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On August 19, 2011, in General, by James

By Anthony Vincent

Many new movies have surfaced about the end of world prophecies within the last two decades. I have seen most of them and must say they are all very intriguing. Movies like these make great topics that most people really enjoy.

Surprisingly most of these movies do contain some real factual data such as pole shift, asteroids or comets hitting the earth, solar flares etc. It is a harsh reality and a fact that the planet earth could be destroyed at any given moment. This is not based on movies but actual scientific proof, that many of these doomsday scenarios can actually take place at any given moment.

Concerning 2012, I do believe something may happen, maybe not the end of the world but something. Ancient civilizations did predict a pole shift and the passing of the destroyer, a planet which is supposed to be 4 times the mass of the earth in a 3600 year orbit. It is believed that the magnetic field of such a large planet, if it does in fact exist, will displace our magnetic field and reverse the North and South Poles.

If this planet does in fact exist then this really can be a harsh reality that can unfold sometime in the future.

NASA has already confirmed this planet does in fact exist, but says it is a dwarf planet, formerly known as 2003 UB313, it is now called Eris,

One thing NASA never discloses in the actual orbit of this planet and cannot be for certain of its actual size. Maybe they have been keeping the truth from us since the 1972 pioneer mission and maybe the map in the above is accurate.

One thing is for certain, even if this planet is a dwarf planet and if its 3600 year orbit does in fact come into close proximity of the earth, Will Eris have enough magnetic pull to disrupt earth gravitation field even in the slightest bit to disrupt earths poles.

If you think I am full of crap then check out this google and search for Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants built a seed silo to store every known seed in the world today. Do you think these guys are skeptics for building this, or do they all know something we do not?

The truth of the matter is a planet was discovered in 1972 by pioneer 10, also another fact is our solar system also has a brown dwarf located 50 billion miles away. Did our solar system once have twin stars?

There are many other facts out there and once you put all the data together you really do have to wonder is something major about to place. Also if our government does know and has hidden the truth what good would it have done to tell the people the truth that the world will end in 2012.

Fact: There is not enough water even if the poles melted to completely cover all the earths land under water.

Fact: The earth spins at approximately 1000 miles an hour.

What would happen if it suddenly stopped spinning and reversed direction?

The truth is everything not attached to solid planet rock would pretty much be eliminated.

Also the tidal waves would be miles and miles high enough to cover every land mass until the waters subsided.

You be the judge and do the research, you decide what is in store for our future!


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