Solar Flare Predictions for 2012

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by Jessica Burton

The Sun orbits at a 7.25 degree position the same as the Earth. However, because of its imperfect rotation tendencies, the sun sometimes “shake”, disrupting the internal core and making it highly unstable. The internal disruption eventually works its path to the outer surface and shoots out as a solar flare. Solar flares are little bits of the sun that launches out from the sun, giving off hazardous rays and tremendous energy that go out into space similar to a bullet.

The Solar Process

Just like how the earth has four seasons throughout the entire year, the sun undergoes “solar cycles” taking 11 years to achieve. The prior solar cycle was at its peak in 2001. Every solar cycle has a phase when the solar flares are most powerful, often occurring near the solar equator, referred to as “solar maximum”, with the next massive one expected to take place in December 21, 2012 – a date predicted by the Mayan Calendar! Lately, the sun has been going through a long period of quiet solar activity as scientists have concluded that the sun is ending in on the final cycle. The quiet interval surprised NASA scientists and as they issued alerts that we will be seeing a critically severe solar flare soon.

Consequence to Earth

Is 2012 end of the world? Several solar flares that hit earth were small, however, tiny flares can still be threatening. For example, in 1989 a flare struck North America and destroyed many electric grids in the states and Canada causing blackouts. Solar flares are also known to affect human life because a huge flare that’s predicted to strike in 2012 would completely take out satellites, telecoms, pcs, and GPS.

Solar flares are thunderous storms that take place in the external part of the sun producing a explosions of incredibly tremendous and dangerous radiation. A normal solar activity will increase and decrease in 11 year periods, with the next storm expected in 2012. However, due to a number of computations from NASA researchers, the pressure of the 2012 solar storm is nothing like any solar storm ever noted in the historical past of mankind.

Ever since 2001, NASA scientists has been monitoring an enormous solar storm forecasted to strike earth in 2012 with an intensity of 100 million hydrogen bombs going off at the same time . On August 2010, NASA warned that a substantial solar storm is growing and is very likely to destroy earth’s electrical grid. So what does that mean for the planet? No electrical power. GPS systems will fail, airports will be hanging, mass transmission will be eradicated with a possibility to get rid of orbiting satellites. There will be a complete blackout all over the world.

Historical Past of Solar Flares

Comparable solar flares in the past (1859 and 1921) brought on international mayhem, wrecking a large amount of telegraph wire connections. The solar flare prediction for 2012 is predicted to be much more cataclysmic than before as we rely mainly on technological gadgets in our everyday life.

The Impact

As outlined by NASA, the solar storm estimations for 2012 will cause up to 3 trillion dollars in damage to earth’s electric powered transformers and engineering system and losing electricity power for about ten years. Destruction to electrical power grids and other communications technology will be disastrous, scientists conclude, with results moving to a loss of government management of the predicament

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