By Jean Hantch

The Mayan societies disappeared from this planet centuries ago. Today few people have any knowledge or understanding of who the Mayans were or what they left behind. Mayans possessed an extreme knowledge of the solar system and the cycles that control it. As a result of this knowledge they created twenty two calendars. The calendars were used to mark time, of course, but were also created for another reason. Calendars created by the Mayans also documented prophesy and changes in our social structure. Many people are talking about prophesy and the Mayan calendar today. Let us take a look at why that is happening.

The last day on the calendar created by the Mayans is December 21, 2012. This is striking fear in some people and many believe it marks the time of the end of the world. But some people believe it means something else. People who are not shuttering in fear understand the meaning of the prophesies and calendars in a different way.

The deep understanding of the solar system is the first place to look for a deeper meaning to the calendar. One prophesy described the end date to be the beginning of a period of extensive change and evolution around the globe. It describes a time when societies move away from destructive behaviors and move in the direction of harmony and peace instead. 1999 was the time for this process to begin and it was said to last for thirteen years, which is when the calendar ends.

Cycles of the universe can be explained through Mayan understandings. They believed these cycles are fixed, and what really changes are the behaviors and attitude of the human race. It is possible for a cataclysm to occur, but this would only take place if humans refuse to alter their points of view during the transition period. In other words, they prophesied that our future on this planet depends upon our own ability and willingness to make the changes we need to make.

This way of looking at the last day on the calendar points to positive changes, and not the cataclysmic scenario that some believe. It could be a time of great peace for the world, and the forming of more positive societies. Perhaps all of mankind will finally be able to benefit if the human race decides to move forward in a new direction.

There is no doubt that some Mayan prophesies are worth paying a lot of attention to. That is the case because they are very accurate. The first prophesy, for example, is about the destruction of the environment by humans. This prophesy coincides precisely with the developments associated with global warming. So, we can see that the Mayans were definitely on to some type of knowledge that we should probably pay attention to today.

One prophesy described a time for intense change starting in the year 1999. It called upon a period of reevaluation for all human beings. It called on people to go in a different direction, making corrections in relationships, and moving away from fear.

Beliefs in prophesy and the Mayan calendar vary from one extreme to another. You will have to decide for yourself what your own belief is. But one thing is certain, Mayan culture is just as relevant today as it was when they passed along their knowledge centuries ago.

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