2012 Fact or Myths?

On May 17, 2011, in Mayan Calendar, by James

When I first heard of this 2012 conspiracy it sounded like a new age myth that is too hard to believe. Many fears about 2012 are based on an ancient Mayan calendar that happens to end Dec. 21st of the same year. But even that so called end of the day’s prophecy has been subject to debate. Whether you believe in the Mayan prophecy or not is actually sort of beside the point. There are many scientific evidences and facts that have been reported by NASA that in about two years the sun is going to go through unusual series of solar flares. The radiation that comes from those solar flares is going to hit the Earth.

There have been major talks about this for the last decade and now that this is fast nearing, all scientists and those who believe are busy preparing themselves to meet this terrifying event that will wipe out billions of lives on Earth. There have been conspiracies and evidences that the government is silently working out their plans building bunkers that can potentially hold thousands and thousands of people in there. There are undergrounds being built in the United States but unfortunately conspiracies says that only the rich and the elite will be saved.

So how do you accept that? Will there be any hope for ordinary people like us to survive 2012? Needless to say the warning has been made and whether they are taking us in or leaving us behind, we have our own responsibility for our own survival. Survive 2012 is a practical guide on how you can achieve survival during such a very dangerous situation. It will never be easy nor would you be 100 percent sure that you will survive but preparedness is better than actually not doing anything.

We might be running out of time to prepare. Imagine how the famous old biblical figure Noah prepared for a major world catastrophe. It took him many years to prepare. Nevertheless it won’t be a good thing to panic today as it will only bring chaos in your life. Take one step at a time in reading this book and see if there is anything you can do to survive what is yet to come.

Now we know that catastrophes such as major tsunamis and hurricanes, earthquakes and fire will potentially hit any continents of the planet, any parts of the countries or just about anywhere. If this should happen, it is best to escape to the inlands to get away with tsunamis. Make sure you don’t live too close in forests as these woodlands may catch on fire. Make sure that during this period you have enough food stored on your hideaway so you won’t have to starve to death.

These are just a couple of advices and tips but ultimately the survive 2012 book is more than just mere what to-do guide. It delves down into a deeper understanding on how our civilization will withstand such challenge as the ancient Mayan civilization disappeared. But in spite of these speculations, many questions and doubts continue to arise to prove the validity of these events. Whether or not we are going there, it is our quest to survive.

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