By Bob Finklea

Have you ever wondered why people keep saying that in December of 2012 our society will become somehow different and that our society will go through the most difficult times in history and will also go through a period of enlightenment that will affect each one of us? The information is a little confusing. Which one is it? It cannot be both together and if it is then how could this be? With all of the confusion that is surrounding 2012 it would be a good idea to explain everything completely so that people will understand what to expect and to prepare themselves for it. I think it is a matter of individual choice. If a person decides that they are happy where they are at in life then they will not change. If another person hates whats happening in their lives, then they will surely get up and accept change because it will obviously change something perhaps for the better. Because of this dual circumstance in our society we face two possible outcomes from the coming 2012 event that will occur simultaneously.

Yes, the two information pieces do clash with one being good and the other bad but there is an explanation for this. Firstly, we must accept the fact that we are a negative people and that negativity permeates our entire society. We are negative because we are being bombarded with negative information from the news and television, our newspapers, our average phone call and even our neighbors and relatives who are often with a negative comment. We have not always been this way. A long time ago, we were not only positive and happy, we were a divine race of beings! The only input we ever received was positive and as a result we only gave that positive energy to everyone around us. This simple change has caused us to be cut off from our inheritance which is to be with God in paradise.

We have changed and this change has caused us to be in a permanent Hell in our minds. This is our present reality and this reality that we now live in is an altered reality from the reality that we were created to experience. Let me explain this to you clearly.

Our human mind when working properly, works at a very high frequency. This high frequency that it naturally was created to function at, let us have access to the highest part of the grid of consciousness with let us be with God in Heaven in our regular day to day life. We were only capable of joy and happiness because that is the only thing that resonates at that part of the grid. As a result of this, our society was a true utopia because we created it that way from our consciousnesses and as a result of that creation, we were able to manifest anything that we wanted instantly (as a group) because miracles are a normal part of daily life at a frequency that is extremely high – the frequency of Heaven!

The reason that we cannot have the fantasy like society that we all want now is because our collective minds’ frequency is too low. It is in fact so low that we are not only incapable of miracles like Jesus and Moses of the Christian Bible, but we cannot even experience basic happiness, which is presently by design. The powers that be have bombarded us with negative information (negative energy) in an effort to control us by controlling our frequency (in our minds). Through negative energies provided from various sources like the television and newspaper and of course the radio, where the songs that we listen to and enjoy help maintain us at this low frequency, they are able to control us. This technique has become known as ‘frequency control’ and is thousands of years old. We are trapped in a world of concern which is designed to create doubt in our minds and this doubt in our minds is what creates the common fear that we experience every day. The fear of what the neighbors might think, the fear of how our parents will react, the fear that they are to different from the norm, why even the fear – that we are afraid! It is intended to make us live in a world of doubt and this world of doubt IS the result of having a low frequency in our minds and in fact the lowest of frequencies that are possible to have.

This will all change come December of 2012. We will first see a rise in our collective frequency (as a group on the Earth). Not every last one of us, but enough of us to cause the shift in our consciousness to begin worldwide (in the Bible I believe this is the part where some of this people supposedly get swept up to Heaven and the rest of the people are still here looking at one- another wondering where their and everyone else loved ones have suddenly vanished to). The rise in our collective frequency will become so powerful that it will interfere with radio waves and cellular technologies as well as satellite systems in space thus disrupting the control that the powers that be, presently have over us. In an effort to restore ‘order’, the powers that be, will increase the voltage of their control but it will pale in comparison to the collective energy generated from the blood of millions of ascending people whose frequency is collectively rising.

Millions of us will still be at this typical low frequency because of our own fear to be different form the societal ‘norm’. They will still go through fear and doubt and will not change their norm which is very radical. These people mean no one any ill will they just don’t buy into anything that is not the status-quo and see no reason to change because other people are changing or are somewhat satisfied with what they have now. At the same time, millions of us will evolve to a higher frequency and many to the highest frequency (like Jesus and Buddha did). At that high frequency we will experience a happiness and joy that humans on Earth have not seen for thousands of years. This is a different reality because it will not be possible for these positive people to experience the lower frequencies again their lifetimes and will eventually create a society where only miracles and joy happen every day.

The people with the low frequency will not be able to experience anything but fear and will not be able to communicate with or even be able to see the people of the high frequency. The result of the low frequency will be a reality worse that Hell that some will have to live in because of their own fear or stubbornness in their minds.

This whole process has already started and will really kick-start strong beginning December of the year 2012 and will continue to build in strength as well as volume every year thereafter until full collective emancipation is achieved thereafter in the near future. As you can NOW see, this altered reality is a lie (as Jesus put it in the Bible) because our natural state is that of a super high frequency and incredible joy daily. This altered reality has caused us to believe that a world full of problems and pain is normal, but it is not. Yes we first must go through pain and suffering, but it will give way to happiness and 2012 is the starting point to a rise in our collective consciousness that will trigger the future ‘return of the gods’ that the Mayan prophecy spoke of.

I could go on with frequency control forever but will stop now. Picture a world in our near future that will have unending joy, unending happiness, unending bliss. It is coming!

Are you ready for the new Heaven and the new Earth?

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