so materialized, that he destroys himself; that we would get through this period intact and start the Golden Age – in fact, most of his work was done for the Golden Age – a vision of which he called the New Atlantis.

And a vision is what we need. What is a Golden Age? What does it mean? What will it be like to live in one? WE have to understand what this means in order to create the vision of this. WE have to make the effort. It is the responsibility of every one of us to strive to make this happen. What is peace? What is justice? What is illumination? What is prosperity? What does all this mean when you apply it to all of mankind? We have got to have thought of this so that we can en-vision what it means and thus make it happen. This is important! In order to make this come true, we have to believe in it and live it as if it were so! – both individually and as a planet.

My original understanding is that there are two key dates for this, setting up what I call the Gemini effect – the 28th October 2011 and the 21st December 2012. By celebrating both, by envisioning the new Age and living as if it were so on these dates, we can create the impulse that births a true Golden Age!

What has become increasingly clear this year, however, is that, in fact, we have already begun the process. This year is also key – in fact it is the first of the Gemini dates, with the second coming in 2011, with 28th October 2011 being the particular focus. Working successfully with the energies of 2010 and 2011, will enable us to birth the magical third on (or by) December 2012. We are dealing with a Trinity of energies – in esoteric tradition this is illustrated by the Lover and the Beloved coming together to create the Child of Light – the third. Many world religions echo this theme of the Trinity.

This year involves a huge, but beautiful, input of energy – both physical and metaphysical – into both the planet and each of us. A kind of divine grace, that will both purify and energise. You may already be very aware of this energy. 2011 will see the coming in of a higher consciousness in response to this energy – burning away the dross, releasing old, stagnant emotions, habits and patterns which no longer serve us either individually or globally will make the room for this energy to come in.

This purification and opening of the heart if it achieves sufficient critical mass, will help to birth the Child of Light – what the Mayans referred to as ascension to the Fifth World, or we are calling the New Golden Age. In terms of initiation, this is the move from the Lesser to the Greater Mysteries and into the 5th degree known as Ascension.

Many years of poor health led Saira into a change of career from which both she – and her health! – have never looked back. Trained as a naturopathic nutritionist, she now helps clients all around the world, gives talks and is constantly improving on her knowledge and understanding.

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