By Christopher Houdini Allen

There are so many folks who are worried about the end of the world and the looming 2012 date. Even Hollywood has decided to create yet another 2012 doomsday movie. Apparently the hype is not going to go anywhere fast.

So, other than just telling you to “wait and see,” I have decided to give you my best 3 reasons why the world will still be alive and well on the morning of December 22nd in that fateful year of 2012.

1. The Mayan long count calendar

The Mayan long count calendar does indeed come to an end after over 5000 years. This is truly a momentous event. However, the Mayans only viewed this as the end of an age – and NOT the end of the world. There is some indication that there would be some type of world-changing event – but that does not mean a world ending event.

My proof for this is two-fold:

One – there are records of Mayan dates that exceed December 21st 2012. They predicted events that would occur after the end of this long count calendar. Therefore, they could not have expected the world to end.

Two – the end of the long count calendar signifies the end of an age. However, according to ancient Mayan beliefs, there were three previous ages. Clearly the world did not end after any of them either.

2. Nostradamus

Nostradamus can be used to support just about anything. After the 911 attacks, scores of people pointed to the writings of Nostradamus to “prove” that he had predicted the falling of the twin towers. However, if the prediction was so clear and obvious, why did it have to be attributed to the event afterwards and not before hand?

I am not opposed to anyone believing in the writings of Nostradamus. I am just opposed to anyone trying to force a connection between Nostradamus and the 2012 Mayan date.

Yes, Nostradamus does predict many Armageddon and end of the world type events. None of these state anything about a 2012 date.

3. Internet Hoaxes

There are several Internet hoaxes that are attributed to 2012. The planet Nibiru is an Internet hoax as is just about anything relating to aliens and/or NASA. Did I really have to tell you that?

Now, the theory of planet X is a true theory with some very interesting evidence involving strong gravitational pulls on other planets in our solar system. I am not claiming that there is a planet X – just that there are honest reasons to consider it. However, do not let anyone tell you that planet X is Nibiru.

Nostradamus has also been connected with the Nibiru hoax because his writings include references to a possible comet or asteroid strike. The idea that this collision could actually be a much larger rogue planet is not too much of a stretch.

Do you believe in the Mayan Long Count Calendar and the 2012 date?

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