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By John J Ventre

Since becoming the Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia Mutual UFO Network State Director in 2007, I’ve had many opportunities to speak about UFOs at Conferences and various radio shows all over the Northeast. My daughter, Vanessa, attends most of these Conferences. She often reminds me that she likes my 2012 talk the best. I coincidentally published “12/21/2012 A Prophecy” within weeks of becoming a MUFON State Director. What follows is an outline of my 2012 talk which covers various cultures and new age thoughts along with scientific facts.

All over the world, doomsday vaults are being built. To be precise, 1400 seed banks are being built and managed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust Board. These vaults are deep within mountain ranges at 300 feet above sea level and house millions of seeds at -1 degrees and can store them for 1000 years. These vaults must be completed by 2012 and serve to safeguard against asteroid strikes, nuclear wars, climate change, and natural disasters.

The Frozen Ark Project at the University of Nottingham in the UK also collects DNA from thousands of species and stores them. Some believe that Noah’s Ark actually was a UFO that stored DNA to restart the planet after it was destroyed by the great Flood.

In 2004, the asteroid Apophis was discovered. Apophis, also called Apepi, Apopis or Rerek, ancient Egyptian God of chaos who took the form of a serpent and, as the foe of the sun god, Re, represented all that was evil. Although the serpent generally symbolized divinity and royalty, Apophis inhabited the underworld and personified death and destruction. Each day Apophis encountered Re at an appointed hour in the sun gods ritual journey through the night in his divine bark. The voice of Apophis betrayed him and Seth, who rode as guardian in front of Re, attacked him with daggers, slaying him. The ancient Egyptians thought they could help Re by reciting payers against Apophis. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Project SpaceGuard was formed in 1998 by NASA to identify all near earth asteroids. There are 1100 such objects larger than one mile wide. The categorizing was to be completed by 2020. The United States and China have the greatest likelihood on a strike. The asteroid Apophis has been tracked since 2004 and will be tracked for years. It is the first asteroid promoted to a level four threat on the Torino scale which measures the threat posed by near earth objects. These size asteroids strike the earth every 70,000 years. It is one half mile wide and passes the earth every seven years. It has a 2.8% or 1/37 chance of hitting the earth on April 13 2036 with the force of a 500 megaton bomb. Apophis is not a planet killer, but it would wipe out a large city or small country upon impact. Its trajectory is across the Yucatan peninsula and across the Atlantic Ocean towards Nigeria. NASA believes it has time to deal with the problem. In 2029, Apophis will pass by at the height of our satellites, skimming the earth’s atmosphere just 22,000 miles away. Satellites orbit at 26,000 miles or one tenth the distance to the moon. It was then that corrective action would be taken. We are not technologically prepared to divert an asteroid on such short notice and have not yet tested the technology. It will be visible in the night sky in 2029 from Europe, Africa and Asia.

In April of 2008, I told everyone I knew that Apophis would pass by on the 13th and there should be interesting news in the newspapers and on TV. To my surprise, there was not one news article written on Apophis when it passed by closer to the earth than to the moon. I was stunned that the media would keep this story silent for the “good” of the public.

In March of 2009, with two days notice, the 152 foot asteroid DD45 was discovered. It passed by at twice the distance of our satellites at 44,750 miles from earth. It was the same size as the asteroid that exploded over Tunguska Siberia in 1908 which flattened 80 million trees on 80 square miles. Amazingly, the Siding Spring Space Observatory reported that, “No object of that size or larger has been observed to come closer to the earth”. Apparently our Space Observatory never heard of Apophis.

In June of 2009, US satellites that detect asteroids that enter our atmosphere are now classified secret and off limits to the scientific community due to the fact that these satellites also track nuclear test explosions. The data will no longer be released.

It is instances like this that reinforce my belief that the government censors what we are told and that the truth about many anomalies are not told to us. Is the urgency and silence regarding Apophis a cover for a larger more deadly asteroid that has targeted earth or do they know that Apophis will strike on its next go around?

In Georgia, someone constructed the Georgia Guide Stones which consist of 5 Granite tablets in 1980 with Cuneiform writing on it which gives 10 Directives. The first of which is to maintain human population under 500 million in balance with nature.

The Mayans, Toltec’s, Hopi Indians, I-Ching, and Hindu Kali Yuga all have 2012 or end time prophecies. Nearly every culture has a legend of the Great Flood . . . because it did happen.

The Mayan culture lasted from 300 BC to 1500 AD. The period I will review is from 300-900 AD. This Stone Age culture suddenly developed suspension bridges, astronomy, medicine and the most accurate calendar we have ever seen. More accurate than our Gregorian calendar because they started at 12/21/2012 and counted backward. Mayan records say that a dark rift exists in the center of the sky. In 2002 we discovered a black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In 1993 we discovered that from the earth’s view, the sun will rise in the center plane of the Milky Way Galaxy on the morning of 12/21/2012. This happens every 25,800 years due to the fact that our rotation changes by one degree every 72 years. The Mayans have three calendars which end on 12/21/2012 and one is on a 25,800 year cycle. The last Ice Age started 25,800 years ago and marked the end of Neanderthal and the rise of Cro-Magnon man whose rise and departure was too quick to be explained by evolution. Will there be another change for Homo sapiens? The Jewish 7000 year calendar also ends around 2012 and the Kyoto treaty expires in 2012. The solar cycle of sun spots peaks in 2012 and every summer has been hotter than the previous since 2000 (except 2009).

The most sacred Mayan text is the Popul Vuh which tells of extraterrestrials coming to earth and creating a perfect human species and then destroying it and replacing it with a “dumbed down” version. This is a similar story to older Sumerian tablets found 10,000 miles away.

The Mayan long count is on a 5125 year cycle and also ends on 12/21/2012. Stone Henge and the Great Pyramids of Giza were built 5125 years ago. Some believe that there will be a vibrational shift in our consciousness caused by the thirteen perfectly carved crystal skulls unearthed years ago. The Mayan legend of Kukulcan says that a Caucasian male with blond hair rose from the sea and had an elongated skull. He gave the Mayans their technology and before returning to the sea, he said that he would return. When the Spaniard Cortez arrived in 1519 he was mistaken for the return of Kukulcan. Cortez brought with him diseases that killed 90% of the Aztec population and what remained of the Mayans while he raided their gold and burned their libraries similar to the burning of the Library of Alexandria by the Romans.

The Hopi Indians (500 BC to the present) say that, “In 2012 the earth will be shaken by an explosion that will rock North and South America”. There have been three previous great cleansings by an asteroid or volcano, the Ice Age and a Great Flood. “The Sacred Ones will arrive via Flying Shield”. This resembles the Book of Enoch where Ezekiel goes up into a “Flying Wheel”. It is also similar to third century Roman writings that described a “fiery shield” crossing the sky. The Hopi’s perform Kachina dances where their outfits look like space suits with helmets.

There has been other Hopi prophecy that has come true. “We will talk through spider webs” which has been accepted to be phone lines. “We will ride in carriages without horses. Women will wear men’s clothing”.

“In the end, a purifier named Pahana will arrive to destroy evil people. There will be flood, famine and hail storms (similar to the Book of Revelation)”.

Edgar Cayce, also known as the “Sleeping Prophet”, saw the destruction of Japan and the west coast of the United States in 2012. He foresaw upheavals at both Poles and a reversal of hot and cold climates. In the 1920’s, he predicted solar bursts or sun spots years before scientists discovered them for the year 2012.

Jean Dixon had a vision of Washington DC as a barren wasteland in 2012. She had a vision of Queen Nefertiti holding a Muslim baby who would grow to be charismatic and a lover of peace at first and then at 50 years old in 2012, become the Anti Christ. Jean Dixon also correctly predicted the 1967 Apollo tragedy, FDR’s death, the JFK-RFK-MLK assassinations, and that Churchill would lose his election after winning WWII.

In 1124 AD, Father Malachi O’Morgair, the first Irish Saint, wrote the Papal Prophecy and named every Pope from 1124 to the last Pope who will be named Peter….same as the first Pope. He said there will be 266 Popes. Pope Benedict is number 265. The end of days will start with the 266th Pope, Peter. The Vatican kept Father Malachi’s writings locked away until 1595. Father Malachi also correctly predicted his own death on November 2, 1148 in Clairvaux, France of natural causes.

Zecharia Sitchin, the author of the 12th Planet, theorized that there is a planet on a 3600 year orbit that will pass close to the earth in 2012. I always doubted this theory due to the fact that deep space is -434 degrees and solar radiation will boil your blood and dissolve DNA. I read recently that there may be a distant planet on an elliptical orbit that orbits a dwarf star which keeps it warm and cannot be detected until it is very near to earth. Sitchin also speaks of their people being named the Nephilim, same as the Bible.

Other 2012 Prophecies speak of the magnetic poles reversing. We know that they are weakening right now and have reversed in the past. It is evident in the geologic stratum of rocks. The weakening of the Magnetic poles will cause our brain waves to change and so will we. A reversal of the poles would wreck all electronics, satellite transmissions and communications. Our magnetic fields reflect radiation and a weakening would increase the greenhouse effect, melt the poles and cause severe climate change. All life support will be under stress; air, oceans and agriculture.

There has always been climate change. It is a natural process minimally affected by mankind. In 6000 BC temperatures dropped eight degrees. From 900-1300 AD temperatures warmed seven degrees. Temperatures then cooled seven degrees through 1850. Our planet is still warming since the last Ice Age and will rise ten degrees by 2100 and sea levels will rise by three feet. There have been four Ice Ages; 800K, 200K, 75K and 26K years ago. Every Ice Age was climate change but on its own. The reason we are not seeing sea levels rise now is because the continental shelf is rising as the ice sheets melt. By 2050, Niagara Falls will be a stream as it tilts backwards toward Lake Erie. Antarctica contains ninety percent of the world’s ice and it is not melting, it is getting thicker at the center. If all the ice melted around the world, sea levels would rise 200 feet.

Some people believe that evolution is speeding up. We only use 10% of our brain capacity and only 3% of our DNA. The other 97% is junk DNA. It is hard to believe that God had no purpose for the 97% or that we may be ready to evolve into the next stage of human as we use 20% of our brain capacity and 10% of our DNA. In a March 2009 poll, only 39% of respondents believed in the theory of evolution.

Some believe that there will be a shift in our consciousness away from materialism and towards the next level of our potential. It will be the end of a male dominated society dependent on government and centered on war. There will be a global wakeup call. Time will seem to speed up. People will be compelled to perform righteous deeds and will have dreams or visions that come true. They will hear voices while awake and then see an angel. There will be an evolution of consciousness and our psychic ability will increase. There will be a singularity where all people are connected psychically. We will anticipate each other’s thoughts and actions and sense impending danger. Crime would dramatically decrease as we would know what each other have done and plan to do. This telepathic capability is the next step in being able to operate vehicles, electronics and spacecraft using our minds. Indigo or Star children have been born since 1982. They are technologically savvy, question authority, have higher IQ’s than their parents. They will refuse to support the government, pay taxes and enlist in the military.

An April 2009 news article read that “Tibetan Monks predict that extra terrestrials will save earth in 2012”. Tibetan monks have used remote viewing for thousands of years. They see regional wars and an increase in terrorism in 2010. In 2012 they see a nuclear war between China, India and Russia. Extra terrestrials have been watching us and will intervene. They have intervened in the past. They will reveal themselves so that we will not be scared. We are destined to see and interact with them. Man will not be allowed to alter the future or destroy this planet. After 2012, we will be more in tune with spirituality and the mind body soul reincarnation connection to God.

Few know that Sir Isaac Newton spent more than half his life trying to decode the Bible. Michael Drosnin wrote the Bible Code books in which the Old Testament, Gone with the Wind and War and Peace were analyzed through a computer program. These three books all have about the same number of words. Numbers were applied to letters in order to search for words found on the same page that tell us the future. The Bible is a cryptogram and fore tells the future. Over 50 prophecies were discovered in the Bible as compared to just one in the other two texts. When 2012 was searched, it appeared on the same page with the words “earth annihilated”. Deuteronomy 12:12 (12:12 being a coincidence?) reads that, “Only God could’ve written the Bible. It was sealed before God”. I also remember reading that the Torah is written without spaces and that if you change or alter a single letter, you can alter the future.

Web Bot, or the Web Bot Project, refers to an Internet bot software program that is claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the Internet. It was created in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends.[1] The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, who call themselves “The Time Monks”[2], keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website halfpasthuman.com . Future predictions include:

• November 17, 2010 – The web bot warns of a big tipping point, possibly World War III.[15]

• Major catastrophe in 2012 – The Web Bot has gained most of its notoriety for contributing to the 2012 phenomenon by predicting that a cataclysm will devastate the planet in the year 2012, possibly a reversing of Earth’s magnetic poles or a small series of nuclear attacks leading up to a major attack during the year. The prediction does not necessarily call for a complete end of the world. (Wikipedia)

Many scientists believe that earth is past the tipping point; we’re heading toward our galactic midnight. We are suffering from over population, pollution, ozone depletion, terrorism, climate change and economic collapse. Earthquake activity and hurricane strength has increased each of the past four decades. Bats are dying from white nose syndrome and bees are dying of colony collapse disorder where infected bees abandon the hive in a suicidal attempt not to infect the queen. HIV, SAR’s and different strains of flu are also on the increase. Yet, we have the technological powers attributed to past Gods.

Buried in our DNA is the collective memory of past devastation. Evolution doesn’t explain the sudden jumps or advances in development. Whole new species suddenly appear. Our DNA shows mutations in intelligence 6000 years ago when the Bible claims man was created, 17,000 years ago when Homo sapiens replaced Cro-Magnon and 26,000 years ago when Cro-Magnon replaced Neanderthal man and 35,000 years ago when the DLL gene was introduce to man causing the brain and skull to enlarge. Homo sapiens have 223 genes that are not found in its predecessors and cannot be a result of evolution. Humans have the most diseases and genetic mutations of any species on earth. This may be because we contain the DNA of two species. Yet, our bodies contain the same percentage of salt that ocean water does and we also have the same percentage of water as the earth compared to land.

No prophecy discussion would be complete without a discussion of the Book of Revelation. “A star will fall to earth by the name of Wormwood with the breaking of the sixth seal”. Will this be an asteroid strike? The Red Horse signifies war. We’ve had 9-11 and Iraq. Will there be a global war for resources? The Black Horse signifies famine. I wonder if it doesn’t signify the want of oil. There will be food shortages; the United States feeds 100 countries. The Pale Horse signifies plague. One million people a year die of malaria. Small pox is the only plague that we have cured. Polio is the only disease that we have cured. Will it be a man made pandemic? There are only three species that wage war; ants, chimps and humans. The White Horse signifies the rise of the Anti Christ. He will be charismatic, persuasive and a peace lover at first. There will be seven years of bounty prior to his rise. From Sept 11 2001 to Sept 2008 the stock market and housing prices soared. Then, 25% or 1.6 billion humans will die. The sky will go dark from an asteroid strike or a super volcano eruption. We know that there have been five massive extinctions in the past.

It would take an asteroid of at least one mile in size to cause an earth changing event. An asteroid over four miles would be an extinction event. When an asteroid strikes, it is not like the movies or Deep Impact. You don’t get to watch is for minutes as it streams across the sky. If you can see a large asteroid, you will be incinerated. It will enter our atmosphere at 29,000 MPH or sixty times faster than a speeding bullet. It will strike at 2500 MPH. The jolt will resonate like a church bell many times throughout the planet. Two seconds later, ten miles away, a magnitude eight earthquake will be felt. Twenty seconds later, a 700 MPH heat blast will incinerate everything.

There are eight Super Volcanoes around the world. Three are located in the United States. Ninety percent of humans died 74,000 years ago when a Super Volcano in Indonesia blew. We know this from our mitochondrial DNA. Yellowstone Park is a 40 mile by 60 miles Super Volcano which is 40,000 years overdue from blowing. In January of 2009, it experienced 21 tremors and the ground is swelling up and moving lakes and hill sides. The caldera is one half the size of Long Island or Puerto Rico. It would blow ash into our upper stratosphere and darken the skies for weeks. Acid rain could kill our oceans and all crops would fail. Maybe this is the urgency to complete 1400 seed banks around the world. There are also 129 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) in the US with a connecting tunnel system which may also account for the humming sound that many people experience. The bread belt of the United States would be covered in eight feet of ash. There have been five great civilizations; Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Rome and the United States. Could this be how the United States comes to an end?

At a conference, I was asked what makes me think that the United States is a great civilization. My answer was that everything that this world is came from Western societies; mainly the United States and Europe. Technology, the rule of law, today’s freedoms are all products of the United States. Eighty percent of all new inventions, technology and patents are “made in America”. Militarily, it is the greatest civilization that has ever existed. If a Super Volcano or asteroid doesn’t destroy the United States, then it will be the mental illness of Americans who seem to hate this country when it is the greatest place to live!

Like Hamlet’s “To be or not to be”, picture your current frustration with housing prices, stock prices, unemployment and your 401K decrease. Everyone is upset and on the edge. Our national debt is $14T and our state debt is $2.6T or $52K per person so maybe it just doesn’t matter because they know that this is still the “Good Times” compared to 2013. Now imagine a series of natural disasters that disrupt the food chain; we lose all power for weeks and regress to feudal times. Population will be brought back in harmony with nature and resources. An asteroid, a global earth quake or a Super Volcano: all events that you have no control over. It’s predicted, it’s possible, and everyone senses in their collective memory that it is coming. It is coming in 2012!

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