2012 – The Effects of Earth Changes

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By Jean Hantch

2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar, by now this should be common knowledge. And with the possibility of the end of the world its no wonder some people are worried. But there are other theories of what is going to happen in 2012 such as, a solar flare, the magnetic poles may shift, or even a flu pandemic. This article is about The effects of earth changes in the year 2012. Read on and I will tell you what is going to happen when the new year of 2012 comes around the corner.

But what is the likely hood of any of this happening?

It may come as no surprise that in 2012 there might be a flu pandemic. With the recent rise of the swine flu and the knowledge that the flu is always changing, adapting and re-adapting to eventually evade our vaccines. But if this were to happen it would only be a repeat of history, in 1918 there was a flu pandemic that killed around 50 million people worldwide. That may not seem like a lot today but consider that the world’s population was smaller and medical technology wasn’t as good as it is today. But even with all our modern advances how did swine flu slip through the cracks and kill people? And who knows, it may happen again in 2012.

Other people believe that we will experience a pole shift. It is theorized that once the poles shift the equator will move to where the poles once were. But the magnetic shield move at a mere one degree every million years. So, what are the odds that this will happen? There is evidence that polar shifts have been occurring since the beginning of time. But then again what makes 2012 the year that this will occur again?

A solar flare may occur in 2012. If it happens it may be large enough to affect the earth. People may not die but it could be large enough to affect our technology. Cell phones may suddenly die, planes will instantly be lost. All the ways we keep in touch with the world may be lost to us for a day or more.

Also there is the widely popular that the world will end. Some think the Rapture, where Jesus will take the righteous from the earth, will happen which will set in motion the end of the world. Yet others believe that the world will end with an ice age that will occur, or possibly an asteroid will hit the world.

With all of the theories about the effects of earth changes in 2012 that are floating around, such as solar flares, polar shifts and flu pandemics, it’s hard not to take notice. I know I, for one am curious. What do you think?

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About Jean Hantch

Jean Hantch lives in Los Angeles and has been interested in the phenomenon of the prophesy of 2012 for about 7 years. She first was introduced to it on the radio show “Coast to Coast” with George Noory. Since there were so many people who believed in the prophesies and so many books written about it she became interested and recently began writing about what she has learned from a scientific stance to a spiritual one. On December 21, 2012 she will be in Tucson Arizona just in case…

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