By Christopher J Neal

Take a second and put yourself in the situation of observing the destruction of our world in 2012. Currently astronomers are looking to evidence that predicts a planetary alignment will take place in 2012. What is suggested is that all of the planets in our solar system, along with the sun, will become aligned with the Galactic center. When this occurs one can observe the aligning of the planets in our solar system. This is one of the many theories that are proposed that can bring about the end of the world. As expected one would ask the question: Can this actually happen? Or, is this all hype and does it even have any evidence backing the claims which are made?

The most accurate calendar on the planet, this being the Mayan calendar, proposes that December 12, 2012 will be the day that the earth comes to an end. Even though this calendar has this reputation some astronomers still think that this is useless information. But, they are proceeding in studies to understand the concept of the planetary alignment in 2012. With this research they are going on to look into these movements of the planets in order to predict what position they will form in 2012.

As of right now scientists are actually shocked due to the formation of the planetary alignment developing today. If this direct alignment of our planets does indeed take place there will be massive changes and variations in cosmic activities which, in turn, will bring about floods, epidemic diseases, and also massive droughts that can very well tear away all life forms from Earth. Obviously this will bring about the apocalypse and there will be no life left on earth.

In relation to the concept of this planetary alignment, 2012 will bring about the moment where Earth will be in the center of the universe along with the sun being present on the top-level. Predictions state that as the sun raises it will follow a straight line bringing about a black hole. As the sun approaches its lower orbit it will bring changes in the positions of our planets, which will produce catastrophic effects.

Skimming through this information you can very well see that this type of information is very valuable. This specific 2012 planetary alignment theory is just one of the massive selections of 2012 doomsday predictions, as they are still many undiscovered ones.

Information related to this event of a 2012 planetary alignment is very important. Do you want more information about this event and how to survive?

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