Modern Technology Is the Cause of 2012?

On April 11, 2011, in Technology, by James

by Asuka Jeong

Science and technology brings our life significent changes, meanwhile, it causes numerous problems and potential dangerous. Will the world be end in 2012?

In 2004, a popular science-fiction disaster film, The Day After Tomorrow, evoke our sense of environment protection. Last year, another science-fiction disaster film, 2012, enhance our concern on this topic.

With the development of modern technology, our life has magnificent changes day by day. However, behind all there benefits, there are also lots of disadvantages and dangerous. Technology threatens and inflicts damage upon our quality of life.

Scientific achievement of this century is creating a wide-spread plague that would soon destroy the entire world. Let’s take, for example, our air. Due to massive air pollution, what we breathe is not relatively safe as it used to be. The fumes from the exhaust pipes of automobiles, trucks and factories blow waste materials into the atmosphere.

After a period of time, atmospheric change occurs. The fumes, which were collected in atmosphere, are slowly eating away at the ozone layer. This layer of the atmosphere is what shields us from solar ultra-violent rays. Once this layer is gone, our natural protection against the sun would be gone, and if we were hit by one ray of the sun, we’d burst into flames and fired into a cinder.

Another plague of technology would be nuclear power. Since the storage of non-renewable energy resource, coal, fossil oil, for example, reduces day by day, and will be dried up in next 50 years, our scientists have to find other new energy source. Then, the nuclear power is introduced since last century.

Although nuclear power is largely used in many fields, such as nuclear power station, nuclear car, etc. it is the most dangerous energy in the world. The power that can energize entire cities with electricity could also be the power to destroy. After 1945, the research on nuclear power has increased significantly.

Contrary to the belief that it is safe, nuclear power has a way of destroying the whole cities. It is not like a fire that can be put out with water or carbon dioxide, but special equipments have to be used. Afterwards, that place would remain radioactive for quite a long time, devoid of life and sound.

After 2012’s release, more and more people get worry about it’s gonna be the end of world, next year. But, according to some scientists, Mayan prophecy is just a kind of speculation without real proof. However, thanks to this prophecy, lots of people begin to join in the environment protection group, and pay more attention about energy saving and low carbon living style.

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