The Mayan calendar has proven to be very accurate in predicting plenty of things happening in our world but the one that has got folks thinking is the one about December twenty-one, 2012. It asserts that on this day, the sun will rise in the middle of our universe in the Dark Rift. The Dark Rift is also called the Black Hole and it’s assumed that this can have a big effect on our world. Will be a really good one or a bad one is a thing we should do nothing and see. Will the world actually come to an end or will it just be a fresh start which will change the world .

Some people are convinced that as the sun and the black hole will be in perfect alignment on December twenty-one, 2012, the opposing gravitational pull of the sun and the black hole can have disastrous effects on the earth. Some even say that there can be a pole shift causing major rise in sea levels, earthquakes that lasts for mins, tsunamis, and so on. This paints a particularly frightful mental picture and a lot of folk believe this can actually happen either gradually or inside moments.

These prophecies were not just made by the Mayans but similar theories have been put forth by 2 other prophecies also. All indicate an end but some optimists believe that it could be a new beginning. What type of beginning? Will it be a change for the good or bad? These are questions that can’t be answered with certainty. One belief announces that the world has been made and destroyed 4 times and that now, we are in the transition phase for the fifth world that may come after 2012. One thing that keeps getting discussed is that the sun will be much hotter and the polar shift.

Some new age ideas believe that the date could signify a consciousness shift to more counter-cultural sympathies and toleration. We can only hope that it does not bring doom to our little planet and instead make the world more positive with its energy. The magnetic influence of the sun and the black hole will bring in a new state and we will start a new transition on December 21, 2012. It is believed that this cycle of 26,000 years has happened before where a lot has perished. The question now is whether we’ll survive it.

Perhaps this transition which cannot be controlled by the strongest of nations will bring the world together. We should all awaken to things that are basically important and try and make any small difference that we are able to. While sustenance of the earth is at stake, there’s little we can do to what is getting ready to come our way but we are able to however , make tiny changes in the way we live before that happens. Time alone will tell us if we’ll see a new world after 2012 or if we’ll see it at all .

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