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Warning – The Apocalypse 2012 Is Coming Soon

The First Book:

A timetraveler knocks on my door and tells me what has happened from where he came. This is what he told me. .

The date is November 5th 2012.

Mass riots have broken out across the United States and surrounding countries. In the course of 12 hours estimated deaths are at over 42,000.

The supply of food to grocery stores across the country has been sporadic at best due to…

The rest of the story is in the new Apocalypse 2012 Preparation Guide

The Second Book:

In “The End of Days – Apocalypse 2012,” you will read ll about why there is such a frenzie over the year 2012

End of Days – What is It?

This book will reveal:

• The origin of the date in 2012
• Why the winter solstice?

It starts out basic to give you some history then it gets into some deep history.

The Third Book:

Wilderness Survival Skills are Essential – Period!

If you found yourself in a situation where there was no clean water – could you find any?

If the electricity is off in the dead cold of winter – could you keep warm?

If something went wrong on a vacation – could you deal with the problems alone?

If you could not get food in times of emergency – what would you eat?

In Other Words…

When The Disaster Arrives Do You Even Have a Clue What to Do?

Introducing the best survival book ever written!

This survival book is for anyone who:

– Is planning on a camping trip
– Are planning to vacation in a 3rd world country
– Has lived in a city all their lives
– Is responsible for protecting a family
– Groups or Organizations who need many copies

And just to be clear, this is what you will be getting:

The Apocalypse 2012 Preparation Guide – pdf a $4.95 value
The End of Days ebook – pdf – an $9.95 value
Extreme Survival – 2012 Apocalypse and Beyond – pdf digital ebook reprintable – a $16.95 value

Special Introductory Price:
Just $16.95 for ALL THREE books!
(usually $31.85) Instant Download Access 24/7! .
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Please note that no-one from 2012reviews.net is associated with these books. 2012reviews.net does receive a commission on sales of these books. Help support us keep the site alive!

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