By Jean Hantch

2012: Polar Shift. Many believe that the year 2012 will bring about the next polar shift. Basically, it is expected for the North and South Pole to change places. If you are looking for a scientific explanation for this occurrence, it would be that the Earth will start to rotate in the opposite direction as a result of some unknown catastrophic event.

Some hold to the belief that earths rotation is not stable. Others say it is. History may provide clues into what can happen during the shift through ancient manuscripts and other writings.

Basically, what can be described as nothing short of Armageddon is thought to happen. Life as we know it will not exist. Earth is made up of a solid core, layer of magma and then crust. The magma layer is one huge rotating donut. The magma layer is consistently being recharged by the sun thus providing earth with its magnetic field.

The last two thousand years has seen a 60% decrease in our magnetic field according to some people. The consequences of the decrease in the magnetic field are not fully understood; but, at the current rate of decrease, the earth does not have many more years left without a pole shift. The Maya and Egyptians held to this belief firmly.

When looking into Mayan beliefs, the reason for the reversal can be constructed. One possible cause of reversal is a lightning strike. It may sound impossible but think about it, when lightning strikes a magnet, the magnetic field reverses.

Earth is similar to a giant magnet. Like a magnet, it has poles. A type of short circuit in the magnetic field can cause the reversal. What kind of beam would cause this shift? A beam from our sun can. Every once in awhile, our sun reaches a certain point. When that point is reached, the sun reverses itself. Clouds of plasma are thrown out into the universe accompanied by a shockwave of material that will reach our planet. At this point, the polar shift will start.

This strike causes a short in our magnetic field. Scientists have been able to flip fields in experiments by shooting large sums of particles at a bipolar magnet. The particles are caught in the field and cause a ring stream. When this stream accelerates to a certain velocity, the poles reverse automatically.

On a much larger scale, the results could happen to earth too. During a solar storm, the magnetic field compresses and speeds up the power of the magnet field. Since particles from the sun carry the a magnetic charge, they would align with the magnetic field on earth. At the equator, particles would create a ring stream.

As a result, this magnetic field will be stronger than ours. For this to actually happen, a solar flare, unlike any in recorded history, will need to be produced by the sun. This seems to be the point where scientists start to disagree on what will happen. Some believe this will cause a polar shift while others do not.

If the poles do shift, expect enormous destruction. Some people believe they need to be prepared for this. Given the facts it may be a good idea.

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