By Lewis Robinsons

How can you survive 2012 if you don’t even have the slightest idea how to do that? Fortunately, our civilization can survive by learning from the past. The possible disasters that might happen in 2012 have already happened to us. By learning what happened then, you can increase your chance of survival.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Countless of earthquakes have struck our planet in the past. Millions have died and a lot of worldly possessions were destroyed. So far, we cannot detect when an earthquake will happen. We can only prepare in case that will happen.

In 2012, another earthquake is about to happen. They say that the major tectonic plates displacements are well overdue. Soon, these plates will be displaced, killing millions of people.

City is still the worst place where an earthquake can happen, especially in streets and skyscrapers. Earthquake is disastrous not only on land but also at sea where it will create killer tsunamis.

Remember the tsunami that happened in Indonesia? That killed more than 100,000 people. They were drowned by falling debris, some of those people died later because of injuries, starvation and diseases.

Super Bacteria or Virus

Diseases are the gravest killers in history. The 14th century Black Plague reminds us of an incurable bacterium that was spread by fleas living on rats. About 90% population of some European towns is wiped out. Within the Black Plague’s 100 years, 30% of Europe’s population died. Much recently, the 1919 Influenza pandemic killed millions of people around the globe.

And this will never stop. More diseases, stronger and deadlier disease, are becoming threats. We have handled Bird and Swine Flu quite successfully. But in 2012, the real plaque will arrive. International air travel is a big factor in instant global spread of bacteria or viruses. At that time, healthy and fit families who live in rural remote areas, in warm and clean houses with less minimal contact with the outside world have more chance to survive 2012.

Polar Reversal

This occurs every 400,000 years. The reason why it happens regularly is still unknown. Polar reversal happens maybe because of the influence of an undiscovered black hole in space or a huge unexpected upsurge in the sun’s electro magnetic activity.

No one knows what happened during the last reversal. But experts believe that a polar reversal will make the Earth spin in the opposite direction. It will create horrendous scenarios like earthquakes, tsunamis, and huge electrical storms in every part of the globe.

As they say, history repeats itself. Imagine how every civilization lost its track–the bacteria, the dinosaurs, and the early humans. This could happen to our civilization, too. It could be in 2012. We can survive 2012 as long as we know how to prepare. Whether or not you believe something disastrous will happen in 2012, preparing for anything is still the wisest thing to do. It’s not stupid, it’s just plain wise and clever.

The author knew what will happen. But despite the signs, he remained unprepared. Unfortunately, the signs were correct. A dreadful disaster happened, killing his daughter and wife. If he only listened to the signs and started to prepare, he could have saved the lives of his family. Now, it’s too late for regret. At least, the author is now dedicating his life informing people about the possibilities in 2012. Better prepared the sorry. Learn more from his Survive 2012 website and take this chance to be saved, not only the 2012 but other calamities as well.

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