I have received a couple of questions regarding the 2012 countdown clock on this site.

Question: What timezone are you using?

Answer: I am using the timezone from Tikal, the ancient Mayan capital city.

Question: Why use Tikal?

Answer: The prophecy is Mayan and therefore will probably be based on the Mayan timezone and date. This countdown will run down on midnight, 21 December 2012, Mayan time.

Question: Why do some other sites have a different time to you?

Answer: They are probably not using Mayan time as their base, as a result their time will be out by several hours.

Question: What will happen when the clock runs down to zero?

Answer: I don’t know. That is what this site is all about. We look at different 2012 theories and leave it up to YOU to decide which you believe.

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